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Part 15: Weeks 9 - 11 - Part 3


Ship that back to Ixion. If they know what's good for them, they'll get out of my way.

Elodie's strongest emotion is now angry. Info about angry's bonuses/penalties has been added to the second post.

I forgot to leave the catsuit on in the last update. Fortunately (unfortunately?) it wouldn't have let Elodie pass the foreign intelligence check regardless.

Luckily for us, she is still able to learn accounting just fine.

Elodie learned 5th grade math!

You succeeded in driving them out of Maree, but it cost you almost a full battalion of soldiers and a great deal of materiel. You lost 1018 soldiers.

The Duke of Maree will be happy, but we could have done better!

Sitting in on court sessions is not fun at all, but it pleases your father and it may be important for your future.

Elodie is finally yielding! Info has been added to the second post.

The only skills that have penalties when yielding are weapons (sorry Super Jay Mann) and lumen, which we can't even learn right now. Best of all, we can finally get the royal demeanor Elodie needs.

Should she take presence or presence? What classes should Elodie take?