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Long Live the Queen

by MegaZeroX

Part 88: Week 33 part 2

Very well. I will meet your challenge.

As the challenged party, you have the choice of weapons.

I don't think anyone will have any problems with me choosing swords here.

Bring me my sword.

The crowd seems not to realise at first that this is a blood match and not entertainment. Or perhaps they do, and their cheering is all the louder for it. Kevan's rage fills him with great strength, but makes him erratic - and unpredictable. Worse, he's armored, and he seems willing to settle for nothing less than your death or his.

Before you can begin to work out some way to safely forfeit, you have fallen...

Game over count: 4

What? I didn't say anything about about Elodie surviving. I just said Elodie needed honor.

So now what?

Well, now that we have reached 3 game overs (I didn't count the week 7 death), we can load from any point in any of the playthroughs. Since there are so many locations to choose from, I'll give a limited set of options. A write in location is fine if you can get enough people to vote for it. In other words, unless you're Zonohedron, you have to choose from one of these options.

Elodie 3.0

Option 1: Go back and kill Kevan with magic like we would have if not for MegaZeroX's intervention.

Option 2: Skip the tournament all together.


Option 1: Go back to the tournament, and take part in it to raise commoner approval.

Option 2: Go back to week 19 and lower taxes.

Elodie ver. 1

Option 1: Don't go to the birthday party.

Option 2: Go back to week 18 and have the spies actually do something.

New Elode

Go back to week 1 and start again