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Long Live the Queen

by MegaZeroX

Part 82: Weeks 21 - 24

(That's actually pretty funny!)

Just then, an incredibly unlucky breeze swirls between the windows of your tower bedroom, tugging the paper out of your hands and off into the sky. You stick your head out the window to discover the 'poem' caught and fluttering on the roof nearby. You can almost reach it.

What's the worst that can happen? It blows off and someone reads it and laughs at you? That's better than breaking your neck. Besides, if you're lucky it will rain and wash the words away.

If you attack an enemy Lumen, and you win, and they leave behind a crystal...

Is it possible to combine that crystal with mine to make it stronger?

Each Lumen can hold only one crystal. The only way to combine their magic is if a living wielder chooses to join its power to another.


So I should destroy other crystals, to stop anyone from using them against me.

That is the traditional policy - but it is a lie. Lumen crystals cannot be destroyed. Rulers claim otherwise to discourage thieves from seeking dangerous treasures.

What am I supposed to do with a crystal, then?

Guard it, or hide it, or give it into other hands to wield. But if the last holder of the crystal was an enemy, the resonance of the crystal will work against you. It will be attuned to a personality as foolish or violent or scheming as the Lumen you defeated.

So anyone taking the crystal would probably become a new enemy. That's useless!

A weak-willed candidate might be acceptable to the crystal and yet still controllable. You could then steer that Lumen away from dangerous paths, making an ally and changing the crystal's resonance. It is, however, a dangerous endeavor and one that requires your complete attention.

(Not really a project I can work on while I'm so busy studying for my coronation.)

(Well, it's only one crystal. That's not too much trouble.)

Fabian passes away as usual, and it is up to us to decide what to do with Adair.

What about your brother Armand? He would be a safe pair of hands to watch over Adair.

As you wish.

You have unlocked a new outfit!

The court musician arrives, asking for a job, and is denied.

You have nothing more to learn about Logistics.

You receive a letter from Young Lord Adair. So far, he's enjoying himself with your uncle Armand in Mazomba. He says the trees look different, and there are a lot more frogs. He looks forward to visiting the lookout fort at Shepherd's Point.

Elodie is now angry. Should she remain so? Vote for 2 classes, but remember, next week is the trade + logistics check, and our trade is rather low. What outfit should Elodie wear, now that she unlocked the military uniform?