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Part 138: Abnormality Roundup 3

Abnormality Roundup 3

With Training's slots filled, it's time for another Abnormality Roundup-and with it some thoughts about how the facility is coming along. Honestly, I'm starting to worry… but only a little. We still don't have any really good Justice trainers at HE-level or above, so we're becoming fairly Mirror-dependent for our high level training. This will probably work out, but since Mirror is luck-based and my luck tends towards hilariously bad I'd really like to fix that either by the end of Safety, or at worst sometime in the next department. The only other thing I'd like to see is a WAW which breaches easily for an upcoming mission. There are two I have in mind, but we'll see what happens-there is NO rush on this, since we'll have plenty of chances to roll one.

Scarecrow Searching for Wisdom

I'm slowly starting to come around on the ol' Scarecrow. He is annoying, requiring a beatdown after any work from someone with a Prudence higher than 3. However, he's not a particularly difficult opponent and he's got middling base chances in Repression to go with his absolutely absurd Prudence training potential. This thing is responsible for more 30>100 stat growth days than any other Abnormality in the facility, and it's hard to argue with results. I wouldn't recommend it if you want to avoid fighting in your facility, but since breaches aren't a bad thing unless they're killing our agents, and sometimes can come in incredibly handy… if you're willing to put up with it, it might actually… be good…? Oh god, I feel so conflicted right now. :psyduck:

Anyways, its gear has excellent Red resistance, but a weakness to Black means it'll fall off in usefulness as we move towards the late game. Overall, I think that an early Scarecrow is actually really good if we're able to micromanage our way through its brand of assault, but as the game goes on it becomes a worse pick. Maybe that's why I'm so fond of it this time-I've never seen it this early before.

Punishing Bird

Punishing Bird. Mediocre gun, mediocre suit, Red damage but best at Insight work… It has a best-in-slot E.G.O gift if we're prioritizing Justice above everything else, but otherwise it's completely mediocre, escapes all the time, and in general is basically "eh."

It's also completely vital to our long term strategy, as it's a piece of what I shall hereafter refer to as 'Birdzodia.' Birdzodia is built from three related Abnormalities, all of which are birds like Punishing Bird here. It is the most profitable way to approach one of the later game missions, and we're going for it. Because of that, we had to take Punishing Bird.

Also, I just like it. :allears:

Knight of Despair

Knight of Despair's breaching version

Her E.G.O suit is the only one below ALEPH-level that enables working Pale damage Abnormalities without immediately risking death. That's the first, most important consideration to make with Knight of Despair. The second: her E.G.O gift is amazing, and another high-priority one if you're maxing out Justice. She's not amazing at training, being decent for a WAW at Insight and mediocre for Attachment-but she has one very important thing going for her: She's safe. She keeps one Agent well guarded, at the cost of not allowing them to work for the rest of the day-this is best given to Agents who are not going to be working much anyways, like Talow or Mizu in our current facility. So long as that Agent doesn't die, she's happy to stay in her cell all day. We don't have to touch her. She will never breach, she will never hurt our Agents, and we will be fine.

But if we do screw up and she does break out, we're in trouble: Her attacks deal 50 Pale damage per hit. As a reminder: 100 Pale damage will kill anyone, and most suits we have have 2x Pale vulnerability. Overall, she's a minor threat and her protective ability makes later content easier-an easy pickup recommended for any facility.


Ppodae is super cute widdle boy who wuvs Instinct work most of all, and he makes a pretty good early Instinct trainer. However, he has 2 fewer boxes per work than Forsaken Murderer, trading them for 60% base chance across all 5 instinct levels instead. This makes him a strictly worse trainer than Murderer, since most of the time the 2 additional rolls are better for XP than a 10% higher chance at levels 3-5. Still, he breaches, he's a low threat to the facility overall, and he trains Instinct. Ppodae is just a slightly safer but slightly less efficient Forsaken Murderer.

But he's so CUTE, lookit the widdle doggie, aww whosagoodboyit'syouyesitis!!! :swoon:

Oh, and one more thing about Ppodae:

Mizu got his gift, and has dog ears now. They didn't show up in the update due to a graphical glitch, but they're there.