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Part 153: Abnormality Roundup 8

Abnormality Roundup 8

If our fights this week haven't made it blatantly obvious, our facility is powerful. Having powerful units isn't everything, though-in many cases the difference between a maxed out Agent and a lower level one is an attack taking 2-3 hits to kill them instead of just one. That wiggle room is helpful, but we can't get careless.

We only have 16 more days before the end of the game, which feels… workable. At this point our primary concern is gearing up and adding on a couple additional Agents-we've finished almost all of the tricky missions at this point. Right now we have exactly enough for all of our departments, so we need 9 more to fill out every department that will exist with our 3+ rule-since day 35 is going to be a long one we'll be adding 3 of them tomorrow, and the rest will be coming along as we go. I've also been stockpiling our LOB for the last several weeks, this is to try and do something amazingly silly later on. Overall, I feel like the game could throw almost anything at us and this facility could handle it, but we do need to get more equipment soon-we're starting to dip back into HE gear again, and the number of Black damage weaknesses we have may become a problem in the endgame.

Big Bird

We've basically seen all there is to see about Big Bird at this point. It's the most forgiving of the Clerk's Rights Abnormalities, since its QC raises on every Good result and when it does breach, it can be suppressed rather easily. It's a great Attachment and Instinct trainer, its weapon is the Black damage version of Spore, and it's part of Birdzodia. It's a solid pick, and even more of one after we get the Execution Bullets.

Parasite Tree

We've seen the worst of what Parasite Tree can do already, and it'll continue to be a useful Insight/Attachment trainer and constant thorn in our side for the rest of the game-though now that we're done purposely letting Abnormalities breach it'll be slightly less annoying. It's imperative that we never let it get to five buds, for reasons I'll leave Paul to explain. Luckily for us, we can execute any Clerks who wind up possessed in order to remove their bud-so we will be safe on all but the longest days. Since we have to work it no matter what, I plan on using it to help train the newbies. That said, I would recommend avoiding Parasite Tree if at all possible.

El Llanto de La Luna

We haven't really shown off much of La Luna. She's a White damage Abnormality that can't train Insight, but her gear is unique and decently powerful and she can temporarily buff our entire facility with her Perform ability, which grants 10 to all the Temperance and Justice stats of all Agents in the facility. This is a very tiny buff, and given that it both lowers her QC and also halves the HP of the Agent playing when done I can't think of a situation where I'd actually use it. She's a solid Abnormality with equipment I really like for its Black defense special and stylish look, but in terms of powering up Agents she's rather meh.

The Heart of Aspiration

Heart raises HP and Attack Speed by 10, and if put back either within 30 seconds or before the Agent has done any suppression, the Agent holding it will immediately Panic and act as a Murder type. There is no reason to ever trigger this effect. Overall it's one of the safest tool Abnormalities there is, and the biggest point against it is that it isn't amazing in any way either. Give it to an Agent who wants HP and Attack Speed, and forget it exists afterwards.