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Part 216: Evil Kit and Tylana on an elevator

Been caught up in stuff and finally got around to reading the update. What an absolute insane day. I'm really excited for Day 50 now.

Also I have a confession thread: I had another skit I had wanted to do with Tylana/Evil Kit and was working on but due to external circumstances at the time lost pretty much all motivation for finishing it. Mostly the writing part really (I actively dislike writing, surprising perhaps I know) but also never got around to doing all the MS paint drawings I wanted of it either. A compounding issue to the matter was taking so long to do it I felt like I had missed multiple appropriate timeframes to post it which was right around day 45 (first loop AND final loop specifically).

It's pretty much mostly on me though.

So as a treat before Day 50 and to celebrate the thread's 1(!!!) year anniversary, have a story told in pictures with minimal no writing.


And that's it! I didn't have any more skits planned after this because the endgame seemed like it's own entire thing. Don't @ me for the elevator.

bonus image: I put a shitload of effort into making this look decent before I realized this is just the Elevator Hub and not the actual elevators which are never illustrated in the gamed anywhere.