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Long Live the Queen

by MegaZeroX

Part 19: Weeks 12 - 15 - Part 4

There will be public celebrations for the commoners, followed by a grand gala for the nobility. As Queen, you would be expected to lead the procession and take part in the ceremonial planting, possibly give a speech. However, since you are not yet crowned, it is not required, and it may not be safe to expose you to the public.

What do you mean, not safe?

Outside of the castle, you are less well protected. If anyone means you harm... Think on it now, decide later. There is a letter for you as well.

(It's from Briony! I went to school with her, but she's a couple years older than me. Her mother is the Duchess of Mead. She's complaining that her mother still won't let her come home for the holidays.)

(Apparently her uncle Kevan is absolutely furious about that woman's trial.)

(She's bored and looking for an adventure. Well, I don't have any to suggest to her!)

The glitter is dazzling, but some sixth sense draws you towards one little locked box in particular. This is what you need. This is the crystal that will make you a Lumen. You tuck the box into your pocket. You can show it to your mentor later and get instructions on what to do next.

Elodie's strongest emotion is now depressed.

From week 16 onward, Elodie can actually die, so be careful.

What classes should Elodie take? What emotion should we strive for now? Should we go to the festival next week? From this point on, you can vote to change (or to keep) Elodie's outfit at any time.