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Long Live the Queen

by MegaZeroX

Part 97: Week 40

At this time last year, you were celebrating your fourteenth birthday. You were in the school gardens, surrounded by your friends. A teacher brought you tea and cakes, while a wealthy merchant's son wove a crown of flowers for your head. It didn't matter so much that you were a princess then. Your title was something for the future. Many of your peers would be Duchesses or Earls or the like, someday, but not then. You were children. Your parents could not attend on the actual day, but they did send wonderful gifts, some for you, and some for you to share. And a week later, they came for a visit, and your mother took you with her through the countryside in a splendid carriage. It was the last time you would ever see her. You wonder if, wherever she is, she can see you now. You are fifteen years old, a legal adult. You have worked and studied and suffered and prepared, and now the time has come.

She calls upon the gods to deliver peace, wisdom, and prosperity to you, and through you, to all of Nova. And then she calls upon you, for your oath of rulership.

Priestess of the First Circle: Will you guide and govern and protect your people to the best of your ability, according to law and custom?

I will.

Priestess of the First Circle: Will you to the best of your power uphold the ideals of love, honor, justice, and mercy?

I will.

Priestess of the First Circle: Lords and Ladies assembled: I present to you your undoubted Queen, who has sworn you her loyalty. You who have come to give homage, will you do the same?

One at a time, the head of each duchy approaches your throne and kneels to swear his or her service to you and your heirs.

Priestess of the First Circle: People of Nova, I give you Elodie, daughter of Fidelia, your true sovereign. What say you all?


So, what now?

Well, we have quite a few options. We can:

Option A: Start another goon run game from the beginning

Option B: Go back and do something people wanted to see (such as the naval battle and sacrifice). Once this option is selected, I will go back and go through and do the requested sections on my own.

Option C: Go through the checklist (AKA the achievements), select something that sounds interesting, and have me do it. If this option wins, we will have a secondary vote on what ones we want to do. The different achievements can be found here.

Option D: Have me do an evil Elodie playthrough on my own.

Option E: Have me do a smart, caring Elodie playthrough where she saves the day with the power of music! On my own.

Option F: Choose a named character you want to die, and I will make it happen.