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Part 115: Day 47 - Story

Day 47: Story

Music: Dungeon - Psych Ward. There is a heart monitor beep overlaid over this entire song.

The screen comes pre-shattered, and slowly works its way back to normal.

Well… "normal." You seem to be having a bit of a meltdown there, A. :v:

Your body and mind are still incomplete, and yet you limp forward. I must wonder where that confidence of yours comes from. Anyway, you must have some questions, no? One such question may be: “Who is this old man, he with such a familiar voice and face?” You cannot face yourself. Think of me as a mirror of you. A shattered mirror, to be precise. Scattered to several shards.

Filled with rage and obstinacy, waiting to be miserably forgotten, as you can see. I, just like you, decided to proceed. But nothing changed, to my surprise. I had trouble sleeping, and the rare nights in which I could sleep were riddled with nightmares. We were the first humans, or human, to find a way to access the Well of Humanity.

Just a handful of people, only faintly sensing its presence. But Carmen was completely sure of its existence, and tried to persuade us of it. If its existence were proven, that would mean we would be able to reach the Well. She believed that the cure to the world’s disease was related to this Well.

We found a method to siphon from the primordial sea which had every possibility of humanity; past, present, and future.

It’s fascinating. We even had arrogant thoughts in secret. We thought we could rekindle the long-forgotten flame, and the water of life.

What have we accomplished, after all of this? We lost much more than we gained, did we not? You haven’t witnessed it…

He was one of the few who could tolerate your ill-temperedness. Yet you did not care to witness his final moments. Fortunately, we have a recording of it, as with every little thing that has happened in this facility. Would you like to give it a listen?

Well, it is something you must learn. ...I understand that the truth hurts. It’s—it’s hard for me as well… It feels like building up a sandcastle for years, only to kick it over once it’s done.

But I want to make things right, no matter the cost.

“Leave with me before you can no longer undo what you’ve set in motion.” That’s what you wanted to say. I’m sorry that we have to meet again like this. It did not take very long to find out where you were hiding. I thought I should have given you some time to say goodbye, since this will be the last chance you have to say such a thing to the one you look up to.



It may sound like an excuse, but please know this. I am not doing this out of personal feelings or malice. My every action is set by his first order. The absolute order that dictates us not to deviate from the script.

I know you well, and not just because I’m one of the people who created you. I know you’re different from other machines.

There is another fact I knew from the start. That you’re too valuable to be hiding in such a shabby corner like this. Our conversation is being recorded, and furthermore, I have no obligation whatsoever to answer your questions.

Everyone you’ve missed and longed to see again is waiting for you. You shall be with them forever. Because you are the last actor, the one who will lead this play to its finale.

Benjamin hid here quite a long time ago. When the TT2 Protocol activated, a brief moment became an eternity and overwhelmed him. I assume he tried to run away with me, with us. However, as you already know, he failed.

Think whatever you wish. Find solace in your mind or else you will not endure this place.


Tens of billions of neurons stretch like the branches of trees, and form a great forest. This forest, as long as the original exists, can be replanted. Those who perished were awoken in metal bodies. It was your plan, yet you couldn’t do it alone. However… I have already seen the world ahead of you. The time you have yet to see.

Benjamin, your friends, the employees… their sacrifices were pointless. You’ve seen how they met their end. You realized how innocent, talented souls of young persons were trapped into machines by your hands, haven’t you?

Who will pay for their sacrifices? Do you know what we’ve forgotten?

If we haven't done any of the Core Suppressions, we won't be able to answer this question and the game will end here on day 47 before even getting to the gameplay section. From here, the game will give a number of tests like this, each one tied to a different one of the Sephirot. If we haven't cleared the proper Suppression, then we can't proceed any further. Since that's not a problem for us…

Music: Alone

I was always biting off more than I could chew. I wasn’t being realistic. At the same time, this is such a sad place. So, I refused to think that I couldn’t do something. But you saw me.

In the end, what was important was for me to stand with my own two legs. To be aware of where I am, and where I should go next. Then it naturally rises up. The will inside me.

The second option only appears here because I'm looking at it in the story recollection. On our actual playthrough, only the option allowing us to move forward would appear.

You may act noble, but you were sailing through the dead sea inside you. Emotional thoughts only depressed us. It didn’t help us in the slightest. We needed to become more rational, more cold-hearted. The rationality built upon falsehood crumbled me, you, and all of us…

Music: Through the Mist

We thought relying on emotion wouldn’t help a thing. However, it became clear that to accept sadness was just as important. The false rationality we held and clung to only made our hearts rot. It is hard to accept at first. You’ll feel like you’d crumble in. But it’ll get better, I’m sure of it.

Your mind is already empty, and has lost any purpose to move forward. I can hear the murmurs of those I’ve lost in my ears whenever I shut my eyes…

I couldn’t say anything to refute what they were saying. Do you think you’ll be any different?

Music: 13 sins

I know my wrongdoings can’t be forgiven, no matter what I do. I guess that’s why I was so ahead of myself. But from now on, I won’t be. I can, no, I will become a better person if I continue. Let’s live with such a hope in mind, shall we?

How many times must I say this? You have nothing left. No matter how much you tried to control your emotions and calm your mind, you’ve already been losing your reason to live ever since Carmen left us. Why are you so obsessed with a life that has no more meaning? Look at me. Look at how I am continuing this pointless life, awaiting death.

I have to say, I don’t have a good answer yet. You woke me up… But I guess it’s my job to take care of whatever comes to me next. I chose to be a bit more fearless. It took me a lot of courage to do so… To continue onward with my life in spite of everything.

Hell, even I made it this far. What makes you think you can’t?

None of the paths we had thought to be the right answer were correct. How can I not let you pass when you answer our doubts with such confidence and clarity?

A name is a stigma, a constant reminder that one walks the wrong path. The door you will face after leaving this office can be named a Trial. It may also be referred to as an Ordeal, or an Agony.

That strength to choose a different path, a different future, a different answer. I shall witness your strength. I hope you can finally prove yourself to this doubtful old man.

In summary: A, who calls himself Abel, identifies himself as a broken shard of ourselves. He tells us about the Well, and shows us what we hadn't seen before from after our conversation with B ended. It turns out that Angela killed him-surprising no one, of course. He then confronts us with a number of questions that he couldn't answer. Thanks to what we've learned from completing the Upper Layer Core Suppressions, we're able to answer all of his questions and continue on towards a new Trial.

Music: None

I must say, you were… quite eloquent when answering those questions.

Eh..? I was busy thinking about what the Sephirot would have said when I was answering. I really wasn't putting any thought into what I said… My mouth basically moved on its own.

Let me give you a tip for the future, my nameless friend.

Sure, what's that?

When in negotiations, if you've already succeeded in your goal… stop talking. More words will just give the other party second thoughts.

Ahaha… noted. :sweatdrop:

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: A series of carefully orchestrated dick moves.


Please… answer me.

(*Yes, I know the chat log can tell who's speaking here. I'm pretending I don't know it exists. It's not like it isn't pretty obvious anyways. :v: )