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Long Live the Queen

by MegaZeroX

Part 85: Weeks 28 - 29

You heard her. She's an adult now, and she's in charge here.

Thank you!

Is this what your father will face upon your coronation? Cast aside without another word?

(... He's not going to like hearing that, is he.)

A bit later, Briony catches up with you.

I mean, I am sorry about your mother...


... but think of the opportunities you're going to have! You're so lucky.

That's an odd way of putting it.

Anyway, I was wondering, now that you're almost Queen and everything... have they told you all the secrets?

What secrets?

Like, how to get into the old palace! I've heard it's packed full of treasure.

Old palace?

The one at Kathre Lake! Where the Kings and Queens of Nova used to live.

I don't know anything about it.


She bites her lip and frowns at you.

Well, never mind, then.

She walks away. So much for wanting to talk to you! At the end, you all share a pleasant meal and prepare to return to your various lands.

I noticed you were looking over some military records the other day.

I was just checking into how many soldiers we had available.

If you're desperate to recruit more fighters, you could offer pardons to criminals in exchange for service. Be careful, though. Some of them are dangerous and unreliable. That's why they were imprisoned to begin with.

Vote for 3 classes and decide what we should offer as prizes in the tournament.