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Part 38: What's Old is New Again

Chapter 33: What's Old is New Again

: I'm practicing casting magic spells. Didn't that just give you the creeps? Even if I don't know how to cast a spell... People will be scared when they hear me chant something like that. And, whoo! Just wait 'til Halloween! Spoooooky! he he he....

...I think my earlier theory about just buying a robe and a rod has just been proven true.

: They say he's some sort of child prodigy! I think the mouthy little brat needs a good, hard whippin'! I'm practicing the magic of spank, just in case.

: I've toasted his butt with the new magic spell I learned yesterday. All he can do is curse me, 'cause his magic is so weak!

Lunar Eternal Blue - kids are the worst.

: Last night I told him to chant this one spell... and he turned himself into a pig! For a while, we had two pigs in Neo-Vane! Ha ha ha!

: Perhaps we can get some wild dogs to nip at their heels... hm... yesss...

Okay, everyone fucking sucks.

: Althena is so last week. Come on, who needs a goddess who cares about song and dance? That stuff's for chicks and fairies.
: You ignorant fool! You have no idea what you're saying! Zophar's only goal is to destroy this world!

You know, he may be a wacko-jacko, but he's the only other guy on Lunar who gets the point of the cult. Albeit accidentally.

Oh, and if you talk to him again-

: I know that Lord Zophar is a god of war, and we should all worship his godliness.

I just think it's kind of interesting that he refers to Zophar as a "god of war." (Kratos joke optional.) Makes me curious what kind of role Zophar fills in the mythology in this world. Then again, that line might not be in the Japanese version, so who knows.

: I'm a prisoner here in Neo-Vane. I live a life of ease while my family are prisoners in the mine!

: Since my daughter has no magical ability, I fear I'll never see her again. I've heard that many children die in the mine every day. I just pray that my daughter isn't one of them.

In all fairness, not everyone in Neo-Vane is a jackass. And there are plenty sober minded enough to mourn how it's tearing families apart.

: They should be glad that we were chosen to help Borgan build a better tomorrow. Besides, now I get first pick on bedrooms!

...but, yeah, most of them are just awful.

: If I lived in ancient Vane, the head of the guild would be taking all my money. Borgan said that the Vane Magic Guild is only out to steal our money.
: Liar! I'm not interested in money for myself! I just need the money to restore the Magic Guild.

You know, considering that Lemina's attempted to charge people money for saving their lives multiple times, attempted sell a horrible emotionally distant man the service of "finding a family" (whatever that entails), and wanted to hook up with a known child slaver... let's say it shouldn't be a surprise that she has PR problems.

: Borgan said that the leader of the Guild is using a cute little cat to make money!
: ...I'll show you just how cute I can be as I torch this joint! Think that'll be cute enough for you?

Do iiiiit....

: Now that ancient Vane been grounded, Neo-Vane has assumed its legacy. Borgan's name will go down in history as being as the leader of the new guild.
: Um, I think you have the facts screwed up.

You know, in the original Lunar 1, no one really comments on how the Vane's whole Cave of Trial is kind of fucked up. At least, there's no explicit condemnation of it. The Neo-Vane segment here feels like it's retroactively condemning it. It certainly makes sense that they had the characters explicitly call out Vane's bizarre trials in Silver Star Story.

Oh, just a random aside, Neo-Vane has a lot of big, empty houses that Vane itself does. It's a neat bit of visual reference.

: But I showed them. I learned magic and the Flame spell. They weren't laughin' so hard when ol' Lenny here flamed 'em! Hey, if anyone talks bad 'bout Lenny, you let Lenny know... and, Lenny'll hurt 'em.

I know that it's kind of hard to tell, but Neo Vane ain't right.

: I'm glad she left. She doesn't deserve to live in that decrepit place.
: Vane isn't worn out! It's just a little... neglected. Pretty soon, it'll be as good as new!

You know what that "decrepit place" could do and Neo-Vane couldn't?

Sell fuckin' Angel Tears and Silverlights, that's what. Can't even replicate Vane in the one area that matters.

They do have two new accessories for sale, Love Pendant and Earth Crux. Well, the Earth Crux isn't new, we've seen it, but it's first we've seen it on sale. The Love Pendant is new. In addition to protecting from thunder and fire, it also increases wisdom by a bit. It's okay. Not buying it.

I actually skipped the weapons and armor at this moment, due to having an incomplete party. Admittedly, I could have just bought what I knew I needed, but I anticipated coming back anyway.

: Trust me, don't talk to that lady over there. She's nuts about him. We're talkin' way over the edge! I'm thinking that if I'm lucky, that woman will fall of the edge of Neo-Vane. I'm sure glad our little world isn't round. It give me hope... the hell does Borgan have groupies?!

: His eyes were dark. Dark as night. They consumed me. I was drawn toward them. I did not see hatred in those eyes, only love. Love that's deeper than a thousand oceans. Love that's warmer than a hundred suns. Love that is all-consuming. You know, he's really not what he seems.

Well, at least she makes a... spirited attempt to justify her obsession with an awful man who casually destroyed the livelihood and community of a town for his own selfish ends.

: At the table, I dared not move for he had the look of all-consuming passion. Passion for sweetcakes, for cupcakes, for pork, for berries, cream, and wine. It was amazing, and, at the same time, terrifying. I was afraid that if I moved, he'd grab my arm by mistake and start gnawing...

And now I'm baffled again.

: All I did when I filled out my questionnaire was mark 'practicing sage.' That's all it took. They didn't even do a background check on me! Go figure...

I'm surprised that there was someone here who even had to fill out a questionnaire.

: Can marry someone that is as beautiful as Miria. Miria must be blind, or maybe she's just desperate.
: Don't say that! My mother is being forced to marry Borgan!
: Yeah... forced by her biological clock. She's dying to have baby Borgans running around!

I take back everything mean I've ever said about you Lemina.

: I mean, this is paradise! Forget about your snotty kids! Let 'em learn some responsibility in the mines!

I think we all get the point by now: Neo-Vane sucks.

Neo-Vane really sucks. Yeap, you gotta pay to use the Althena statue here, too.

Fuck this shit. Let's go kick down Borgan's door.

: The door is locked! Maybe there's another way.

Let's go see if anyone can tell us about an alternate path.'s that door way there.

Since we're two people short, it's nice that the caves here (called the Neo-Trial Cave, despite not being used in the trial) are rather easy. The stairway you see leads to-

Huh. There's people down here.

: Borgan works us until our hands are blistered, and our backs are broken. If I was you, I'd do something to get ya thrown into prison. At least you don't have to work there.

And this seems to be where the rejects go... or, wait I thought they went to the Zaback mines? Are these two areas connected? Doesn't seem so...

Yeah, this area always confused me. I have no idea where or what the Neo-Trial Cave is.

: He has magic power and was told by Borgan that he could live there. If I find him having an affair, I'm going to drive this pick right into this...

As you can expect, though, no one's particularly happy here.

: I've heard that Borgan is making money off the stuff we're mining!
: That mega-slug! I should be getting some kind of kick-back for saving people!

: I think he finds some kind of pleasure in tormenting innocent people. I can't believe that people who have magic powers would treat us like this.
: ...

Ultimately, this area actually leads to a dead end. But what it leads us to is-

This handy little ring allows the wearer to cast Magic Swiper. This is going to make MP conservation a tiny bit easier. For now, Hiro doesn't need it as the only skill he ever uses is cheap as shit, but our other characters can make some use of this.

Anyway, back to the entrance.

The way to the next floor is just directly left to the entrance, but don't forget to pick up this nifty new robe for Lemina. Sadly, it doesn't have as nice a wisdom boost as her current armor, but it does give more Magic Endurance. And honestly that's going to matter more in the upcoming battle. Also it protects against poison, which is meaningless to me since she's sporting the Tri-Ring.

But before we could get into more than a handful of fights (with the same enemy arrangement, no less) we've already found one of our buddies!

: I have no idea where Jean ended up. Look, there's no way I can pass that test. I'm a preacher, not a prestidigitator.

"Yeah, I'm just a simple priest man. Who can heal grievous injury by will alone."

: ...I'm sorry Ronfar!
: Why are you sorry Lemina? It's not your fault.
: I mean, they're supposed to be magicians... they give us all a bad name!

: I did hear that there's an exit at the bottom of this labyrinth. It's some sorta secret entrance to the Magic Guild. They say that Lord Fatty uses it, so let's keep our eyes peeled.

And just like that, we know how to get into Borgan's mansion. Convenient.

: If he had supreme power, he could do all this work, and he wouldn't even need us. I think Borgan is trying to hide something from all of us...

...he's lazy as shit?

: If you do most of the work, I'll let you go first. Don't worry, I'm taking a ceramics class, so that we can make molds of our heads. That way, when we escape, we'll leave the fake heads here, and the guards will see them and think we're still here.

Considering I have no idea where this is located, where on earth do you plan on escaping to? If this is on the same floating landmass as the rest of Neo-Vane, it'll just send you flying towards the ground. Not the best plan.

: As I expected, I'm not gifted with magical powers! I'm more of a hands-on person. But to be dropped into the pit like that... ow!
: Jean, I... I'm sorry...
: Lemina, you didn't know. Don't feel guilty, I'm not mad at you.

And now we've got our party back. She'll actually tell you again about the door at the bottom of the cave, but we already know.

: I would've made it if it wasn't for that stupid door on the bottom level. They say only people that have magic can open it.

You know, even if you got through, considering you'd be in Borgan's mansion I'm not sure how it would have helped. I'd just go back the way we came in and walk out through Neo-Vane. Less monsters, at least.

: The bad people here force me to work in this pit! I've never been this lonely before in my life. Please, help me!

Uh... yeah... we're actually just leaving. Sorry kid.

Mainly because I need to buy some equipment.

As for armor, I just the Saint Clothes you see for Ronfar, and the Eagle Wrap for Jean.

As for armor, I got the Hell Spike for Jean and the Onyx Staff for Lemina. They also sell the Holy Staff for Ronfar and the Dark Bow. The bow isn't worth getting, but the Holy Staff increases Ronfar's wisdom. I didn't get it at this time, though.

Before we go back to the cave, it's probably a good idea to heal up. But the Althena statues in Neo-Vane cost way too much money. It's not free in Zaback, but at least it's cheaper... can we just walk back, though?

: I'm going to call the authorities right this minute! They'll take care of you!
: Well, this won't be the first time I've been wanted by the law.

Yes. Yes we can just walk back.

Oh, and I leveled up Lem's Ice magic. I just thought you'd like to know.

Anyway, back to the cave!

EDIT: Speaking of the caves, apparently there's a neat little axe you can get via the Lemina bug.

Prism posted:

By way of content, there are several cut items from Eternal Blue that can be grabbed by the Lemina Bug. One of them is around here: it's a pickaxe for Ronfar that does extra damage to things in the Zaback Mines. Interestingly, it doesn't do extra damage to the same monsters in places that aren't the Zaback Mines. Mines only.

The next two floors after the floor with all the people are completely uninteresting. Instead, let's talk enemies.

Also, remember these guys from Pentagulia? Yeah, I think they're the exact same enemy, stats and all. They're complete chumps by now.

Our new guys are Pyromaniac and Trickster.

The Pyromaniac does an okay amount of damage with their normal attack.

While their special attack is honestly rather pathetic. Pyros are pretty run of mill in general.

Tricksters have a little more to them. They have high defense, so regular attacks do very little, but Poe Sword still tears 'em apart.

Also their special attack is actually semi-threatening.

All in all, none of these enemies are particularly hard. The hard part is honestly keeping your MP reserves up. Tricksters are good to steal MP from, by the way.

You know, while that's a better reward that we've been getting, that's actually still less than what we were getting in the sewers. (Well, it's slightly more money)

This is apropo of nothing, but I just like the little detail of the scattered brick in this area. I'm beginning to notice that Lunar Eternal Blue has a lot of a scattered bits of neat visual detail. I appreciate it.

Anywho, on the last floor there is finally something intere- okay, there's something there. There's two pieces of treasure. That's it. Just go down and to the right.

It's just a small amount of money and a Dover nut. Wee.

: But if you can't use magic, you might as well forget about trying to get in.

And also the exit.

She just made the screen flash; that's it. Not even an incantation. Lame.

But we're cutting off here. Next time... probably something most of you have been waiting for.