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Original Thread: In which card games are serious business - Let's Play Lost Kingdoms



Lost Kingdoms is an Action-RPG released in 2002 for the Nintendo Gamecube by From Software, the same team behind Armored Core and Dark Souls. Notable for a unique card-based combat system and an exeptionally generic storyline, Lost Kingdoms has found some popularity as a niche title and remains notable for being one of the first genuine RPGs released for the Gamecube prior to Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. Despite having failed largely due to lack of marketing and some clunky mechanics at its original release, I still really enjoy Lost Kingdoms for its unique gameplay and the random elements in the combat system.

Lost Kingdoms is the story of generic princess Katia, whose kingdom is under threat by a strange Black Fog that has already engulfed most of the continent. Using the Runestone entrusted to her kingdom, Katia must use its power and the power of ancient magical cards to fight her way through the Black Fog and save the world.

Viewer Interaction
- If there are any cards that I find that you absolutely want to see, let me know and I'll try to throw it into the deck at earliest opportunity. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to give you guys full control of the deck I use, but if more than one deck was suggested it'd be a matter of trying to consolidate the suggestions as best I could and that'd just end up with a big mess.
- If you want to do guest commentary, send me a PM and I'll try to find a recording time that works for all involved.


Episode 1: Fog at the Gates
Episode 2: The Scholar of Blessoon
Episode 3: The Birds and the Bees
Episode 4: The Cards must flow
Episode 5: Collector's Edition Guest: Geop
Episode 6: Sewer Wader
Episode 7: The Castle of Secret Switches Guest: Latchford
Episode 8: My Kingdom for some Herb Guest: Latchford
Episode 9: Bridge over untroubled water
Episode 10: A Goose in Crystal Guest: E1ke
Episode 11: Pick a card Guest: TieTuesday
Episode 12: Playing the Field
Episode 13: Tiger Guild Guest: TieTuesday
Episode 14: Mediocre Demons Guest: Madithen
Episode 15: Give a Hoot
Episode 16: Duel
Episode 17: Repetition of a Stage
Episode 18: Forest Maze
Episode 19: Ancient Pyramid
Episode 20: Touch the orb
Episode 21: Out of the frying pan
Episode 22 [Finale]: Battle of the Gods
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