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Part 18: The Drama You've Been Craving

Last time, there was the Blue Dragon, a dude named Hyde did something dumb, and Vile Tribe.

And now, Drama!

Barua, no! I really don't have time for this!
You always talk big! Put up or shut up!
Oh my! Aren't you forward!
Put UP! UP! Argh!

Time to die, old man! Be thankful it was I who brought you to the brink!
Oh stop flirting with me.
I will dig your heart out with a spoon!

Professor Glen! Leave Barua to us! Do what you have to!
I'm sorry! I'll leave her to you!

Coming through.
Pardon me.

Not so fast!

Ellie and co. vs Barua and her poo cape: round three!

Again, Barua gets a major advantage because the trigger for the event and subsequent boss fight isn't obvious, and thus I didn't restore my MP beforehand. At least everyone else is doing good, but Ellie, my main bosskiller, is running on fumes.

Also, I haven't mentioned it, but Starlights don't restore much MP.

But it's enough.

Quick! Stomp on her face before-

Right, she can teleport. Crap.

Anywho, let's see what Mr. "I Thought Making a Star was a GREAT Idea" has to say for himself. (The sprite there is Hyde.)

This... is all my... fault...
Are you okay, Professor Hyde? I'll get you fixed up right away!

Oh... Th-thanks. That's much better.
Whatever happened to you?
Vile Tribe.
Yes, I know. Before that!

I... I thought that I might be able to use the Blue Dragon's power.
What? Why!?
When Glen turned me down, I just thought... The dragon is drawn to this tower, so I sealed it in a crystal as it passed by.
But that much magic power...!
Also ...uh...
That doesn't explain "why."
Because the Blue Dragon has the power I need to complete my goals.
To... make a star, yes?
Indeed. What's your point?
Why did you want to make a star again?
...and making a star was the only way to do this because...?

And that about sums it up, doesn't it?

To make matters worse, the Vile Tribe found out, and they're trying to steal the Dragon's power!
That figures! They'll pay for this!
Here, please, take this. It's the least I can do to atone...

This is a full HP/MP heal for the party. This is also the only one of these items in the entire game. I don't really think it makes up for getting the power of the Blue Dragon in the hands of the Vile Tribe, but, uh, the thought's nice.

Wha- what will you do now, sir?
I need to stop chasing stars. Stick to the comets and meteors I'm used to.
That's probably for the-
Wait, don't tell me you're actually making comets and meteors?
Okay, I won't tell you. It was nice meeting you kids, later.

You know, it's not worth it. Let's just go and find Glen.

At this point, it's probably a good idea to take advantage of the lull in action and wait for the party's MP to come back.

Stop it, Memphis! That much power will tear your body to pieces!
Hahahaha! Yours is but the howling of a wounded dog, Glen!
I mean it! You won't be able to contain all that power!
Shut up, you senile old fool! Do you really think I'd believe you, after you killed my father?
I never killed your father.
Oh, that's what you want me to bel-
No, I have no idea what you're talking about. I think you might be thinking of the remake.
The remake of what!? What are you babbling about, old man?
Just.... nonsense I suppose.
Out of my way.

Lena, why are you smiling?!
I- I'm happy to see him?
Being thrown across the room?!
I- I don't know!
Where's that purple light coming from?

Haha! The power of the Blue Dragon... It's mine! All mine! I have no more need of this pile of flesh.

So he chucks the crystal out the window.

Where it turns into the Blue Dragon. I was kind of under the impression that the crystal WAS the power of the Blue Dragon and not the Dragon itself, but okay whatever.

What, you lot are still here?
How could you? How DARE you? Professor Glen...
Oh, you are history, guy!

Fine...! With the power of the Blue Dragon... I will destroy all of you!!!

Please put your clothes back on.
I'm just glad he has that snake.
...he he.
Ha ha!
Guess I walked into that one.

Naked Memphis here is a tough sumabitch.

And he packed a punch. By the way, that was the damage done to Ellie, who is by far the toughest party member here.

Shit, this could be bad.

Oh, whaddya know, you can't handle the power after all.
You- you-
Awesome intelligent girl? I know.
C'mon guys, he's weakened! Lena, get Winn on his feet. Now's the time to-


Ellie you need to kill that with fire NOW!!
I will never di-

You're gonna die.

Melting seems to have lowered Memphis's defense. Now that we're in the winnable part of the battle, Liquid Memphis can't do much to us.

He still has a (much weaker) Fire Bomb, but he rarely uses it. Mostly he just attempts to attack and fail. Admittedly, he could have taken Winn out in the first round if I had been unlucky, since dead party members are revived after battle but only at 1 HP, but he didn't and Lena could easily heal Winn in time.

And we get a healing item for this fight. That's cool.

Memphis' body absorbed too much power, and couldn't take it...

What? Did something happen?
I just saw a blue light and a white light...

Guys! Professor Glen!
Oh no! Professor!!

Professor Glen, we beat Memphis! Although he had to kinda... melt first. But we beat him!
...Oh... You... Beat him...? Also... Memphis, I... CALLED IT! ...oh... that hurt...
Hang on, Professor! I'll heal you! This should do it...
Spare yourself the effort. My life... is coming to a close...
Y-you're joking, right?
T-that's not even funny!
She's right! Professor Glen... There's still so much that you haven't taught me yet...
No no no... No! You're the only the only adult in our lives that's ever been even half-concerned about our safety!
Wow... you really are.

Please... don't... cry.
You can't tell us not to cry! You're like family to us, Glen!
It makes me happy... to hear that. Winn... Learn well what Steele can teach you...
I-I will...
Ellie... Lena... I'm sorry I could not... live to see you graduate... Live on... All three of you...

This can't be... I don't believe it! W... Waaaah! No... No...

The Blue Dragon!

...It's... Alive?
I may have been robbed of my power, but that will return, in time.
But... time won't bring Professor Glen back...
The parting of the ways is always a sad affair. Winn. Please, accept this ring.
For me...?
You look so down. Glen would have preferred to see you smile.
I see... Thanks.
A fine response, indeed. Glen would be proud.
Is he being sarcastic?
Emotional moment Ellie. Not the time.

And now, you must return to Iyen. Steele will be worried.

If you're confused as to why the Dragon gave this boy a ring, well in Lunar 1, the White Dragon Quark gives Alex a ring as a symbol of their meeting and Alex's commitment to becoming a Dragonmaster. (It suddenly occurs to me that I think this is the only Lunar game that never mentions Dragonmasters once.) Anywho, this ring is a call-back to the first game. As to why Dragons give out rings at all, that I'm unsure of.

All right, we're getting derailed. Back to Iyen.

You're all okay! Where have you been!?
Principal... We... Um...
Hm? What's wrong? Did somet-

Yes... Professor Glen... And the Blue Dragon...
Oh, that's right! The Blue Dragon gave me this.
Oh my!
That was an abrupt tone shift. Erm, I mean- I will mourn my teacher on my own time, but I assure you that it wasn't your fault. In fact, I think you'll find a silver lining in all of this.
Silver lining? I saw a man bleed out in front of me.
What do you mean by that?
That ring is only bestowed upon true Guardians of Time. The Blue Dragon chose you, Winn. The ring is proof of its trust in you.
No way! I'm not cut out to be a Guardian of Time!

You've got to take life by the reigns and give it all you've got! That's what I call respectable! What would Professor Glen say if he heard you whining?
It's always the same damn thing with you! I hate it when guys don't have any confidence in themselves!
Lena... S-sorry...
Stop apologizing!
Lena's right, you know. When you were in the tower, did you see a blue light?
I... I did.
What you saw is a manifestation of the flow of time. True Guardians are the only ones able to see that light. The Blue Dragon chose you. It believed in you. What do you say?
... Alright. I'll give it my best.
Well said! And while you're all here...

What?! When? How!? We've only been here for like 6 months!
Actually, you've been here for two years.
I thought it was a year and a half.
...time IS an illusion.
Regardless of how long we've been here...

Do you really think we're ready?
This spring, Iyen will stop near home. You're welcome to live here for free until then.
That's very kind, sir, but that's not an answer.
I mean, how do you normally determine if someone is ready to graduate?
You've defeated a high ranking sorceress of the Vile Tribe twice. There is nothing more we can teach you.
I appreciate the honesty.

Of course, if you wish to continue studying at Vane, that's another story entirely...

I've mentioned Vane in passing, but not explained it. Vane is a floating island that also houses the prestigious Magic Guild. It's one of the few locations that's in both Lunar 1 and 2, and in terms of the series backstory it's pretty important. And of course it's not in Lunar Dragon Song.

Huh? No way! So, uh what's going to happen to me?
And you, Winn, are still quite green around the gills! I have quite a lot to teach you.
I know, but... Wow, my only friends here are going to be leaving. I'm not sure how I-
Haha! Well, for now, I suggest that you all get some rest. You've had quite a busy day. There will be plenty of time to worry about the future later.
Yes... We'll be going now.

I'm going to miss then.[sic]

And with that mood ruining typo we-

Those kids will get theirs! With both the power of the Blue Dragon and the strongest of demons under my control... The end of Iyen is near! Hahahahahah!

Oh no, the less competent of the two main villains is still out there! Whatever will we do?!

Switching gears for a bit, in the remake this is another chapter that's actually somewhat close to the original. However, Hyde actually gets to be in two chapters in the remake, the first one being what looks like a filler chapter that doesn't have an equivalent in the original. Basically you accidentally wreck Hyde's McGuffin, and then get it repaired, and there's also foreshadowing.

As for the chapter with the Blue Dragon, there's a couple more major differences. For one, Senia (and Azu) come back! Bringing the party total up to six people! Oh, and at the end, Memphis doesn't melt from absorbing the Blue Dragon's power, your party beats him up anyway, and Barua herself actually finishes Memphis off. So I guess she's a little more threatening there.

Next time, our ladies are graduating! How long we've come... in this directionless, pointless, non-journey.