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Part 12: How Not to Make Friends

We begin with a new character, who's looking a bit lost at the moment.

Here to learn magic, but... Where is everybody? I'm so hungry... There's got to be someone... Maybe I'm just waiting in the wrong place...?

So it seems like enough time has passed that they're running entrance exams again. I wonder if they do this at the beginning of every year, or every semester, or just whenever.


They don't even know you're here. I've got big plans for you, my little slave!


I don't like this character.

Wh-who are you?

I am the mistress of the Demon Castle D!
Then... you're Vile Tribe...!? Is- is this a test?
This is bad, isn't it?
Depends on how you look at it.
...really bad.

Oh yes, but that is not all! I know more about your little power than anyone else! This is a great turning point for you, my pet! I'm going to unleash your hidden strengths!

Well that was weird and uncomfortable. Let's switch scenes, shall we?

Senia had more talent than all the boys here combined! But then she had to go and leave with Azu!
I know, it really is a shame-

I want a cool guy like that, dammit!
What about learning magic? Don't you wanna cause earthquakes?
I can learn magic and find true love! I'm a modern girl, after all.
Wish Senia realized that.
Eh, I think fighting bears is more her speed anyway.

All right, meandering around and talking to folks! Quality LP action here, folks.

For the most part, everyone is in shock over Senia's sudden wedding.

Also, I'm pretty sure this is the only person who mentions how fucked up it is that a 14 year old girl abandoned her education to get married. This Is A Feminist Game (c)

She's no concern of mine.

Admittedly, not everyone cares.

This is one of the few explicit mentions that Senia is a beastgirl, and that it matters in some way.

She just didn't want to be my apprentice. Hmph.
Do you know who this guy is?

Oh yeah, and this. Doubt it's important.

Anyway, let's get ourselves some magic!

Oh what is this?! First Senia was biting my style, and now Ellie?!
Lena, it's prudent to know some healing magic, regardless of your preferred magic.
I guess, but- but that's my thing.
You just learned a way more powerful healing spell than me anyway.

For some odd reason, that's not making me feel better, Ellie.

For some reason, Ellie gets two new multi-target attack spells at the same time. Apparently Bolt God is significantly worse than Bomb and there's zero reason to get them both at the same time. Yeah don't ask me.

I'm jealous of Senia! ...I wish I had what she does... I'd settle for someone I could tolerate.

entrance exam ended when it did.

I think this is mistranslated, because the exam has not ended, as you'll see.

back when I got married, too!
Oh? I didn't know you had a wife.
Wife? What are you talking about?
Oh. Um... your husband?
Are you calling me gay?!
Ellie why do we keep talking to this crazy man?
I don't know.

She... blew up your house?
What? My house is fine. What are you talking about, Ellie?
How do you know her name?
He's our professor, Lena.
I'm a professor?!

Anyway, I guess we should check out the reports of a weirdo hanging out in the plaza.

Who are you? I don't recognize you...

Are you a freshman?
Oh hey you're from Caldor? So are we! We're from Burg, where are you from?

Uh... something wrong?

Hey, wait. Shouldn't you be taking the exam...?
Heheh... I know all about Iyen and you... magicians! And...! I am going to bring divine judgment upon this place!

Do you have any idea what you're doing!?
Uh, yes.

I am perfectly aware.

Huh. Well that was weird. Wonder what that was all abo-
Oh I don't think that's supposed to go on the outside.

Ugh, my legs... Cure me, please...
Are you sure it's just your legs you need cured? It kinda looks like your everything is pretty messed up-
Okay, okay!

Whew, thanks.
Huh, Lively
is a pretty darned good spell. Anyway, I'm glad that creepy weirdo's gone. Hopefully he'll just-

Aw crap.

Aw geez, this is bad. Are you okay Elenora?
I'm fine.
I am just fine.

Let's, uh, go over here.

We did.
Seriously though, it's not really that hard.
Yeah the test kinda sucks.

That boy is laying waste to everything he sees!
Yeah that blows but uh say Ms Emma...
Could, you, uh, talk to Elenora? She's kind of freaking me out.

My work is never done.

that child really does have a pure heart.
Yuh-huh. You know he destroyed your house too.

Take him down.

...y-yeah, totally...


Anyway, I think we've fooled around enough. Let's go find that boy and tell him that his actions were quite uncalled for.

It looks like he's fighting a monster! Ellie, c'mon!

Ellie, I'm going to explain to you why that was a very dumb question. First off, those monsters were easy for us when we were freshmen. I don't think Mr "Blew Up the Town" is going to have a problem. Also, he blew up the town. I'm not feeling super thrilled about helping him. Do I need to go on?
No, I get it. That was a dumb question. I don't know why I-
Wait is he still fighting that thing?
You've gotta be kidding me.
Guess we need to help him?

I don't know, but I don't think he'd help US...
Still, we've got to try!
I mean, not very hard, but I guess we'll try.

By the time we get to the forest, however, he's gone.

And also there's an encounter with these. The fight is so easy that I don't even bother to spend MP.

He must be off to that island in the east! Come on, after him!

C'mon, before this gets any worse! Cut it out already! All this destroying stuff is really annoying.
My name is Winn. I come from Caldor Island. Heheh... I know all about Iyen and you... magicians! And...! I am going to bring divine judgment upon this place!

It occurs to me that Lena is basically this game's Nall.

How do you expect to make any friends?
I am not concerned about making friends.
Well you're never going to succeed in life with that attitude.
Yeah! You know, I may squabble with my friends a lot, but I'm glad I have them! Otherwise this hellhole known as Iyen would be even more intolerable!
Uh, what she means is: friendship is power!
Friendship is power!
...okay I'm going to kill you now.

Let's teach him some manners!

All right, Ellie! Rain some fiery judgment on this fool!

Aw crap.

Ow, you jerk!
I think we might be outmatched.
I can tell!
What should we do?! I'm trying everything but nothing's working!
Damn it! There's got to be a way!
Perhaps you need to stop for a second and think.
We don't have th-

Oh. Um, hello.
I saw you ladies were having some trouble. I hope you don't mind if this old man-
We would absolutely not mind.
Please help us.
Well then! Shall we?

Wha- what is that?
Those are my spells.
What do they do?

Oh. That.

The battle doesn't last much longer.

Whew, thanks for the save, gramps!
But hey, I didn't realize that you were actually a magician!
I just figured you were an exceptionally creepy recruiter.
Hahah! I told you, I'm just a wrinkly old traveler. But it's been a while since I've seen a student THIS excitable.
What's with the attitude?
We've been having a lot of trouble lately! And where were you? Hmmmm?
Huh, that's usually my line.
Well, I generally stick to that island. But when I heard the ruckus, I got curious. So do tell. What's the story?
We don't know how he managed to get to Iyen. If he's a freshman, he should still be in the exam...

No kidding? Hm!
What's on your mind?
Well, I'm pretty sure this student is being controlled. People don't just go around blowing up towns, right?
You mean he's not just trying to be cool?
You- you think he was trying to be "cool?"
Who thinks that blowing up a town is cool?!
Senia blew up stuff all the time and she is the coolest girl I know.
...fine. Fine. Anyway, so he's being controlled?
Oh, right.

I mean, he's so powerful! How COULD he be controlled?
The most powerful magicians usually have one weakness... They are easily controlled.
Does- does that include you sir?
My name is Glen. Heheh... I know all about Iyen and you... magicians! And...! I am going to bring divine judgment upon this place!
Oh shi-
Just kidding.
In any case, it takes many years to hone your mind to resist control. This young man lacks the training and experience.

I guess he's like a child, then? I mean, when I first started here, I had to try really hard. Still do!
Hah! Well, I'm going to take him back to my hut!

Next time, hut time. Also maybe we'll find out what's up with this kid.