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Part 32: Day 16 - Story

Day 16: Story

Music: Dungeon - Wrong Way Street

How much do you know about the company? I have met many a “manager” in my time. I have seen how the company exploited them. Did they tell you that you’re special?

I… had honestly just assumed that was because nobody had died. Except Ishmael.

You gullible fool.

Don’t trust the company. It is a company that everyone desperately wants to work for. I suppose the same kind of desperation led you here. But harvesting energy is only half of the business in this place.

However, this company runs much deeper than one might expect. There was a time when everyone worked hard for the same goal. But we lost integrity along the way, and things went downhill from there.

...well now I just feel bad. :(

In summary: B says that the company is hiding something, and we're not special and don't really matter, since the company only wants to exploit us. He also mentions that everyone used to work towards one goal, but the company's lost its way and things have gotten worse over time.

Music: When Tv Turns Off

What lies? I’ve never lied to you…

:ghost: “You always lie to us when we’re in a vulnerable state.”

:ghost: “What’s the point of your ‘counseling’. The only one you’re trying to comfort with your lip service is yourself.”

:ghost: “You thought that the momentary satisfaction could make you a better person?”

:ghost: “No matter what you do, you’re never going to become a good person, and we’re all going to die in the end.”

:ghost: “Feeding your ego through ‘kind’ acts makes you a better person?”

:ghost: “You must be so hopelessly delusional to think that.”


:ghost: "We will all die."

:ghost: “For what?”

In summary: Hod has an incredibly bad trip and talks to dead people. :stare:

Well… at least we get a new mission.

...Are you sure that's all? I've had that cleared for days.

Um… huh? Oh… uh, yeah.

And I shouldn't worry about a Sephirah hearing voices..?

They are an incredibly buggy and inferior existence when compared to my own, X.

Oooookay then. Moving on.

Hey, Netzach… you think you could try being awake for today?


Care to elaborate?


......Dooo it anyways?

Saw what you picked. Don't feel like watching the team die again. Taking a nap. Satisfied?

Y'know what, it's a start. Have a good nap, Netzach.

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation:


Something wrong, kid?

Oh… nothing big. Just some Safety concerns.

Pft-I'm stealing that one. What's up?

Besides our Sephirah not doing anything? The department captain's a total nutjob. Always talking about smiling, and I'm pretty sure he somehow made Rudolta breach yesterday by being happy at it.

Mr.Black is an… acquired taste.

How did you deal with him?

Same as any other agent. We're all here to do a job, whether we're from the Nests or the Backstreets.

You're kidding, right? He's a loud, obnoxious git.

Who jumped in at the drop of a hat to test a new tool, so you wouldn't have to. I think this is just his way of being serious.

Still, wouldn't kill him to find another one.

You've seen what goes on here. Any way someone keeps sane here's a good way.

Yeah, I guess you're right.

No… I'm D.A.D.

Was that-