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Part 22: Day 11 - Story

Day 11: Story

*The screeching and tuning of a radio*


Music: Dungeon - Wrong Way Street

...Go ahead?

You can call me ‘B’. I am… an insider. Someone who knows a lot about the company. Please understand that I cannot reveal my identity. I am going to tell you three truths that the company wishes to keep hidden over the following days. Tell me, please, why do you think you were hired by the company?

...can I get back to you on that one?

Should I rephrase that? Let me ask you like this, then.

This choice doesn't matter, the scene plays out the same either way.

Well, I can’t judge whether or not you’re telling the truth. You’re the manager, but you don’t actually know anything about the company, do you? Would you say I’m wrong?

...Go on.

Each time we speak will need to be as brief as possible.

In summary: We hear from a strange person named B, who's apparently a company insider. He promises to tell us secrets, but quickly disconnects since it's dangerous to talk too long.

Manager, it's time to decide how to expand the facility.

Just put it into the only choice we have, like every other time.

That will not be possible in this instance. There are two expansion options.

For days 11-20, we get to choose between expanding Training and Safety. We can do one, then the other, or mix the two together as we like.

The Training department increases our stat gains, and there's one research in particular here which is absolutely vital to grab ASAP.

Safety, on the other hand, deals in healing our Agents and keeping them alive. Their researches all have to do with the main room healing, and there's another research here which we'd love to have too, though it isn't vital until later.

We're going to put off Safety for a while, and go through Training first.

It's a pleasure to see you again, Manager! Umm, I have to get everything set up, so I'll talk to you later!

...And she's off. At least she seems stable enough....

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: Mizu causes problems.

Oh hey, Bishop! Where'd you run off to?

I just had to check on something. There were some strange readings on the monitor a few minutes ago.

That's the Control team captain for you. Find anything?

Couldn't say. On the surface it looked like just noise in our comms frequency… but my instincts say it's a problem. Dad always said to trust your instincts.

I didn't know you still had a family, Bishop.

I don't. Well… not anymore. People vanish all the time in the city, and nobody thinks anything of it.

What about your mother?

The last I'd heard, someone made her into a pie.

I'd heard the rumors about things like that, but actually hearing about it... :psyduck:

I don't let it get to me. Crying over what's happened just makes it harder to do my job. That means if you die, I won't be crying either.

Hey, now, I'm not going anywhere!

I gotta get back to work.

Don't just say that and wander off! Hey! Stop ignoring me!