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Long Live the Queen

by MegaZeroX

Part 29: Weeks 22 - 24 - Part 2

As you wish.

It will take Elodie 3 weekends to get angry, presuming no mood changes from the story get in our way. She will be willful in the interim.

You visit the royal treasury and check your available funds. You have nine thousand, seven hundred and forty-five gold lassi and thirty-one silver tilassi.

(Which means money.)

Musician: Your Royal Highness! If you accept me as a member of your court I will immortalise you in word and song. I have dabbled in musical styles from many countries, and can entertain your guests and lighten your evenings.

(Musicians are often used as secret agents and messengers. They can be useful - and dangerous.)

The musician sings a little ditty to demonstrate her skills with the lute.

(She's actually pretty good.)

The game doesn't make this clear, but the "Hire her as court musician" option really means hire her as a musician. Since the music was good, Elodie doesn't think the woman is an agent.

While it won't affect this choice, you can now vote to not do something. It will essentially subtract a vote from the option's total. If you do this, you can't vote for something in the same category. Also, you can't vote to not do more than one thing. Using last week's vote as an example:

Bad: Let's not marry Aldair, and instead send him to Arisse.

Bad: Let's not marry Aldair and not send him to our uncle.

Good: Let's not marry Aldair.

Vote for the same things as always.