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by MegaZeroX

Part 112: Evil Elodie Moments - Part 2

We need to locate Julianna. A rogue Lumen is a danger to the entire domain.

Without more clues of where to search, your agents are apparently unable to locate her. You could detail a portion of your army to patrol for signs of her, but that would take them from their other duties. If you offered a reward for her capture, the people of Nova would also aid in the search. However, she was imprisoned once before, and that did not contain her.

She's too dangerous to hold. She has to be killed, and quickly, before she has a chance to use her magic.

(Some years ago, Julianna spent time with the Duke of Maree and the Duchess of Hellas. Maybe they would have some idea where she's gone.)

All right, we'll post her description and offer a reward to anyone who can bring her down.

I can even paint her picture to be sure everyone recognises her.

As you wish.

Later on week 21...

An enterprising young archer from Mazomba, guided by your artwork, recognised the former Duchess in hiding and managed to get the drop on her. Even a Lumen can't stop an arrow if she doesn't see it coming!

The body was delivered to the palace for verification, and the reward money paid out. Julianna's threat is ended, and you can sleep a bit easier now.

Now we know how to kill the witch properly! While we're at it, let's resolve the other loose ends from the Econoprincess playthrough and see what would have happened if the peasants hadn't revolted...

It's a shame we missed out on that epilogue... Next time, Evil Elodie takes revenge on the peasants!