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Part 10: Odds and Ends #3

"You finished the Cave of Trial! There's nothing more to do here... get it?"

...I just wanted to say "hi."

"It really worries me. But, I suppose it was a serious shock, even though it happened long, long ago."

That... that doesn't seem like the best of combination, but okay. Whatever.

"If something were to happen to her, I don't know what would happen to Vane..."

Well, it is a floating city in a JRPG. On the other hand... the floating city in FF12 ended up okay, so maybe you've got hope.

"The city has been the same for nearly 1000 years! Look! Gaze in awe at the history unfurled before you!"

Well, I'm glad that Vane's residents have a good appreciation of it's storied history.

"Then [sic] next 1000 years! If you give me 100S, I can get the papers to enroll you in one of Vane's prestigious academies!"
: And, I suppose if we act right now, you'll throw in a set of ginsu knives?"

Or perhaps he's just a very enthusiastic con-man. It's good to love what you do, at least.

Like so many other RPGs, Vane does have a fortune teller.

"It seems to indicate here that you have trouble with women. Is that correct?"

And like so many other RPGs, the fortune teller never, ever says anything of interest.

"At the top of it lies the room of stars."

Yeah, I probably should have included that in the main update. Can you guess that this will be important later on?

: Oh, I get it, just eat in front of us. Okay, go ahead and stuff your face you pig!
"Ofgdgodf.. didn't see you..."

I'm just amused by how offended Nall is by that, for some reason.

"We have a fan club for her! If you join right now, you get a free poster!"
: I'm getting the impression that these boys are a little preoccupied!

: Is that all you want her to autograph?

I don't think I'll be commenting on that. MOVING ON.

Heeeey, look! It's the library! I completely skipped over it in the main update!

Because it's kind of huge.

"But the first Dragonmaster transformed the land by harnessing Dragon magic."

This is... kind of not true, actually.  Those you more familiar with this series might know why... 

"These magics contain the essence of Dragon Aura."

Wait, five? There are four Dragons.

See, four. Four Dragons. So where's the fifth spell coming from...?

"At that time, the world was ruled by a giant magic empire... The Magic Empire revolted against the goddess Althena, trying to conquer the world. The deeds of the Magic Empire saddened Althena. Her tears fell for 7 days and nights, purifying the world and crushing the Empire. Where are the Empire's ruins today? No one knows for sure..."

This story actually spans quite a few bookshelves, but it's all pretty much one continuous story. This is actually one of the few times (possibly the only time) they explain what the "magic empire" actually was. The Magic Emperor on the Frontier is probably not the same person these books are mentioning, but instead is just a title they gave themselves as a scare tactic.

Interestingly, these events also lead into the beginning of Vane. Although, the translation did fudge a lot of details, and the remake introduced a ton of retcons, so who knows if that's true anymore.

"People depended on machines, and in the end, ruined their world with them..."

Case in point: this little bit of standard JPRG backstory really isn't in the remakes.

Of course, I would be remiss in mentioning that not all the books in the library are about backstory.

"Place one pickled plum on each temple and chant 'kah-tah-wah-guy-gin' rapidly.

Some are just complete nonsense.

I know full damn well Arche's not in this game, so don't get my hopes up!

"Master Ghaleon is said to have read them all! I can't believe that..."

Even the migraine book? Well, I'm not going to him for headache medicine...

Oh, and there's a Cascade Ring in the library. I'm probably just going to sell it. It's not worth much money, but why bother using it (once!) in combat?

And that's it for Vane at the moment. Let's say good-bye to everyone.

Or not.

"you, Alex! Just try to get on Master Ghaleon's good side... you know... brownnose a little..."

...nope, nope. Not going there.

"Class, this is Nash, a junior at the academy, and a member of Ghaleon's study group. If everyone here follows Nash's example, we'll bury the students of the academy next door at exam time!"
: Ah, Rimzol! Just as competitive as ever!

Not much of a point to that, but I like the little bit of detail it adds.

Anyway, next update we'll be heading to Lann, but along the way we can head to Nanza. There's nothing to do there yet, but there are some interesting bits of dialogue, so hold onto your hats, it's an extra long Odds and Ends update today, folks!

To get to Nanza, just follow the road west of the Fountain of Transmission, and you'll be there shortly.

In the remakes, you actually had to pass through here to get to the village of Lann, but in the original Lann is far north of here. Nanza also had a screen or two of an enemy filled mountain pass, but in the original you can just enter it like any other town.

Now, if you remember, Nanza pass is guarded by a young man named Kyle that Mel himself selected for the position.

"Shaped them up to be protectors of the barrier!"

And this Kyle employs former thieves. I- I can't see how that would backfire.

"Whenever I pass through the Nanza barrier, Kyle and his men protect me.
: Protect you from what? ...them?

Nall! I'm surprised at your cynicism! Just because a group of shady men are in a position to extort money from people in a remote, hard to over-see location doesn't mean.... I can't pretend any more. These guys are totally crooks. As a matter of fact, in the remakes Mel and Kyle don't have nearly as... amiable a relationship.

"I think she's one of Kyle's childhood friends... but wow! What a knockout! I think she and Kyle are right for each other."

However, it's not like Kyle's less than legal doings hurt his chances with the ladies.

"Eeek! And I'm one of them "

Not in the slightest.

"But I see right through that lame act. He's no prize."
: Hey! I thought I was God's gift to women! Kyle and I have to talk...

Why- why would say that, Nall? Do you even know what she means, or are just being cheeky or... fuck it, best not to think about it.

Besides, if you talk to her again.

"Eeek I just love it when he does that!" have problems, lady. For that I'm stealing your treasure.

Heeeelloooooo. Nice to see you here. The Hyram Nut is one of the very, very few items in this game that actually permanently increase stats. Probably only one of each type exists. (although I did once get a stat-increasing item as a random drop in the final dungeon. Exactly once out of the ten or so times I've played this game.) The Hyram Nut increases agility, but I'm going to save it for now.

No other Lunar game (that I've played) has permanent stat-increasing items.

"But you're too young and sweet to know about the goods I sell "

I'm not going to even dignify that with a response.

Anyway, Kyle and his cohorts are inside the big building, so let's check that out.

"A guy named Laike really beat the stuffing out of one of the these bandits! He fought using only one hand!"

Really? Well, fortunately for you all, I actually was here earlier, before I did the Cave of Trial.

"He beat me up! I couldn't believe it!"

No, sadly, you don't actually get to see Laike beat this guy up. Speaking of which... why is Laike still hanging around?

Oddly, you get another splash graphic. Keep in mind you did not have to talk to the obviously out of place man in the Weird Woods, so possibly this could be your first meeting with the man.

: These bandits kill me! They charge people protection fees to guard them in the caves... but they're the only bandits in the area! Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! What a scam!"

Oh, but in this meeting he's far, far creepier. I'm glad he can the humor in the situation, at least?

Aaaanyway, that's when you can meet Laike at Nanza. After the Cave, however, you can see their leader, Kyle., sir, are not Venus as a boy.

: You need to pass through the cave here in Nanza.

Obviously we're not ready to do that yet, but I'm curious what the going rate is for "protection."

: I'll guarantee your safe passage through the barrier for 1,000,000S.

Yeah, that's a lot. I can see why Laike didn't want to pay that.

: I can discount the protection fee for only one reason. It has to be an emergency situation. So, is it? Then the price for passage stays at 1,000,000S.

"I think the boss is just in a bad mood 'cause this girl he likes just told him off."

Ah, is poor widdle Kyle sulking?

"I think some girl gave it to him in a way he didn't expect! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!"