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Part 7: Day 3 - "Gameplay"

Day 3: "Gameplay"


Yes! I'm here!

...So she says, Manager.

What… the hell… happened today?

Yes, Manager! There was a camera malfunction!

A malfunction? A malfunction leaves every camera in all X-394 down for eight meltdown periods?

Well… um… you see…! The malfunction wasn't a normal malfunction!

The maintenance team found signs of tampering within the electrical systems itself. There was no indication of trouble prior during the previous night's expansion, so it would have had to happen sometime after.

According to my notes, we were definitely still working when I briefed you on the second research, and you chose to fund the beepers for our agents.

Well, obviously. We don't even have a second department right now. What good would joint command have done me?

We should not allow quibbles over the relevance of available research to sidetrack the current investigation, Manager. Please, continue your questioning.

...Right. I wound up locked out of the cameras the entire day, so is it possible the new Abnormality-

That can't be!


Oh! I'm sorry… I jumped the gun a little bit. But, it can't be the Abnormality.

As you can see, he's kept immobile within his containment cell at all times, and we had no breaches whatsoever yesterday! It was a perfect day!

Outside of the current predicament.

Yes, well… luckily my notes include a very specific policy on what to do in the manager's absence from the chain of command. I was able to keep things running smoothly and unlock all of the information about the new Abnormality, as directed!

Forsaken Murderer… At least it wasn't anything hard.

It seems even Malkuth can handle a 1 Qliphoth Counter Abnormality who deals Red-type damage, prefers Instinct works, and will only breach on a truly abysmal result.

My department worked really hard to make today a success! At least hard enough that I should be more than an 'even Malkuth…'

With no records, that's really impossible to prove. Why, even an AI as great as me knows to keep track of their information to refer back to at any time.

I have records! They're just… records in my own memory!

Then show me. You have a notebook, don't you?

...Yes! I won't let you down, Manager!

Music: neutral 2… ish?

Manager, this is clearly a let down already. We should-

Shh! This is amazing.

So I said, "Something's gone wrong! We're not receiving any orders..."

In that case, shouldn't we all do what we think will make the most energy? That's what the manuals that Malkuth so painstakingly had us learn say.

And she's doing voices!

Dibs on the new guy! If that's okay with our boss, of course.

Since I have the new E.G.O suit from 1.76MHz, I guess I'll work with that today. My supervisor mentioned I'd be particularly well-protected against it.

So you received the equipment orders I sent... That means things could only have happened in a very short time frame.

Mizu and I will trade out working with the new one, then, just to follow the proper new-Abnormality handling protocol made by the amazing and great Malkuth.

So that's what they did! They just worked like that all day.

And there was nothing of note which happened? Eight meltdown periods is quite a lengthy period of time.

Well… um… Oh! There were several things.

Mizu seemed to have a great deal of trouble with the new Abnormality, but she toughed it out and grew immensely!

Talow had much fewer problems. Between the two of them we were able to learn everything there was to know about the Abnormality!

Bishop finished getting the energy to extract the last few weapons from One Sin, then took the rest of the day off except for to address meltdowns, because there wasn't much else for him to do.

Fair enough… and what about D.A.D.?

We gave them a broom and had them alternate between cleaning the room and beating the Abnormality with it. There weren't any complications, of course! My Control team only accepts results!

That leaves the matter of the request you gave the manager. Were the proper amount of works done, over eight periods?

Yes, Angela! We managed to take care of doing the required number of meltdown works. Not a single one passed us by today, just like always!

Don't get too confident, Malkuth. I seem to remember the time that you requested we suspend the day because of an agent who broke down right at the start…

So logs of management conversations aren't worth saving, but leverage on your fellow AI is?

The algorithms which dictate what data is and is not saved in my logs are incredibly complex. It would take years to properly explain the intricacies involved. My creators were truly capable of astounding feats.

Uh-huh. Sure. Let's just say the mission's been completed, alright?

Yes, Manager! I'll get started on the research right away!

No rush. Like I said, Joint Command's useless. So, the final report?

Oh! Yes, I have it right… here!

...uh… huh. Thank you, Malkuth. That will be all.

There is still the remaining matter of the next Abnormality.

Oh, right… I should get on that. What do we have..?

The cameras are still down in that area, but… here!

Music: never flow frozen bottoms




Literally nothing else matters. I don't even remember what the other two options were. When you see -81 this early, you take -81. :unsmigghh:

Is the manager alright?

Humans are known to do this from time to time. I believe it is called 'choice paralysis.'

I… ahem. Yes. I suppose we'll go with the center option.

Splendid! Then I'll go get right back to it!

Actually, we are going to be having an emergency Sephirah meeting to discuss countermeasures and how to prevent this from occurring in the future.


Say, what do you think Malkuth's up to right now?

Getting read the riot act, probably.

GuYS, tHis stUFF is AmAzInG!!!

Is she drinking..?

*sigh* It's fine. Just ignore her. You seen Bishop?

Said he had something he wanted to check out as soon as the bell went off.

Hell of a day, huh. First the cameras, now an unplanned meeting. This hasn't ever happened before.

...yeah. Hell of a second day of work.

Yeah. Guess with just three days, I wouldn't have much more to go off of.

Well… we're gonna have to watch each other's backs to get anywhere. Bishop's kind of a flake, and Mizu's…


What I'm saying is, let's both get out of here filthy rich. And alive.

Yeah. Sounds good.

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