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Part 17: Odds and Ends #4

So after you gain the Dragon Wings, most NPCs' dialogue changes; that makes sense, considering what happened prior to gaining the wings. There was so much new dialogue that I couldn't really include it in the main update, so boys and girls, let's get ready for another...

"Who's going to pay me for all the wood I cut?"

Unsurprisingly, the woodsman is still a dick.

"They won't burn out too easily! Don't worry so much young man!"

Although dickery is a far sight better than attempting to be "consoling."

"He wouldn't hurt the poor white dragon..."
: Classic symptoms of denial, Alex... I've seen it before. Next comes fear...

As you'd expect, most people you talk to are in shock and... well, denial about what just happened.

"The place is overrun by the Vile Tribe! We'd end up in the gallows! Harrgh!"

And also fear. Albeit perfectly understandable fear.

: You know, I think we can still get there using the White Dragon's Wings, Alex!

It's probably just me, but after several other NPCs make pretty broad hints about "strange creatures" going to Meribia, Nall just gives up and says, "go to Meribia, dumb ass."

"Thaz great! Draggins an' <hic> brew! That's whad I wanna <hic> eat!" that man drinking ethanol or methanol?

Anyhow, next up on our tour is Lann.

"I wouldn't lie about something like that!"

Fair enough, kid. Fair enough.

"Now, he's always talking about world events and how they'll affect us... it sucks!"

I know! Those stuffy ol' officials, babblin' on about crazed supervillains set on destroying the world. What is up with that?

Also! There is one kid in town that likes rhyming things. You may remember him rhyming something about a "boss." Well, there was one earlier that I failed to show.

: Hey, that's a cool little ditty, kid. ...but, it seems a bit premature at this point...

Nall wasn't kidding about it being premature. The kid sings that right before you pick up Jessica to fight the fake Dragonmaster. He won't say it with Jessica in the party, and he won't say it after you beat the fraud.

But that's really all there is to say about Lann. Next up: Meribia.

"Ever since the Vile Tribe attacked Meribia, Residents have been so afraid... He sells this fanatic group charms to ward off the evil spirits! Brilliant!"

Even in the most trying times... you gots to get paid.

"The owner of this store must be raking in the silver hand over fist!"

Yay! Three moderately attractive women made me forget all about my son being killed and our mayor turned to stone!

Wait, three?

"You don't remember me, do you? ...hey, Nall I came from Burg to find work in Meribia. I ended up in this store! It's so exciting!"

Ah crap. This is probably going to be awkward.

"What?!! Oh no! ...everyone in Burg? Luna too? I hope you can rescue her and the other villagers very soon! I'm sure they're counting on you! "

She took that unreasonably well. I'm surprised this chick isn't more broken up about her hometown being destroyed while in a strange new city.

In case you're wondering who this lady is... I think she was the one standing near the entrance.

Her, yes. I think so anyway. She's not there when you re-visit with Ghaleon, anyway. Although now she has a completely different color palate so maybe it's a different person ARGH.

"You don't know? ...he, he, he! Well, I guess you'll find out pretty soon... he, he, he I'm sure you'll be surprised! Tee, hee, hee..."

On the other hand, maybe it's just not worth thinking about.

"What can be next?! Oh well, at least I can cheer up by gawking at the clerks! Huh, huh huh!"

Oh god we're all going to die... oh well, tits!

That's... the spirit?

"Now that the city is over-run by the Vile Tribe, no one helps me out anymore. I'm reduced to holding this humiliating sign! I even have to actually work!"

See, here's a man that understands the gravity of the situation.

"The sorceress Xenobia took her away! What could she possibly want with her?!"
: Alex! I hope that Luna is still alright! This is sickening...

Wikipedia tell me that it's actually spelled "Murgatroyd" but, in case you were wondering, the Meribian chorus girl doesn't escape the fate of the others.

"They are tormenting people in the Grindery! They are using machines for evil!"

And here is one of the first mentions of "the Grindery." We're still not sure what that is just yet, but you can tell by the name it's nothing good.

"When Jessica learned of her father's misfortune, she didn't sob hysterically she vowed to get revenge! I should know, I was there..."

While I'd love to agree with the lady, Jessica was pretty weepy until Alex came along.

"Can I get your pet a cracker?"
: Can I get you a brain?

Anywho, let's skip ahead to re-recruiting Jessica. There is some alternate dialogue if you have Mia along at this point.

("We've must?")

Jessica will also mention "Mia and the others" when she snaps out of her funk. But otherwise it's completely identical.

But now that we have Jessica, let's go and

: And just what are you implying by that statement you flea-bitten rodent?

Talk about her bra. Yeap.

: This guy needs help...

And, no, Jessica's many creepy fanboys will not cease their creepiness just because Jessica is there. Great.

Onto Vane, then.

"I know! I'll fake a really bad cold... yeah, that's it!"

Kid, at this point you'd have to fake cancer.

"I'll use that name for the bad guy in the next comic I make!"

Uh, might be a bit... soon for that. That's like introducing a new Batman villain called Kim Jong Il. ...or has Frank Miller already done that?

"He'll chew you up and spit you out, laughing after it's done! ...but then again, I said something like that to Dyne once, and he ended up saving the world!"

Hey, I think everyone might be starting to respect Alex and co.

Let's skip ahead to after we required Nash and Mia.

: Uh, 'pig' wasn't the first adjective that crossed my mind...

And "pig" isn't an adjective anyway!

"I think you and Mia make very nice fighting mates, if you know what I mean..."
: Did I ask for your opinion? If I want your opinion, I'll give it to you!

Oh Nash, you're such a charmer.

But enough of Vane. Onward to Nanza!

"I think your chances of becoming one are about as good as Ghaleon turning into a spry leprechaun and dancing off into the sunset... but... if you do become one, will you please remember to help us out?"
: Okay, but first we'll send the dancin' leprechaun to your door!

There is nothing I can add to that.

"eeeekkk! I'm in love "
: Are you kidding? Take a closer look!

I'm with Jessica, although I personally never understood the appeal of Fabio anyway.

The guy is talking about Laike, by the way. I'm only bringing it up because I have no idea what a "certillian cyclops" is. Googling it gets results for a GameFAQ for the SegaCD version (which mentions an enemy by that name, but there is no enemy called the "certillian cyclops" in this game) and the remake. I'm suspecting it's a translation thing.

Leaving my confusion aside, Kyle's fangirls with (of course) say something different once you've got him in your party.

"I don't want my studmiffin all nicked up... eek "
: Exquise me? Studmiffin? Give me a total break! This girl is blind!

Like, grody to the max. (Yes, she does say "exquise me.")

"But the kind of goods I sell a sweet thing like you wouldn't know about "
: But I do! Whooooooweee! I'll be seein' you soon!


On that disappointing note, I'll see you all next time.