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Part 7: Odds and Ends: #2

Before we look at the people of Meribia, there is some loose ends I forgot to wrap up.

Luna gets her last song at level 10. As you can guess from the name, it's another attack spell, but this one only targets one enemy.

But unlike her other attack spell, this one does a lot of damage. The damage is comparable to Nash's Thunder Attack. What isn't comparable is the price; Destruction is a staggering 17 MP. Moreover, it's not terribly likely you're going to get her to level 10 in normal play anyway.

Also, if you go back to Burg before you leave for Meribia, you get some dialogue.

: Oh! My ears! I've gone deaf! Or at the very least, I'll have trouble hearing in noisy situations, thanks to you!
"You just don't have an appreciation for my range!
: Your what?? Could you speak up?

But nothing else terribly interes-


: That's the guy I saw in the Weird Woods! He looks dangerous!
: Shee... That girl over there looks like she's.... nah, can't be! I'm just glad I can still take in the sights! Wah, ha, ha, ha, ha!
: Man, he really is nuts! We'd better steer clear!

I honestly had no idea Laike showed up here at this time. I'm pretty sure he shows up once you enter Saith for the first time (it might be later) but I do know he's gone if you give the chart back but head back to Burg instead of boarding the boat. I don't know exactly when he spawns.

Aaaanyway, this was actually supposed to be about Meribia, right? Let's get on that.

Odds and Ends: #2

"Remember that,... and, uh, you might want to watch your wallet on Black Rose street."

A couple of people mention Black Rose street as being kind of shady. Which is weird, because nothing on Black Rose street itself suggests that. No one tries to steal from you or anything.

Speaking of shady sneaky bastards-

What's wrong with your face?

He's supposed to have a heavy beard (and it's a little easier to see if you talk to him at a different angle) but from the front it's hard to see.

Sure, if it'll get your unfortunate face fixed.

Or maybe he's just a douche.

"...psst! But there are some seedy types around here. That's why I recommend Meribian Express traveler's cheques! Don't leave home without them!"

Am I the only one who was kind of confused by the spelling of "cheques?" Looking on Wikipedia, "check" is the American standard way of spelling the word, but I've seen "cheque" even in America (and this translation is a pretty obviously American one.)

Oh, yes, and pop culture reference. Yes.

"It was very impressive, to say the least!"

Now that we've seen the guy... yeah, that's believable. Guess how he fights you in the remake.

"In times past, many of the merchants of Meribia were targets by thieves. They were without hope until Master Mel came up to their aid and cleaned up Meribia! There's no villain strong enough to best Master Mel in a fight! Master Mel knows their tricks, 'cause he used to be a pirate captain!"

Yeah, remember that Mel actually was a pretty fiercesome guy before Dyne beat that out of him? I do like the fact that apparently it takes a pirate to catch a pirate.

"Oh, you know her? I'm so glad to hear she's doing alright!"

Do you remember the bored wife? Well, this is her dad. I knew you all are really, really glad to see the rest of her family. It's something we all care about.

: Hey, buster, what do you mean by 'pet?'
"And it talks! How delightful! Does it collect quarters?"

Oh, something I didn't mention about Black Rose Street in the main update. While the residents aren't skeezy or anything, they are all... dicks.

"I'm too busy!"

"Don't make me laugh, squirt! Master Dyne already knew many magics at your age!"

"Without magic, you'll end up dead in the Meribian sewers... you fool! Ho, ho, ho, ho!"

Major dicks.

Well, not all of them.

"I can try to draw it out for a token 50 silver."

Now Jenner did already discuss this, but this is mostly here for posterity. If we talk to the man at the... magic drawing out shop? he'll ask for money to draw out Alex's magic. However, if we refuse his offer...

"Well, why didn't you say so earlier! I'll draw out your power properly now... Bend the rules. He must - we must! Lest all the world turn to dust! Althena, hurry, come and see if this soul worthy be!"

"It just takes a few tries, sometimes! Alex, you now have magic power! But... you should clip your toenails more often. It's just good hygiene..."

I swear I didn't forget anything or present any dialogue out of order. That's what he says.

This is what he says if we decide to pay the money.

"Althena, hurry, come and see if this soul worthy be!"


It doesn't work that time either. He offers to try again for another payment, and you can try as many times as you want if you feel like you have too much money. But you still don't get magic yet.

Again, he'll still say those lines when Dross ripped you off and before you talk to Nash, but frankly it's still odd in context.

Hey everyone abrupt scene change

"Oh, sorry... you're just kids with a strange looking pet..."
: Strange looking? I'd take a look in the mirror before I said that, bud!!!

Man, why does everyone have to give Nall such a hard time? It's like they've never seen a talking flying cat before.

Uh... are you okay lady?

I- I guess so...

"They met when Master Mel was trying to overtake their ship at sea... you see, he was a pirate captain at the time... Hohhhhmmm... how romantic!"

Are you sure you didn't just read about that somewhere?

I've heard the subject is popular, is all I'm saying.

"Say that we have only the best from all over the world! You know, I've been toying with the idea of turning this joint into a coffee house! What d'ya think? How about a nice cappuccino or espresso?"

I don't actually know if the bartender talks about coffee in the Japanese version. If not, then that's actually a clever little joke about bars and how they're treated in the English language versions of the game.

"come to the Nanza barrier. The cave there can take you deeper into the continent."

"Master Mel took a liking to him and put him in charge of guarding the barrier..."

We can actually go to Nanza right now if we wanted to, but I'm holding that off for a little while. There's nothing to do there yet anyway.

"It is a tool that does a job without the use of magic! It's all very convenient! The espresso is made here by machine!"

It may seem odd that the world is Lunar is somehow so backward that they don't know what a machine is, but this is the start of a theme that the remake really didn't have.

"town and the countryside to hear me sing... Oh, you want to hear me sing? Sorry, I'm on a break right now, maybe later..."

Yeah, for some odd reason she won't actually sing for you until you go and get the diamond stolen. And what song does she sing for you?

Speaking of diamonds and stealing, some of the residents of Black Rose Street are a bit nicer to you once you to get magic.

"but you're starting too late to become a Dragonmaster like Dyne. I'm just trying to save you some heartbreak, kid."

Just marginally, though.

And the lady will sing for you.

"Tell you what... I'll sing for you this one time, to cheer you up..."

There are actually several people in the game who will sing for you (that's the song you get if you donate to the Althena's Shrine 10 times). It's... okay.

: I think Luna's 100 times better than that, Alex!
"What's with the attitude on the flying cat? Is he always like this?"

You have no idea, lady.

There's not much else that changes as you progress, but when you get Nash you get into an... interesting conversation.

: You must be talking about Alex's friend, Luna... as country girls go, she's pretty cute, and blessed with a dynamite set of pipes to boot!
: That's the chauvinistic way of saying she's beautiful and talented...

Some of Nash's lines in the original are... odd, especially considering how he was characterized in later versions. It's just hard to imagine the remake's version of Nash saying some of the lines he says in the original game.

And finally, I think I should end this side-update as maturely as possible: