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Part 43: For Lovers Only

Chapter 37: For Lovers Only

: I never would have come here of my own accord. This place is too creepy! ...oh, I get it! This is some kinda weirdo birthday gag! All right! Ya got me! You can all come out now! ... It... was a... gag... wasn't it?
: I really don't know how we're gonna break the truth to this guy... So let's just split and let him figure it out for himself, okay?

It seems like whatever Lucia did certainly worked. Although she can't remove the scars from this ordeal.

: When I was in this place, I thought the world was coming to an end. But now that my eyes have been opened, I see that it was all just a dream... A really, really bad dream. ... that will probably shape my entire life from this point onward. In fact, I bet it changes the lives of everyone around me, too. I bet I'll have to go into therapy, and I won't be able to pay my bills. I'll become a social outcast consumed by madness. Night will become a terrible visitor, bringing back this ordeal in my dreams. Now that I think about it, my life will probably be ruined.

: Or maybe not. I got over the ordeal with my mother-in-law. Zophar's a pussycat compared to that rag. I guess I'll get over this, too...

: All I can say is... whoa! Was I nuts, or what?

I think everything's gonna be fine.

Let's hope it worked as well on Mauri.

And hey, Leo's here too-

Oh crap.

: The time has come to settle this!
: ...why do you come to me with condemnation in your eyes? I don't understand why I'm in this horrific place! Help me, Leo!
: Your evil guile will not fool me this time, sister! If I cannot break you free from the spell which binds you, I'm prepared to kill you to save this world!
: No! Leo, wait!

: Ronfar, leave here this instant. This battle is mine and mine alone.

Um, no it isn't? asshole

: One way or another, I will free Mauri from the control of Zophar.
: Leo you don't have to kill Mauri! Zophar's essence has disappeared!
: ...Zophar's essence? Ronfar, are you drunk again?
: Listen Leo, I don't have time to explain this to you right now. Let me go take care of Mauri. Be patient, my friend.

: You got my letter, didn't you?
: Now that Lucia has dispelled Zophar's magic on this area, you should be healed!
: Oh Ronfar! I can't believe I'm finally gazing into your eyes, free from any affliction! Please don't let this be another cruel dream! I don't know if I could take it...
:'s no dream, Mauri. I'm here.
: It's... it's just so hard to believe that Zophar's power disappeared so suddenly. I mean... it was so, so very strong!

Yeah, but Lucia's far more awesome

And Althena's power too, I guess.

: What was that flash? What's happening to Mauri?!

We might have spoken too soon.

: Oh no! I was afraid this might happen... I believe Mauri was under Zophar's influence for too long. The essence of Zophar's power still has some kind of hold on her soul. It's trying to claim her mind and heart, once and for all... If Zophar's essence succeeds in taking her over, she will remain a vessel of Zophar's evil, forever. And then, neither I nor the Goddess Althena can do anything to bring her back.
: I can't just watch her slip away like this, Lucia... Please! I'll do anything to save her... There must be a way!
: ... If you truly mean that, Ronfar, there might be one way. But, it may cost you your life.
: What it is... I'll do it!
: To save her now, you must enter her subconscious, and do battle against the evil within her yourself.
: But, if you fail, both your lives will end. ... There is only a small amount fo Althena's power left in this, but it should be adequate...
: Lay it on me! Zophar's evil will be no match for me! I will free you, Mauri!

Oh, but Mauri's not taking this laying down.

: Your tall words amuse me. But, they will come to nothing. Because Zophar rules supreme, and he's called for your execution. So, this is where your journey ends, my friends.

: Oh, and Ronfar my sweet. I wondered what happened when you disappeared from Pentagulia without a word. Rest assured that I will not spare you from this judgement. I don't play favorites anymore, as you'll soon find out!
: I'm through running away, Mauri!

: Do what you must. I will fight to my last breath to find the woman I fell in love with. I know she's in there, and Zophar or not, I will find her!

: ...are you sure that you want to risk your life just to save her? Once I use this power there can be no turning back.
: Mauri is the only person that I've ever loved! I have to do this! C'mon Lucia... hit me!

Holy shit, Ronfar wasn't dating Azula, he was dating Franziska.

: ...and you along with him! Every wrong step he takes within will call forth my fire of judgment on you! Hm, hm, hm, hm. Basically, your dear Ronfar will be your executioner!

: Plan your course carefully, or we're all dead.

: Whoa! Creep-o-rama! I've always wanted to get inside of Mauri's head, but this isn't how I planned to do it...

Turns out it's full of purple goop. Who knew?

: ...but this is no time for bad jokes. I've got to find Mauri! I just hope the others are all right...

Oh, right, serious. Let's be serious.

So, we have two roads diverged on a orange path. Which do we take? Uh... left.

Oh no I made a mistake!!!

And we have to fight a boss fight without our healer!

But we do get Leo. Oh, and Leo got new equipment! Neat! We can't steal it, though

So, the Firebird has two targets, its head and its hands.

The hands are like the Corpse Crusher's vines, wherein it'll wrap around a character and prevent them from moving or casting magic. Fortunately, the Firebird's claws have little HP and Hiro's doing over 600 per Poe Sword, so it takes no time to take the claws out.

Now the Firebird has one more att-

Nevermind it's dead.

Uh, okay. Let's, uh, go up the right side instead.

All right, let's explain how this works. Ronfar's on a path, and it branches three times. Regardless of which side we choose, we have to fight a Firebird. Choosing the wrong side just means we have to fight the Firebird an additional time. The correct path, by the by, is right, left, right. It's not complicated stuff. And the Firebird is so damned easy (it has less than 2000 HP, and Hiro does 600 damage to it!) that it doesn't matter.

(Fun fact: Despite the fact I fought the Firebird four times, it never did its other attack because the battles never went over three rounds.)

I'll just be upfront about it; this part is better in the remake. In the remake, you have Ronfar going through past memories and rejecting temptation from ghostly Mauris inter-cut with your party's fight with a hydra monster. Here, though, it's honestly kinda lame. I really wish this part was better in the original; I actually like this storyline, at least in theory. Ah well.

At least the lackluster part is short.

: I've found you... Mauri! It's me, Ronfar!
: Ronfar?! You... are you sure you're Ronfar? ... ....Zophar! Stop these evil charades! You've won! I don't have the strength to resist you any longer!
: No, Mauri! It's really me! Lucia sent me inside your mind to free you!
: Every time I think about Ronfar, I pray that when I open my eyes he'll be there. But when I do, he fades away in a hideous gas, and all that remains is an all-consuming despair.
: But this is no dream, Mauri! I've come to rescue you! Trust me, this time when you awake I'll be holding you in my arms.

I think you're only allowed a line that smooth if you're Bruce Campbell or something.

:Please, Mauri, trust me! Come on, open your eyes my love and we can start out new life together...
: ...oh Ronfar!

: Mauri... have you returned to us, my dear sister?
: Yes, Leo... Ronfar saved me. I'm just a little weak from the poison...
: Dear lord! I was within seconds of killing you! And there was a way to bring you back, but I couldn't see it... Can you ever forgive me?
: There is nothing to forgive. If it wasn't for Ronfar, I would've killed you...
: That's enough talk about killing. We're all back, and that's what's important.
: It looks like Ronfar and Mauri are finally going to get together... kinda tugs at the old heart strings, doesn't it? Go ahead Ronfar, kiss her. We won't look!
: Blasted cat! Don't you have anything better to do than play matchmaker?
: Ha, ha, ha...

Never would have figured Ronfar for the bashful type...

: Where are you going? Don't you think it's time you joined our fight?

Ronfar knows what's going on. It's time for Leo to stop pretending he isn't a party member.

: power is no longer of use to anyone... When you have restored the Red Dragon, then the goddess will be freed. Ronfar, you and your friends are responsible for our future. But, I... I'm... ... ....

Alas, Leo needs more brooding time. Just 'cuz he nearly killed his sister... the wimp.

: Ronfar, guard this well. It is the key to freeing the power of the Red Dragon.

: The door over there leads to the Red Dragon's Cave. It's open now, but lava is blocking the way to the Lair itself. You must find a way to stop it before you can proceed. Look around inside. There must be a way. The time grows short. Hurry, my love! Please be careful. I want to see you back in Raculi soon!

And finally, we're free to go to the last Dragon cave. But first, some more dialogue that alternately and

: I'll wait for you at Raculi village! Don't worry, you've saved me! I'm fine now... really! Hurry and finish Zophar!
: I'll be back in your arms in no time...
: You haven't changed one bit in all these years, sugar lips!

I like to imagine she gooses him as she says that. Really, you can't say "sugar lips" without some inappropriate touching.

: I'm so worried about Leo. He looked so... desperate when he left. Where has he gone?

You know, that's a good question. He doesn't have the Destiny anymore... how is he getting around?

: Mauri, don't worry about Leo. He'll be fine, once he sorts this part of his life out. All of our lives are in the crapper because of Zophar... and, Leo is realizing that everything he's worked for has actually helped Zophar! That's a mighty large revelation for anyone. It'll take some time for him to work this one out. But, there's no doubt in my mind that he'll come around. After all, he is the White Knight.

...but he wasn't the one defending the girl in this situation.

And that's all she has to say. We'll be cutting it short here, sadly, but stay tuned for some more Dragon cave action!