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Part 4: Odds and Ends #1

So the townsfolk in Lunar can get really, really chatty. It's a pretty well known and well loved feature of the series, as you can just run around and hear what strange and funny things the people will talk about for hours. The very first game isn't quite as rich with weird/funny chatter as the later games, but it's certainly no slouch in that department. In addition, a lot of expository dialogue is relegated to NPCs, and some of it doesn't really directly relate to the immediate plot. So while putting these in the main update would clutter it up, I couldn't very leave all the dialogue out. That's what these odds and ends updates are for, to see all the interesting little bits of dialogue.

Since this actually covers about three updates, the timescale's going to be jumping around a bit. You'll have to forgive me if it's a bit choppy. We're going to start at the very beginning, before Alex opened the old chest.

"In honor of his valiant lifecourse, a monument was erected here in Burg. Alex, you have the aura of a Dragonmaster. You must cultivate it!"

I just find it amusing that the very, very first NPC you see says this to you. But, you know, no pressure or anything!

(And possibly this "distant frontier" will become important later.)

A girl by the bridge has a generic "hope you do well at the Goddess festival" message but if you talk to her again...

"Good thing your dad didn't get to teach you what he wanted to, or you'd be playing the accordion right now!"

So that's who taught Alex how to play music. I honestly don't remember anyone mentioning if Alex had a music teacher in the remakes; I think it's somewhat implied that just knows how for some mysterious reason. I don't remember, you all will have to correct me on that.

"Like it was yesterday... I think she grew up happily because you were near, Alex. Cherish and protect her, Alex. There's never been anyone as charming as she..."

In case you doubted me, I wasn't lying about the whole "Alex's parents adopting Luna" thing.

Also, I'd like to remind you that Alex and Luna are not actually dating or anything. (As a kid, I was somewhat confused on that.) They're in that awkward JRPG "childhood friends" relationship. I know it's obvious even to the NPCs, but that seems like he's laying it on a bit thick.

"We weren't so sure how you'd turn out. You and Nall were little hellions!"

I don't know why, I like this little detail.

"I grew very tired of the 'big city' grind, so we moved back here and got married. I've no desire to return to that dump!"

However, his wife-

"You know, 'a sacrifice for the sake of true love' and all that nonsense... Meribia was so exciting! Burg has nothing to compare. I'm so bored here..."

-doesn't agree.

Did I mention Working Designs were somewhat infamous for inserting pop culture references? They were.

Anyway, let's fast forward to after we met-up with Luna.

"You must perform flawlessly if our village is to have good luck this year... and since Alex helped me with my song, it's so much better! Well, good luck!"
: Alex!! A singing lesson is all you better have given, for your sake...

I have the feeling Luna might be a wee bit possessive, guys.

Although perhaps Alex might be provoking her a little.

"Alex is quite the lucky guy to be loved by someone as beautiful as you..."
: Oh stop it, now! Pretty soon you'll have me up on a pedestal with some crazy inscription at my feet, posing for the tourists!

Yeah, admitedly, it's getting a bit creepy.

Okay, so let's fast forward again to after we got Ramus.

: Nanny, I'm a big boy now! I'm big enough to take care of myself!
: Yes nanny, Ramus is big. In fact, he's one of the largest kids I've ever laid eyes on.

Ha. Ramus is fat.

Weirdly, you get different dialogue for trying to sell the ring at different vendors. It's not really different enough to include in the main text of the LP, but I think it's kind of an interesting detail.

So anyway, after we've done the dragon cave...

"Those fish I hate to eat can't get upstream... it's great!"

Not really sure why a bridge breaking would impact fish much at all, but okay. Always look on the bright side of life.

Ramus, however, continues to be a killjoy.

Let's skip ahead to after we got the axe from the Weird woods.

"I am a bit concerned, though. Oh, not for you Alex... but for Ramus. He is so spineless. He'll never leave this island!"
: How can you be so cruel? Ramus isn't spineless. He's just not as brave as Alex!

What's worse is that I'm pretty sure this conversation will play out the same even if Ramus is in your party. Ouch.

"Now my parents will catch those rotten fish I have to gag down... eeeeyuk!!"

"Sitting back here choking down bowl after bowl of fish that I hate!"

Guys, I think he may not like that fish.

"There are even tales of her visiting Meribia! Imagine if you met her..."

This bit of text honestly baffles me. It gives the impression that the goddess likes to go and hang around the streets of Meribia shopping or something. That's not going to happen, just for your information.

"Well, if you gain enough experience, you may be able to become a Dragonmaster! ...ahhh, ha, ha, ha, ha! Psych! What a gullible kid!"

Jerk poop face! I'll show you! I'll get to level 99 and be the best Dragonmaster ever!

And, of course, in grand tradition I have to try and sell a key item.

...he's on to me!

Finally, I'd like to end on something that honestly surprised me when I found it: