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Part 70: Day 32 - Story

Day 32: Story

Music: story 3 ending

They needed a hero, but ended up beheading said hero with their own hands. A lot of things happened, and a lot of things changed. A changed himself from a healer to a creator. The old promises he had made with her sustained him evanescently, but in a world without her, they ultimately became obsolete. Various sins sprung up from his arrogance, one by one.

He became enchanted by the shadows he had created. The plan to discover the disease of mankind became a relic of the past. He became skeptical of man, including himself. A started looking for something that would guide him without turning against him. The conclusion was very simple.

The answer lay in machines. Machines, which A loathed deeply, became essential to him. Perhaps A wanted to have Wings that would allow him to escape from the hellish inferno he had trapped himself in, to reach the heavens.

That was how I was born.

In summary: A became obsessed with figuring out a way to fix things without relying on humans, who he didn't trust anymore. The answer is robots. We also find out that A despises robots.

Music: Alone

You are in Lobotomy Corporation, and I am the one who woke you. The both of you are “Tiphereth”. You will be working as my assistants, helping me with amazing work from here on out.

Why do we have the same name?

Because there is no point in distinguishing between you two.

The scene fades to black here, then...

Don’t worry, I’ll help you. I’m sure you’ll be fine on your own pretty soon.

Fade to black, again.

In summary: Tiphereth remembers her creation, and also that she used to be a screwup. Good thing Tiphereth was there to help!

Music: Town - Urban Knights


>I'm the manager.

Sorry, you don’t look anything like one.


>I'll stay silent.

Ever heard of the saying, “silence gives consent”? Consent enough for even hot lead to be embedded in your skull? You’d better watch yourself.


Routes Merge Here

But here, that pompous attitude will knot itself into your noose. Well, seeing that you’ve at least made it here, I guess you won’t be a complete deadweight.

We’re the best department when it comes to combat out of all the teams. We have no need for cowards. You wanna know what kind of person I hate the most? Those crybabies who constantly whine about Abnormalities or employees being pitiful things, how they don’t want to see anything die. It’s the exact same as a soldier refusing to kill in the heat of the battlefield.

>You really seem to hate cowards.

Let me ask you this…


>Couldn’t some Abnormalities be pitiful?


Routes Merge Here

Holy entities? Poor defenseless creatures caged underground? Precious beings that make energy for us? Totally wrong. They’re none of that. Abnormalities can be damaged, but never destroyed.

Let’s make their unending lives as painful as possible.

In summary: Gebura is the head of Disciplinary. She's incredibly direct, mildly terrifying, and hates cowards. She wants the Abnormalities to hurt for some reason, and will probably try to kill us because she's an AI and this is a video game.

This gives us our first Disciplinary mission-which is about as easy as it sounds. HE Abnormalities stopped being a threat ages ago.

So it's like what Hod asked me to do, then? Just beat up four different Abnormalities?

Didn't say they had to be different. Just make them hurt.

Huh. Sounds simple. For what it's worth, I normally don't have any problems with suppression in the first place.

Really? Then you wanna explain that thing with the birds before?

Er-that was an exception. Not to brag, but… I've suppressed Punishing Bird before.

Wow. A whole TETH. Try not to let it go to your head, manager.

...Hey! I don't have to take that from some… some washing machine!

If you've got a problem with it, then take it out on those Abnormalities. We'll talk after we're through on the battlefield.

It's a workplace.

Is it, now?

Hey, manager? Following up with you, wondered if you had any new leads about that B guy…

Nothing. I've been busy with the memories.

Oh, yeah. Anything interesting?

...nah. Nothing I can share.

And here I was hoping you'd have some insight on the company now. I had money on you being some sort of genetically engineered super-manager.

You had a betting pool about this?

Between me and myself, yeah.

None of this is stuff you can tell anyone.

I know. You've made that plenty clear, boss.

Right… right. Don't worry, I more or less know what's going on now. We should be fine.

...alright, manager. See you later.

Yeah. See you.

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: Bullying HEs.

Hey, Tenebrais! How's the department manager thing going?

S'fine. Could ask you the same question.

Oh, you know. Talow tends to do his own thing, so I mostly just have to keep an eye on SeyserKoze and make sure he's developing right. Chesed's a really laid back boss, too.

Well good for you. I'm still getting used to my new duties. Lot more paperwork these days.

Isn't it great?

You… like paperwork?

I showed you that one game, right? It's basically accounting but with spellcasting and explosions and swords.

...In that case, how about I do you a favor? Take mine.

Oh, I couldn't do that. If our bosses found out...

Nobody's going to find out if we don't tell them. Seriously, say the word and it's yours. You said your boss was laid back. That means you should have time, right?


C'mon. I'll even do your portion of the E.G.O maintenance. Getting to get up close and personal with the gear is more my speed.

I do keep thinking I'm going to cut myself when it's time to sharpen that creepy eyeball sword of yours…

Then it's a deal?

Oh… fine. I'm in! :keke:

Sweet. Pleasure doing business with you.