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Part 84: Day 38 - Story

Day 38: Story

Music: Dear Lorenne

My role is to encourage you to collect the proper amount of energy each day, sometimes by nagging, and sometimes by encouraging you with praise. It must have been hard to adapt to the corporation, but you tried your best to extract the energy. Along with bearing the numerous sacrifices along the way.

This part was particularly irritating because being your nanny wasn’t in my programming, but we still were able to fulfill our roles anyhow. You might have noticed this earlier, if you ever took a moment to look deeper into this company…

This means the energy collected from our branch is excluded from the total energy collected by Lobotomy Corporation. Isn’t it fascinating? Don’t be too upset. I’m not saying that all the energy you collected was for nothing.

Where does all that energy go?

In summary: Angela complains about having to be our nanny, then drops another mystery in our laps out of nowhere. Apparently, all of the energy created by the Lobotomy Corporation main branch isn't being sent into the city, but is being used for something else. :iiam:

Oh, is she done talking? Finally.

Boksi? What… What are you doing here?!

I'm here to help with Tiphereth, naturally.

That's not… you're way too early, Boksi.

Of course. For someone like me, it's only natural to arrive to work earlier than everyone else, and be more prepared than everyone else. Haven't you heard of noblesse oblige?

That's not a real thing.

Maybe in your nest. Regardless, when do we begin?

Just… just hide in the vent and wait until everything goes to hell like everyone else, okay?

Okay, okay, stop shoving, I'm going! I'm trying to help, you know. You should be grateful.

Music: Ocean waves ambiance

I missed you dearly. I have been waiting for you ever since the very first day I started working here. Do you remember this ocean? You said that this place is where everything, from all rivers and streams, will eventually settle.

The screen dissolves with a really cool water effect, to reveal…

Music: Sea Wind

What do you think of this heaven, painted laboriously white with plaster? I knew you would come here soon. Please think of it as my welcoming gift to you. I figured that what you longed to see may have been something else than what I have become now.

Everyone I had loved is now gone, leaving me, a tired old man behind. Please do not blame yourself. Back then were the brightest moments of my life.

However, you eventually found me, and helped me to fulfill my promise here. How can I ever be more thankful than I am right now?

In summary: So Hokma is B... That's a thing. Also he's old now and at some point he died and we shoved him into a robot like everyone else here. This leads to a LOT of questions about the events of days 11-20, none of which I have any answers for. Add all of this to the pile of :iiam:, I guess.

Hokma's missions all follow a simple theme, and our facility is already primed to crush them without any trouble thanks to the Maxout club. They're also all able to be cleared on Core Suppression days, which is great news for us.

That's it? You're going easy on me, aren't you?

I'd have expected no other response from you, A. No, this is the real mission.

Huh… Well, I'll take it. Thanks.

You're most welcome. It's a shame I'll be sleeping tomorrow. Watching you work has always been a joy. it. Sorry. Have a good one, buddy.

Angela we're expanding Binah again.

Is something the matter, A?

Ehhh… It's more that I can at least figure out where I stand with that one? Hokma is just… There's some baggage and I don't want to deal with it right now.

I would remind you that Binah is responsible for the destruction of our old facility.

Yeah, but... I'm kind of used to crazy homicidal feelings in my direction? Hokma's just… weird.

Very well, A. As you wish.

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: Tiphereth tries to kill Tiphereth because she's an AI and he keeps crashing.

Greetings, fellow human.

Ooh, helloo…

I seek intelligence regarding classified information. This place is not precisely what I was expecting.

It's noot..?

The exact terminology would likely melt your fragile human brain, but roughly translated… "I thought there would be more extraterrestrials being tortured for information here."

Ooh, I get thaat... Just follow Mizu aroound... She tortures all soorts of stuuff... Or aanyone on Repression duty, really… As for Informaation… That's my whoole teeam...

Then you can tell me what you know of the invasion?

...Whoo told yoou..?

You do have information! I demand you turn it over! ...As fellow humans to humans in an exchange of secrets!

Right… soo… don't tell aanyone, buut… it turns out… there's an aalien on staff..!

That can't possibly be! For inferior human creatures to detect an alien so quickly-

My eye neever lies… It's D.A.D…

...yes. Of course! Father. I must have missed it due to my own inferior human brain algorithms. Then, what shall we do about this alien Father creature?

II'm gonna catch 'im..! Since you're in Traaining, can you keep an eeye out for anything weeird..?

Yes. I shall do precisely that, because that is what a perfectly reasonable and normal human would do.

Coool… Mmm...

Hey-what are you doing? Don't stare so close!

Hrmm… you smell like the ooutskiirts… I kinda miss it...

The-I understand precisely what you mean and am disagreeing with it sternly yet thoroughly!

...Ookaay… something wrong, fellow human?

Mmm… naah… Laater…


Some of these humans… even within their underground base they stay in deep cover. I shall have to remain on high alert!!