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Part 45: Day 22 - Story

Day 22: Story

Music: Dungeon - Maximum Security

You’ve received a document written by A himself? Perhaps you’re being recognized now. A is on a rather long journey currently. As all journeys have to end, the final destination will be home; this place.

Could this moment be a part of your journey as well?

Another pair of random lines, here. I think from here forward I'll just simplify matters and put the alternate lines in a quote box, like so:

Alternate Universes posted:

Sometimes, I imagine myself on a journey too. Accumulating memories while looking at a world I have never seen before.

Have you ever taken a trip somewhere? In fact, they say preparing for a trip is a rare luxury nowadays.

If I were to ever leave this place, traveling is the first thing I would want to do. I’d be able to walk around as much as possible, taking in the scenery as if I were capturing a million photos.

The day still lies cold, but we know that the winter frost is almost over.

Alternate Universes posted:

Can you see the flowers budding up through the snow?

However, the end of winter does not necessarily mean that spring is coming.

In summary: We get a letter from A, who's heard that we're an amazing manager. He can't meet us in person because he's on a trip right now, and Angela waxes poetic about journeys and winter.

Music: Town - Alone in a Crowd

Our new Sephirah here is Tiphereth. As you can see, he is smaller than the others by a large margin. To make up for this, he is usually very chill about things.

(This question is completely pointless, by the way. Both answers lead to the same thing. :ssh: )

But if your question is whether we are biological twins, then no.

In other words, trying to differentiate us is meaningless.

Like two peas in a pod.

Isn’t that fortunate? Seeing as you’ve survived your duties long enough to meet with us, I won’t have to bore the both of us with the basics of things like what Abnormalities are and how to manage them, right? If you turn out to be a disappointment, know that not even your status as the manager will let you get away with it.

I know you’ll do fine, manager.

Here’s a word of advice. I’m nothing like those Upper Sephirot you’ve gotten used to, so don’t treat me like I’m one of them. They’re a bunch of idiots.

But in technical aspects, we’re not so different.

What I’m trying to say is, the Uppers are only good at pretending to be busy when they don’t even have much work to begin with. I can’t even believe we’re all considered to be Sephirot!

I hope that you’ll find some encouragement here.

Music: never frozen bottom flows


Hi, Netzach.

Since you’re both Tiphereth, I guess that counts as you both greeting me... Here’s the plan for the joint operation drill between the Safety Team and the Central Command Team tomorrow. Please look it over.

Look it over? I bet I’ll have to rewrite the entire thing from scratch!

Just leave it over there, Netzach. I’ll give it a review and let you know.

But Netzach can work fine when he’s motivated to. You know that.

Results are not the problem here. The point is, Lady Angela is way too easy on us. If I were her, I would have punished this addict right at the first infraction.

That’d please Yesod alright. Why don’t you two go and have some serious discussion on implementing a penalty point system? I bet it’ll be productive…

Oh, just be quiet! Buzz off to that Upper Layer of yours where you belong.

Yeah, bye Netzach.

I like our Middle Sephirot, they’re cheerful and make me laugh!

How many times do I have to tell you? You shouldn’t laugh so easily. We have to be strict, stern, and stoic! We’re the centermost, the Central Command Team!

Don’t worry, Tiphereth, I know. By the way, don’t we have something to discuss with the manager?

The manager will do fine, like he always does.

And he could fail too, like he always does.

In summary: Tiphereth and Tiphereth are the heads of the Central Command Team (referred to as Central from here on), a department so big and important that it requires two kids stacked together in a trenchcoat to manage. While Tiphereth is easygoing and likes his coworkers while believing in the manager, Tiphereth thinks all of her fellows are unreliable idiots and wishes she could punish them for being such failures. Tiphereth and Tiphereth balance each other out, and are probably going to try and kill us because they're both AI and this is a video game.

Wait… you're demanding I do basically... nothing different?

We've heard all about how long your days get, and you're not going to be able to get away with it forever!

Levels 9 and 10 were a bit overwhelming the last time you went that far anyways, right? You can definitely stop before then.

Anyways, just do it!

Alright. It's not the first time I've been asked to change nothing. :rolleyes:

The game begins limiting how long we can actually farm our Abnormalities at this point with missions like this. This one lets us go as far as 1 work short of level 9 before failing it, so it's generous-this will not be the case forever. Remember that we've regularly gone into 7 or 8 for our daily grinds. Part of this was in preparation for this set of missions. Overall, we won't be able to farm as much as we'd like again until day 31, and that's assuming I play perfectly.

While this won't matter for anyone playing along with this thread-since they can reset the week via Memory Repository after clearing the missions-this will give our facility a bit of a training crunch. Luckily, we should have more than enough LOB to make up for it.

Oh… Yesod? What brings you out here?

I'm bringing you the updated information on our staff.

Ah, thank you. This is good to have on hand.

That's all.

Hey, Yesod… do you think our plan's changed the manager's mind at all?

Hard to say. Zeta21's easily managed to become a top agent, but there's still a large number of clerk fatalities every day.

And that means more work for us… I have to train them, and you have to keep on recording their data.

All so that the others can avoid looking at any of it aside their ID numbers...

There must be something else we can do.

Don't be hopelessly optimistic. Our job is to follow the manager's orders, no matter how many die. We should just be thankful that it isn't the agents who are dying as well.

I... suppose… I just thought…


Oh, it's nothing! Let me know if you ever want to try a counseling program with your agents. I'm working on new resources.

Considering what happened last time, I'll pass. Thanks anyways.

You're welcome!

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: Mizu causes problems again.


What're you doing?

I've been taking notes on our leeader… So I'm reviewing them. They're iiinterestiing…

You mean D.A.D.? What's so interesting about them?

Weell… one time, after woork, I saw them playing baall with some cleerks… They were reeally good at it…

So they have a hobby.

They also neever take breaks on the job, and reacts to everything like it's no big deeal… That's really raare. I feel like they'd see an AALEPH escape and be relaaxed about it. And they neever get upset with us even when we make Queeen Beee get mad… It's like they're not… huuman…

Of course they're human. What else would they be?

I think... D.A.D. is an aalienn…

A what.

You knoow… From spaaaaaace…

...yeah, I'm going on break.

Okay. Have fuun.