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Part 43: Day 21 - Story

Day 21: Story

Music: Romantic

That was something you once told me. Now I understand what you meant…

In summary: Angela tells us that we once told her that forgotten things can be more beautiful, and that we're showing her what that means right now.

I don't think I've ever said anything like that, though?

I am an incomparable, perfect AI. My memory contains a large amount of information about our interactions. If I am saying you have said something, you have absolutely said it.

Really doesn't sound like me, but whatever.

Now, I know I promised ten lines of text, and there were a total of four. The reason for that is that we have six additional lines of dummied out text left in the script after the scene fades out! This never actually shows up in the game proper so it shouldn't be considered canon-but I'm including it here for completion.


There are beings who could not even become Abnormalities due to unfortunate accidents long ago. We failed to contain them. They would often wander the corridors, attacking our employees whose hands are already full. We could have simply called them residues or byproducts, but someone with an extraordinarily inflated ego suggested that we call them ‘Ordeals’. Imagine you’re walking down a narrow corridor. Waiting for an Ordeal to strike each time you turn the corner. There is one thing that is certain. While we cannot avoid them, we can overcome them.

These lines were retranslated just like the rest of the game, despite the fact that nobody would ever actually see them. The discussion on Ordeals proper gets moved elsewhere, and I think the specifics may have changed slightly as well, which I assume is part of why this isn't around anymore. Still, my compliments to the new translation team for this one. :tipshat:

It's about time you got here, Manager!

There wasn't any way I could do it earlier. So, how about we introduce ourselves?

That sounds nice. I'm-

No time for that! Don't you have any idea how busy we are? He's not in the Upper Layer anymore, Tiphereth. There's no time to baby him.

But I think he'll do a fine job, Tiphereth.

We'll see about that. Either way, we have to go! We need all hands on deck to open up our department!

She's high-strung… Well, I guess I can't blame her. Two Abnormalities at once? Just what kind of a department is Central, anyways..?

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: We've kept Malkuth waiting long enough. Time to kill a Dusk ordeal. :getin:

Music: Insignia Decay
Ahh... there's nothing like a good bear-brand beer to take the edge off after a hard day at work. Just wish they hadn't put the vending machine all the way up in Control…

Evening, Talow.

Can I… help you?

You've been doing a lot of that, lately. Can't believe it took me this long to notice.

What are you talking about? :confused:

My fourth day on the job. You just happened to know how to properly use E.G.O weapons.

They make sure you know how to use them. I didn't do-

"Go with the flow of the body and mind when using a weapon." You said at the time that someone told you that was how E.G.O gear works. Who was it? Mizu? Neither of you had any combat experience before that day-there wasn't anything to fight.

It was in orientation.

We both had the same class. They didn't mention anything about it. I should have realized something was funny then-but I was looking elsewhere so I didn't notice.

I think you've looked into the mirror one too many times. :rolleyes:

There are other instances. The scarecrow, when Training opened. You knew exactly what it would do, before it even happened. Then there were the bees four days ago.

Medea was the one who called you, I had nothing to do with that.

I checked the paperwork, Talow. The feedback was filed that same morning, by you, from the day before. Were you even in Control on that day, Talow?

You must have missed me.

I have access to the CCTV records, Talow.

:sigh: You really are always trouble... aren't you, Bishop?

Can I take that as a confession?

If I say no, you'll just mention how I was the one to notice where the Violet Noon was coming from, right?

And that you were the reason Medea was outside-out of the line of fire. You were also more surprised than anyone that nobody died.

Take it however you like. This conversation doesn't matter anyways. You'll be dead soon no matter what I say.

Hah! You don't even know who you're-

Grade 7 Fixer Bishop Moriarty, please just... Stop. :what:

How do you know about that?

Two weeks. If you can survive for two weeks, I'll tell you then.

That seems pointless. The manager's been way more successful than the records show anyone's ever been before. No matter how hard things get, we'll be fine.

You'd think that... but management frowns on freelance detective work, Bishop.

The manager already knows. I'm working with him.

:sigh: This is a waste of time. Two weeks. You'll see what I mean.

Don't you walk away from me!

You're not going to fire~

Don't tell me what I'll do! You don't know me!

I know you can't hurt someone who's defenseless. If I needed someone to shoot me in the back, I'd ask Mizu.

...Two weeks! You'd better not be lying!

I'm not. I just really hate going over things pointlessly, time after time. Oh, and don't tell that precious manager of yours about any of this.

...Why not?

When you die, I'd rather not go down with you.

You… you don't make any sense, you know that?!

I know.

I stopped trying to make sense of things a long time ago. :rolleyes:

This isn't over!


I know! I saw!

That was amazing!

They've totally taken their rivalry to the next level! Is that the true power of a level 5 agent?!

I don't know, but we definitely need to practice more.