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Part 30: Day 15 - Story

Day 15: Story
Music: Wake up

They say a rodent found its way into the appliance room, one of our facility’s restricted areas. This could become a serious issue.

This is one of the reasons why we emphasize security so much.

You would do best to remember that.

I will personally deal with the rodent this time.

In summary: Either we have a problem with pests, or Angela's lowkey threatening to murder B. No points for guessing which one. :ohdear:

Music: never frozen bottom flows

Uh, you already know my name, right? ……

>I do.




Routes Merge Here

You look a little dumbfounded. You know this isn’t the kind of place where we preach how we’re so honored to have you as our manager and whatever. Well, not like you were expecting that anyways.

I really want to quit if I could. But I can’t, can I? I’m here against my will.

For me, I don’t even remember ending up at this place, yet I have to play this role I didn’t want to take. I never wanted to be responsible for keeping others alive.

I feel helpless. Employees die everyday. There’ll be no one to remember them. No one to honor their sacrifice...

In summary: Netzach's department is supposed to keep people from dying. It doesn't work, and he's given up on the job-in large part because he never wanted it in the first place. Because he doesn't care anymore he has no problem with being as absolutely no-effort as possible, but despite everything he can't be fired and he can't quit. We're stuck with him for some reason, and he'll probably try to kill us because he's an AI and this is a video game.

...Netzach... does this count clerks?

Clerks don't count, man...

We might just get along after all... In that case, let me show you what I'm capable of. Hod's got a mission, too, and I need to settle the score with that damn bird.

If you say so. It's not your funeral, after all...

I stayed up all night preparing a plan. Just watch.

Next time on Lobotomy Corporation: A fwuffy-wuffy widdle cutie-face, uwu. Also, violence!

So you don't remember who you are at all?!

Don't shout it! I don't want Angela or the Sephirot to hear!

Right-sorry. You don't remember anything?

First thing I can remember is being in the chair, with Angela welcoming me to the job. Next thing I know, I'm managing-and I'm... good? At it?

Judging from our past records, you're highly skilled. And that's just from your gut?

It's what said to trust Mizu to do her thing, and Talow to do his, and you to do yours. ...Wait-When'd you look at the records?

ugh... Well, if we're putting everything out there, remember your third day on the job?

The cameras. Yeah.

I looked then. The whole thing made a good distraction, and nobody was really paying attention to One Sin anyways.

Wait, that was you-?

I just admitted to rummaging, that's all. :what:

...setting that aside, if you have any idea who I am I'd like to know.

Gh... Great. I guess that means this is all a dead end after all.

You don't know either, huh?

As far as I could see, you just appeared 15 days ago, and immediately took over as manager. I thought you might know something.

Something about what?

Dad disappeared while looking into this company. He was well known for his skills at investigation work. For him to vanish... I need to answer one question: What happened to him?

Well... if it helps, I have no damn clue.

It really doesn't, sir.

In that case, how about I offer you a beer?


Is there any other kind? :smuggo:

Sure. Just tell me if you hear anything, okay?

Pft. If I ever figure out what's going on around here, assume I've been bodysnatched by some Abnormality.

Will do, boss. :rolleyes: