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by Bacter

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Original Thread: Out of food and feelin' rude - Let's play Lone Survivor!



mkob posted:

this is what the game is truly about

Green Ending / main play

Subtitles slowed down starting with video 2!

White Ending (best ending)

Red Ending (worst ending)

Yellow Ending (secret ending)

(Quick summary - no spoilers, no discussion of how actions affect the ending or alternate actions until after the first playthrough)

Oh for crying out loud, what is this mess?

This, friends, is Lone Survivor! It's an indie survivor/psychological horror game. It's neat!

Uh huh. Why.

It knows how to handle horror (the way I like it, anyway). This is not a shooter with jangly piano and blinky lights. It wants to be a smart, psychological nightmare. And I think it does a good job! A common point of reference for the game is "Twin Peaks meets Silent Hill 2". And keep that comparison in mind. The game borrows quite a bit tonally from those two.

Alright. What's the story?

Not tellin'. I think it's best to go into this game blind. Quite A Lot Of Effort was put into managing the feel and pacing of the scenes, and the game overall. It also puts effort into giving narrative clues as to what's up without having a big "THIS IS THE HISTORY OF THE LAST 23 DAYS" dropped on your head.

Sounds like that means...



Not even in spoilertags. No discussin' stuff we haven't seen yet. No discussin' alternate means of playing the game, and how our actions might reflect on the ending that we get. That particular ban will be lifted after the first playthrough, when we show off all the alternate paths you can take, but for the first playthrough let's not talk about that.

How about speculation?

Always welcome. Let's talk about the imagery, the homages, the good, the bad, etc.

Wouldn't want to ruin the mood, huh? Not like your big dumb voice won't do that already.

Nope! Tryin' something new. Subtitled. Preserves the feel of the scenes! I'll be jokin' though. Brace for jokes.

Subtitled horror game with lighthearted captions? So this is discount VoidBurger.

That's pretty offensive! Discount implies similar quality, at a greater value. This is KNOCKOFF VoidBurger

Anything else we need to know?

This is the Director's Cut edition. It adds in a few odds and ends. New locations, a new sidequest, new lighting. If you decide you want to get the game and play along, it's on GoG and Steam
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