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Long Live the Queen

by MegaZeroX

Part 90: Week 34

My lady, your father wishes to speak with you. He says it's urgent.

Fine, I'm coming.

You find your father standing over a map of the coastline, his face grave.

Ships have been sighted on approach from Shanjia. Not tradeships - this is a warfleet.

I've been expecting something like that.

Within a week they will be in Novan waters. Within two they could reach the capital.

Then we will fight to defend ourselves.

You can try to use the treasury funds to hire additional soldiers, but it may be difficult on short notice.

Fine, we'll do that.

What about Talasse? Can we call on any troops from Sedna?

Send a message, but even if he agrees, it will take time for his soldiers to mobilise. You will need to draw up a naval strategy for our ships to carry out. You could choose to act as admiral and lead the fleet in person, but the danger to you would be very great. Unless you think your personal skills will make the difference, I would strongly advise against it.

The risk is mine to take.

You have your mother's heart. There is one more thing. I hesitate to ask, but... an invasion... this is the sort of disaster for which a Lumen's power may be worth the cost. If the fleet could be destroyed before they reached our waters, many lives would be saved.

(I don't know any magic that could sink a whole fleet!) I... I'll have to talk to my mentor.

You find the Duchess of Ursul in her guest quarters.

A fleet from Shanjia is attacking us. Is it possible to sink them all with magic?

It is easy enough to attack one soldier, one ship, as a demonstration. But to obliterate an entire fleet... you would need an immense amount of power spread over a large area, more than any one Lumen could control. If you tried to raise that much power yourself, you would die. Not could. Would.

So it's hopeless.

Not necessarily. The most dangerous power of Imperial Nova was that of Lumens acting in concert. If the need is great and the will is true, one Lumen may choose to give command of her power to another. Three, perhaps four people working together might have the strength to destroy a fleet.

You, me, the priestess Selene, and my Aunt Lucille. Will that be enough?

If your will is strong enough to wield that power, then yes, it should be.

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