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Part 12: Day 6 - Story

Day 6: Story

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A majority of them would like to know more about you as a person. Some will take the initiative and attempt to approach you first.

There are no regulations to prevent them from coming all the way to your office to interact with you face to face, unfortunately. It seems the one who set those rules in place did not consider situations like this. And I suppose this may be a good opportunity for you to show them that you are generous and caring enough to have chitchats with your subordinates. Words tend to travel faster than you think.

But please keep in mind that you do not have to do everything they ask of you. Simply thank them for their effort. Tell them you hope that they will keep up the good work. That will benefit both parties, don’t you think?

Give them a vending machine and next they will come knocking, demanding a bar. I expect you to make the right decision.

In summary: Our employees may try talking to us, and our job is to spout empty platitudes and make them feel good, but absolutely never under any circumstances listen to any requests we might hear. Y'know, just like corporations in real life. :v:

Anyways, now that the Control Team is fully expanded, we can expand further down to the Information Team. We do that.

...that's it?

That's it. We're not all busybodies like Malkuth. Is there anything else?

Er… no.

Then I'll see you after work.

With the exception of Malkuth on day 1, we have to wait until the day after we open a department in order to get the first cutscene/mission of a given Sephirah. We'll learn more about Yesod soon enough.


It looks like with the new department coming online, we've been assigned to different spots.

Gonna' be a shame not having you around pushing work off on me anymore.

Yeah, well… someone has to keep the newbies in line. I don't mind having access to the CCTV all the time, either.

You actually like keeping track of those things?

Ehh, while you guys were doing all the work the past couple days, I learned to appreciate watching.

Pfft-that's not creepy at all. :rolleyes:

How else will I know when to heroically show up to save your ass at the last moment?

Whatever, man. Don't do anything crazy.

You know I can't promise that. :v: Good luck in info.

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: A new department! Ordeals! Terrible skin-care regimens!