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by SuccinctAndPunchy

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Lost in Blue is a "survival simulation" series developed by Konami which started with the initial release in 2005 on the DS. Lost in Blue is often referred to as a kind of spiritual successor to Konami's Survival Kids games for the Game Boy, which I have not played much of but the influence is pretty obvious.

The game revolves around a teenage boy and his attempt to survive on a deserted island after being flung overboard from a ship following a rough storm, the game is serious about the whole "simulation" part of "survival simulation" because Lost in Blue is pretty hard due to all the minutiae of your well-being you need to pay attention to and manage along with very extensive preparation needed to make any sort of headway into your exploration, consequently Lost in Blue also moves very slowly, if you can bear with it like I did you'll find an absorbing game but it requires unreasonable amounts of patience to get there. Luckily, the medium of LP can help grease the wheels of the game's otherwise glacial pace.

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