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Part 208: Unreleased Abnormalities

Unreleased Abnormalities

Forumsgoer MiiNiPaa was kind enough to give some interesting details about unreleased Abnormalities in a few posts, and I've taken the opportunity to put them all together here for the archive. Everything that follows is from them.

Unreleased Abnormality: My Sweet Orange Tree

There is not much to cover, since all that remains from this Abnormality is a picture in artbook and text file in the game. Luckily for us, it was been translated alongside all other game data. Apparently, there is a book called "My Sweet Orange Tree", but I cannot tell, if this Abnormality was based on it, or not.

Artbook picture:


Agent ordered to work posted:

#0 designated to 'My Sweet Orange Tree' isolation sector.

Agent starts to work posted:

Even though it may not have noumenon , it will somehow try to show itself out.
Everyone has their own sweet orange tree in their heart.
If you have any piece of innocence of childhood left.
“Why should children grow up?”

Agent continues to work 1 posted:

Thousands of particles in the isolation sector have penetrated into #0’s nerve center of their brain
Part of ‘My Sweet Orange Tree’ is entering #0’s memory right away.
Entity of ‘My Sweet Orange Tree’ is extremely small that it could wander #0’s mind around.
‘My Sweet Orange Tree’ is wandering in #0’s time.

Agent continues to work 2 posted:

‘My Sweet Orange Tree’ visualizes what we have dreamt of.
‘My Sweet Orange Tree’ recovers what we have forgotten.
Numerous employees find what they have lost before.
#0 will find their own Orange Tree in ‘My Sweet Orange Tree’.

Agent continues to work 3 posted:

#0 looks exhausted and weary.
What #0 is right now is far different from who they imagined they would be in childhood.
#0 is only thinking of leaving work
#0 wanted to become an astronaut during their childhood.

Agent continues to work 4 posted:

#0 have dropped working when #0 saw unbelievable sight during the work.
#0 confronts what #0 had forgotten for long time.
#0 can step into the world that #0 created in the early years of their life.
#0 is enjoying the scenery just in front of oneself, not even thinking of coming out of the isolation sector.

Agent panics posted:

#0 is trapped in the world that ‘My sweet orange tree’ has shown.
#0 is captivated by stage of ‘My sweet orange tree’ and began to forget the reality.



The creature is a cluster of thousands if not hundreds of millions of molecules.

This Abnormality has a strong will to return to its original place; the creature causes unintentional psychological damage because of its desire for a child’s purity. To specify this phenomenon, more studies and experiments are needed but it is confirmed that the minuscule molecules have the ability to brainwash employees.

When the creature approaches the subject's brain, it accesses and attempts to recreate the purest childhood memory. The countless molecules work to recreate the memory and through that experience, the creature tries to return to its youthful existence.

Excerpt from an Interview Log Employee F2-403: When I was 5 years old, I wanted to fly around in adventures with Peter Pan. In my dreams, just like the stories, Peter Pan would reach out a hand for me to hold, one that would take me to Neverland. I had forgotten all of that, until I went into that room. The things that I described were right in front of my eyes. If no one had come in to get me, I would have stayed in that room, not even realizing the passing time.

Employees’ Tale “I don’t even want to talk about the trouble we went through to put this creature into quarantine. This was not one subject. This creature was made of millions of molecules. The employees should long remember how horrifically delicate the job was.”

Excerpt from a Research Log When an employee was sent into the room of the said creature, he or she would not come out for 85 minutes, and the employee would be free from the creature only when another employee was sent in to release them. During an interview with the assigned employee, the Abnormality has the ability to make anything real, even a dream, as long as the memory is as ‘innocent’ as possible. For the time being, there have been no casualties caused by the creature, however, this status is unstable and unpredictable. Considering its abilities, it is impossible to imagine what the creature will create and make real. That is the reason behind the creature’s WAW threat level.

Excerpt from Abnormality specialist, [Omitted]’s research material “The interesting thing about this Abnormality is that it does not show illusions, it actualizes certain scenes from our memory. If we can figure out a way to use this ability, we can make anything come true. We are doing so much research on this creature and we will continue to do so. But why is it about ‘innocence’? After countless assumptions and careful research, we learned that it could be defined as [Redacted].”


Unreleased Abnormality 2: Hammer of Light

O-05-48-Z or Hammer of light is a ZAYIN-class Abnormality, which cannot be interacted or worked with, unless there is a trouble currently happening. Trouble is defined as either level 3 trumpet or at least 1 Abnormality escaping and accumulating 10 points in its internal score: 2 points for every TETH level escapee, 4 for HE ones, 7 for WAW and 10 for ALEPH. Every agent currently panicing adds 1 to the score and every agent who died since last time Hammer was used (or stage start) adds 2.
Level 2 trumpet is special case: you can work with Hammer, but special work is unavaliable.

As soon as an agent starts special work on Hammer, they are transformed into powerful being. Additional beings are summoned: one to accompany original agent and two more for each Abnormality currently on the loose, with a limit of 12 beings total. They move to attack Abnormalities, teleporting around (like Pale Fixer did) to reach their targets.

After all Abnormalities are suppressed, all beings, including original agent, die and Hammer returns to its containment chamber, ready to be used again. Hammer also returns, if all beings were killed: they are strong, but not invulnerable and can die.

Hammer of Light portrait:

Hammer of Light containment chamber overlay:

This is drawn over containment chamber if Hammer is not able to be used.
Runic writing spells "Sacrifice". For some reason it uses upside-down younger futhark kaun rune for "C" instead of elder futhark.

Hammer of Light sprite:

Hammer of Light sprite overlay:

This is displayed on top of the Hammer in containment chamber. if you cannot use it.


Agent ordered to work posted:

#0 designated to $0 containment room.

Agent starts to work posted:

There is a hammer, chained like a prisoner who haven’t seen sunlight for a long time.

Agent continues to work 1 posted:

The hammer and the chains are not separated. They are one abnormality.
It gives a sense of extraordinariness as if it should be placed in fantastical dungeon.
It seems safe, for it is chained.
Chains are binding the hammer tightly to make sure no one can lift it.

Agent continues to work 2 posted:

Employee #0 feels shame for working for the company while managing $0.
#0 is curious about the chains binding $0.

Agent continues to work 3 posted:

$0 waits for the day to be free from these chains.

Huge hammer coiled around with chain. Normally, it is impossible to lift the hammer because the chains are binding it tightly. These chains are likely to be part of the abnormality. When the proper situation comes, the chains are loosened. Thus, it is confirmed that the purpose of these chains is to tell the right time to use the hammer, not to lock it.
“Poor employee Eric. He was clumsy but diligent. He always worked hard to contribute to the company. One day, when massive breakout happened, he found that Hammer of light’s chains were loose than usual. Eric lifted the hammer. Nothing could stop him. His eyes were looking at nowhere. White flames blazed from his body. He didn’t seem painful even though the flame almost consumed him. He finally ended the situation. When I touched his shoulder to hug him, he crushed like a white sand on a beach..
Everybody called him hero, never stopped praising him. But I know Eric. It was not his will. The moment he touched the hammer, his soul was eaten by it. I tried to explain how that abnormality sacrificed Eric but nobody listens to me. Since that day, no one has been able to lift that hammer. Maybe it’s waiting for another “chaos” and “hero” to appear.

Management guidelines:
$0's chamber is inaccessible when the facility is in peace

$0's seal is broken only in emergency.

Employee #0 picked up the hammer when he/she was sent to room of $0, which was shining.
When employee #0 picked up the hammer, other beings with hammers appeared out of nowhere.

An employee merged with the hammer couldn’t be ordered or harmed.
When the situation settled down, these beings with hammers, including employee #0, disappeared.

Judging from what I gathered, it looks like manager guidelines were supposed to be unlocked by observing abnormality and triggering events depicted in guidelines. Agent names in guidelines were supposed to be filled with employees, who triggered depicted event. Which is actually an idea I like, though as half of those guidelines are "if you do that, someone dies", I can see why it was taken out.
In addition to that, after you learned everything about Abnormality, you can interact with it to get something called "Final Observation". You will be presented with some text and one or more choices, one of which is correct. I have no idea what it would give you, or what happens if you fail it, but here is some text related to it:

I was the unluckiest man in the world.
Everything around me did nothing but ruining my life.
But I had no power to change this fate.
Someday, someone made an offer to me.
‘If you accept it, your whole world will change.’
Such a tempting offer. I could become something that I could only wish to be.

Accept the offer

I accepted the offer and paid the price.
$0 shined.

$0 is such a simple abnormality.
It takes as much as it gave to you.
What price did you pay to it?


Unreleased? Abnormality 0: Don’t Touch Me

Although Don’t Touch Me lacks Codex entry in the game, it used to have it before. Here are Management Tips and Story from previous versions of the game:

Management Tips:

No one knows what will happen when this button is pressed.

No matter what happens in the Containment Unit, this button SHOULD NOT BE PRESSED.

Stop! Manager! Think of those poor employees. Don’t you have any pity for them?

Oh, please, no, don’t touch that button.

You've pressed it numerous times and you still have something you want to know about it?


A machine in the shape of a box with a tempting big red button. Old scribblings are written around it. They're mostly warnings, such as: "Don't push the button."
Many employees file their temptation to push the button as so strong it gives them insomnia. However, as the number of employees claiming they are suffering from this temptation is quite large, a solution to this problem is being worked on currently.
One of the most important aspects of defining an abnormality is "free will". This Abnormality is confirmed to possess a strong will to make anyone around it want to push it. Thus, it is categorized as an Abnormality.
When the button is pressed, things that shouldn't happen, happen. Some say an apocalypse will befall, others say rainbow-colored light will shine down and unicorns will descend from the sky, and others still say a bomb buried deep underneath the facility will detonate and reset everything. However, none of these rumors are confirmed.
Caution is advised as this Abnormality possesses the ability to evoke one's curiosity to press it. Sometimes, it changes its shape in a cunning attempt to be pressed by mistake.
<Excerpt from an Employee’s Testimony> "When I snapped back to reality, I was standing right in front of the containment room, just about to press that damn button. I would have, if not for the other employees dragging me out of that situation..." The employee is currently back on duty after going through various tests and being diagnosed as normal. Although, we did order the employee to go to counseling, as they still visibly expressed dissatisfaction for missing the opportunity to press the button.


Unreleased Abnormality 3: Price of Silence

O-05-65-H is a scythe in the shape of a clock.
If its mood is bad (in earlier versions of the game mood was a constantly changing value which affected generated energy and Abnormality abilities), each time you pause, a random agent would die, Abnormality mood will improve by 15 points and the number on clock will increase.
If number on the clock is 13, 13 agents will die. One agent every 1.75 seconds. After each death PoS mood will increase by 10 points. Number on the clock will reset afterwards.

Price of Silence portrait:

Price of Silence sprite:

Price of SIlence warning overlay:

This is displayed on top of the containment chamber if PoS is in bad mood. Current "hour" (1-12) is displayed in the middle.

Price of SIlence 13 warning overlay:

This is displayed instead of normal overlay when "hour" reads 13 and next pause will cause 13 people to die.

The sounds that played on normal agent kill.
The sound that is played when 13 agent dies. Bell rings should be synchronised with agent death.


Agent ordered to work posted:

#0 designated to $0 containment room.

Agent starts to work posted:

$0 can hear the time flowing.
$0 is bright green. Sometimes it looks like eyes gazing a person.
It seems light. But it won’t budge even if you try to move it with all your might.

Agent continues to work posted:

Employee #0’s tomorrow might come, or not.
No one knows who -P, who is mentioned in the phrase, is.

Agent continues to work 2[/quote posted:

Rumor says that the curse will fall upon you if you hear the thirteenth ring.
$0 is the only being that knows a complete solitude.
You will need to pay a price, if you want to stop the time.

An old watch. Clicking of gears can be heard in close range. A phrase saying “Time flows like life. Life flows like time.” is written on the back. It is unclear what is the meaning this phrase is trying to convey.
<Observation record> There are rare moments when it feels like the time just stopped. A brief instant of total silence. Every time this moment came, an employee died. Rick was a bit of coward, but it barely had anything to do with his heart attack. Justin was above average in his physical test. They had no exterior damage. Their heart just stopped beating. They did not overwork, and had no chronic disease. They just ceased, like a machine ran out of its battery. We couldn’t even guess the cause of this. After 10 deaths, we were sure that it was not just some unfortunate coincidence. We thought an abnormality must have something to do with this. When a bell rang all across the facility, and when a scream followed, I thought that the nightmare made out of those terrible coincidences, has finally come. That abnormality which looks like a watch when it’s goal is not telling us what time it is, was like a streetlamp standing amidst hell. I remembered about the phrase written on the abnormality’s back, even though I couldn’t remember what it was saying. I could still hear that hellish ring. I just ran to the watch’s containment chamber. When the thirteenth ring, which I thought I would never hear, was heard, I frantically groped the watch to flip it. And I realized that the phrase was gone. Instead, something new was written, as if the ring was a cause of some change. “I am aware of complete solitude. I take the price of my gifting of silence. When the original owner comes, I shall take the price. –P”'

Management guidelines:
When $0 was in a bad state, you had to pay for using pause.

After $0 has been ringing 12 times, once again the special ability of $0 was triggered, and as many employees as the bell died.

Final observation, I talked about it in the Hammer of Light post:

Time’s wasting, time’s running out… They are nothing but meaningless tantrums.
This watch will not only take your lost time back, but also give you even more time.
You decided to...

Use the watch
The price will follow to your decision.
It is designed this way.

Not to use the watch
Actually, you have no right to refuse this gift.
Whether you want it or not, we all know that you have to take it.

Silence is no longer just bringing peace.

All in all, it is interesting and very dangerous Abnormality. I guess, it was removed after PM decided to give similar abilities to Hokma.