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Long Live the Queen

by MegaZeroX

Part 60: Playthrough 2.1 - Part 18

The winners will have the option of taking up royal appointments.

It's a recruitment drive!

Very well. I will draft the announcements.

You leave him to his work. As you move through the hall, your eye falls upon a vase of flowers. Pretty, but apparently not getting enough water. The leaves on one blossom have shriveled.

(A leaf killed by a secret weakness... A hidden threat.)

You continue up the stairs to your room, where a maid is waiting for you.

My lady, a gift has arrived from Kigal.

From the Duke?

No, my lady. A merchant house, I believe. It was sent with a shipment down the Cavalla River.

You tear open the brightly colored paper, to find:


(Chocolate producers in Kigal usually ship goods down the Napo River through Ursul, not straight to the capital. This merchant house probably specialises in something else and only traded for the chocolate.)

There is a little card with the box - 'With Our Compliments, The House of Kraellat'.

Vote for 2 classes.