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Part 24: Questionable Alliances and Smelly Old Men

Last time, Nash, slimy little toad that he is, betrayed us and stole our bitchin' new helmet. What a dick. Sadly, he's not here so that we may beat his face in, but for now we'll just explore the rest of the new area we're in. Let's start by heading east of Lyton.

And we don't have to head too far before we're blocked by this giant ravine. Well, one of the residents of Lyton did mention that the Black Dragon did split the land when he went insane. Yeeesh.

Thankfully, it's an RPG, so there's a convenient cave nearby.

"However, there's an epidemic there, so they're not letting anyone visit."

Peshaw. Have you seen what poison does to this guys? Absolutely nothing, that's what! We're not afraid of no disease!

But we are afraid of giant gaps. So this is a dead end for now.

If we head south of Lyton, eventually we'll find a narrow pass through the mountains. Through the pass we find...

Another town!

Unlike the last few times we've been to, there's no goofy gimmick to Tamur.

: Oh, you poor girl! I can stay here to console you in this time of...
: Do you ever turn that thing off? Geeeez...

Other than Kyle being goofy, but that's a constant.

"Taben orders soldiers to capture humans from the Prairie. They're taken back to his factory and forced to make weapons for Ghaleon!

Sadly, her story isn't unusual. Even after capturing the entire village of Burg, they're still kidnapping more laborers.

"But, since the Magic Emperor came and the disease started, Tamur's become a ghost town!"

Tamur in general is having a rough time of it, not just because of Vile Tribe attacks, but-

Wait a goddamn second! If you've been paying attention you might remember that the cave to the Prairie (on the other end of a giant chasm) is east of Lyton. Tamur is south, through a narrow mountain pass. Now, if you look closely at the shot of Tamur on the world map, you'll notice that there seems to be more to the right. Which is true, but it's still enclosed in mountains. It's nowhere near the goddamn Prairie. Weirdly enough, for all the plot holes the remakes introduces, it gets this one right. Tamur is a gateway to the Prairie in that version.

Speaking of the Prairie...

These folks look unusual.

We've come from the Prairie to find skilled warriors. You look pretty confident! Why not challenge me in a test of your fighting skill?

Ah, these two. There's a few more scenes with them in the remake, including one where they save your ass from Xenobia and her hordes (there's another short dungeon you have to clear on your way to Tamur; there's no equivalent in the original). In the remake Tempest challenges you to a fight based on a moral disagreement. But not like we really need an excuse for a pointless fight! Let's go!

: But I will inflict some pain! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

All right, let's go! Wait, why aren't I in the battle screen?

Because it's not really a battle. It's one of those stupid ass "sprites jump around while battle sound effects play." Hell, these two just lazily collide into one another. Without the context or the sound effects, they could be dancing!

Last chance for a slow dance.

I'm sorry

: Out of all the men I've fought, you're the second strongest! The strongest guy I ever fought was a weird fellow. He said his name was Laike.

Laike again! We just can't get away from this guy!

: Tempest and I have come from the Prairie to find such ones. If you plan on going to the Prairie, please help us find a cure this disease.

Do- do these two have no idea how disease works? You can fix a lot of problems by applying violence to it until it goes away, but the plague isn't one of them.

: Tempest is so strong. He'd never back down in a battle... but this is a battle he may not be able to win.

Well, I didn't mean to bring ya down.

Sadly, though, we can't really do anything for the Prairie since they won't let us in. So what shall we do? Maybe get some clues on how to get into the Frontier?

"No one would ever want to go there, so the way has been forgotten."


Anything else? At all?

"But, he's somewhat of a hermit because of his offensive body odor."

Oh! That's actually really helpful. Although he might not like visitors... eh, never stopped an RPG hero in the history of ever.

There's actually an exit near Tempest and Fresca. If we exit there, we end up on the other side of the town. To the north, there is indeed a tower nearby.

What is all this water doing here? Is it industrial run-off? Surprisingly clean looking.

"Master Myght is a recluse who shuns all social contact. He won't meet with strangers. You should go away..."

I guess it would follow that Myght would have security... of tiny people. Unconventional.

Guess we need an invitation. Hm... where can we-

Oh god damn it!

: Well hello there, Alex and company! Alex, if you want to become a Dragonmaster, you must go to the Goddess' Tower. You can only enter the tower from the sky. Myght, the inventor, may be able to make a flying machine to get you there. His tower is near here. I can show you the way. Do you want to go?

Oh, well... man, Laike been conveniently useful as of late. Still, I wasn't thinking of the Goddess' Tower, but that is a good idea. But how the hell does Laike plan on getting in the hermit's tower?

Okay, then, let's find out.

"So the less people that go to see him the better... You three, stay here. We'll be back shortly."

Ah man, really? Even the healer?

Yeap. That stinks. Urgh, this is going to suck.

No one way around it, though. Let's just say our good-byes and then get it over with.

: This is so frustrating! We've come this far, only to get stuck trying to find a way into the Frontier... There's got to be one!

If all else fails, this new balloon can just pull double duty. After all, this one coming from a more reputable inventor.

: I still believe Nash is telling the truth. I wish you'd give him a chance, Alex.
: Mia, you're too easy! Nash could be setting us up for Ghaleon! Understand?

Telling the truth about what? The last things he said was:

Nash posted:

: I'm happy that I have served you well.

Uh, I agree?

Ahhh! Just the thought of getting away from this rodent is lifting my spirits!
: I could say the same about you, ya little flea-bitten no-brain rogue!

Actually, that just raised a question. Myght doesn't like people, but what does he feel about sarcastic talking flying cats? As long as they're not bipedal, I guess.

: Hey Alex, a word of advice: don't drop your guard around that Laike guy... I'm not sure yet sure what his true alliances are...

He has a point. Although I'm not sure how helping us get to the Dragon caves or the Goddess tower advances any malicious goal, but still, we don't much about him other than he's super strong and has a fantastic beard. Well, let's at least peek at his stats.

Oh. Oh. Four attacks?! Holy fuck. And his attack power ain't nothing to sneeze at. I wonder what he's got equipped.

Complete trash, apparently. At least Ghaleon had the decency to have a nice piece of armor to steal.

Does he have any better skills, at least?

Eeeeh. Kyle has Sprint and Fastcut (doubles number of moves and attacks from a distance, respectively) and I don't really use either one. Coup de Grace increases his attack by a fuckload, and Sybillium is a super powerful on one enemy. They're kind of cool, but they're also kind of overkill. Plus Laike's MP pool is so small and these skills are so expensive (30 MP for Sybillium) that it's not really worth it. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to settle with his high attack and four attacks.

Say, we've got Laike. And the Dragon Wings. I wonder if...

Nope. And you can't walk out the other exit with him either; he'll just leave. We're trapped here. Oh well.

And this how battles go with Laike. See how there are exactly four enemies here?

Yeah, Alex doesn't even have to move.

Once we get to Myght's tower, the guard is just plain gone. So we go straight into the dungeon proper.

By the way, the remake had one of its more infamous puzzles here. Or rather, botching of a puzzle. In the remake, you have to enter a number of doors in a certain sequence. It's not challenging at all, since the game just plain gives you the sequence right at the beginning. Well, the Japanese version does. The American version gives you... nothing. Absolutely nothing. You wanted a clue? Well too bad, it's trial and error for you!

Yeah, I liked Working Designs, but I can't defend a lot of their more questionable decisions.

There's a bit of a puzzle going on in this version of Myght's Tower, though. The whole place is littered with holes. Stopping on one of them-

Dumps you on the main floor. However, you have to fall down a couple of holes to proceed.

The guidebook does not tell you this. It does not tell you that you have to fall down a hole, nor which holes you need to fall down. My family (I forget who) did eventually figure it out, and the exact spots are circled with marker, but that's still a pretty major failing. Outside of the fact that it blatantly spoils plot twists all the time.

So, where do you have to fall? The first spot is on the third floor (one floor up from the beginning of the dungeon proper; the water room counts as the first floor). From there, you have to go as far north and east as you can on that floor.

Right here. This drops you down onto the second floor. From there head up to the third floor again. Go all the way down and to the right.

Like so. Drop down, and from there it's a straight shot to the end. It's really insanely easy once you know where to go.

Oh right, new monsters.

There they are. The rats are fast but easily killed. The Squibblers are slightly less killable, but not really able to stand before Laike.

I guess I should also mention the one treasure chest in the entire dungeon.

And it can't be opened right now away. Terrific.

That is all there is to say about Myght's tower.

Wait, more guys from Lyton? I thought Myght doesn't like people. Or did the bear hat confuse him?

"We have no olfactory nerve, you see..."

Oh, I guess that- how the fuck are you born without olfactory nerves?

Ignoring this bizarre anatomical detail, let's talk balloons.

: Hey! Who let you in here? If it was that worthless security patrol officer, I'll wring his neck! I don't like visitors! So beat it!
: Hey, Myght you old fart! It's me, old buddy!
: What do you want now? Don't tell me you want me to build another balloon?
: He, he, he! You can read me like a book, you old dog!
: Do you know how hard the last one was to make? I'll try, but no guarantees!

Huh. That was interesting. Seems like there's an interesting story behind all this that we're not privy to.

There's nothing else to do here, but there is a staircase to the left. Wonder where it leads.

Just the roof. Nothing inte-

Oh fuck.

: Soon I will have the Goddess, and indeed the entire world, in the palm of my hand. Join me again, Laike! Using the Goddess’ power the magic power you lost can even be restored!
: Power gained by those means is worthless! Can’t you understand that, Ghaleon?
: Ah, yes, but once the world is mine, I will define what has meaning and what doesn’t!
: Yes, but a heartless life is empty and worthless, is it not? No Ghaleon, I’ve cast my lot with Alex. I will help him become a Dragonmaster, and he will stop your wicked rule. Bet on it…
: Alex, to defeat me, you must become stronger. Study hard, Dragonboy… You’re going to need alot more than a few cheap parlor tricks to challenge me! The next time we meet, you will die… bet on it, Dragonboy! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Oh, he's just going to... leave? What just happened?

: Okay Alex, it's up to us. We've got to make you strong enough to beat Ghaleon. We have much to learn, and little time to learn it. But, if you want to rescue Luna and save our world, you must succeed! I believe in you, Alex!

If nothing else, we can be assured that Laike probably on our side. Or at least not Ghaleon's. Still, they had a surprisingly civil conversation, all things considered.

Regardless, there's nothing else here. Let's just take the express way down, warp back to town-

: I once had to swim 23 miles through lava springs! Why don't you try walking now, Alex? It's so refreshing!

But I'm ju- oh whatever. Not like it's far anyway.

: I'm headed back to my house for a rest... Oh, and kid… you’ve got real potential! Seek to fulfill it!

We could just go back there together... 'cuz I need to go there to get my party members back anyway.

Or not.

See, had to come here anyway! Sheesh.

: When the flying machine is ready, I'll let you know, okay Alex? Alex, if you become a Dragonmaster, you have a good chance of destroying Ghaleon! The fate of the Goddess... and the world itself lies in your hands!

Sadly, it'll be some time before our new flying machine gets made, so we won't be seeing Laike for a while. Hm, I forgot if I robbed his stuff or not. I don't need to, but at this point it's really habit.

In any case, let's gather everyone together.

: I'd rather not travel with the sharp-tongued mongrel, but it seems I have no choice.
: I'd watch what you say, or you'd better sleep with one eye open, you arrogant jerk!

: So, is Myght going to make a flying machine for us? ...great, I can't wait!

: Oh Alex... Nall! You came back in one piece! But… I wonder how Nash is doing…

Funny that she mention that.

: Ah, so you’re back! Guess what? We’ve discovered the way to the frontier! We have to use the Fountain of Transfer between Meryod and Lyton… But, to use the Fountain, we have to use the Water of Mirage…
: …and, the Prairie Tribe has that…

You're... oddly chirpy about that.

: She must have figured out that I was trying to pull a double-cross… I barely escaped! I’m sorry I had to keep you guys in the dark about my plan, though. I pretended to return home, and I asked one of Ghaleon’s henchmen about the Fountain.
: Why do you think he’d tell you the truth?
: I believe that some still think I’m on their side. Really, I’m not lying! Don’t you believe me?

Not really.

: Great! Okay... fine! Don't believe me. I don't care!
: Oh Nash! I still trust you! I know you'd never betray us...
: Thanks for the sentiment, Mia, but it's not enough.

Yeah, obviously you have to forgive him. C'est la vie.

: Oh Nash! I always trusted you, too! I knew you’d never really betray us…
: Here's the helmet of the Blue Dragon. Let’s get moving. We have to get the Water of Mirage. Hurry!

Hm. He does seem sincere... as sincere as Nash can be. And he did return our new awesome helmet. Still, I don't really believe his whole "I was wounded as I escaped!"

I stand corrected.

So we have Nash back. After a dungeon where we didn't have most the party anyway. Not sure what his betrayal really got us. Obviously, as Nash didn't steal the Blue Dragon Helmet in the remake, there's no reunion scene here. Nash in the remake... is an entirely different creature. I'd cover it, but honestly it ties into a lot of other stuff down the line, so I'm holding off for now.

But, hey, we have a goal now. Last time I checked they sealed off the Prairie, but I've got a crazy feeling that befriending those two from the Prairie might help us.

However, since I've got Kyle back, I can go check what was in that red treasure chest. To Myght's Tower!

...fuck you too.