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Original Thread: Max, Doc and Kurt: Marry, Diddle or Kill? - Let's Play MDK and MDK2!



---The Game---
MDK2 is the bigger and wackier sequel to the cult classic third-person shooter, this time developed by Bioware. The game expands the first's gameplay to include all three heroes as playable characters, each with their own unique and weird abilities, all framed by fully voice acted cutscenes brimming with silliness.

The story is such:
The game picks up almost exactly where the first left off. "Mission: Deliver Kindness" seemed to be going well, leading ultimately to the defeat of Gunter. But now there's a new big bad: Shwang Shwing, and he's got some bitchin' shades and a sexy, rumbling voice. As Shwang variously captures each hero for the first several chapters, it is up to original unwitting hero Kurt Hectic, cigar-chewing multi-armed robodog Max, and eccentric/improbable inventor Dr. Hawkins to all take the protagonist's seat and bring Shwang, his boss Zizzy Balloobba, and their whole home planet of Swizzle Firma to their knees.

---The LP---
This LP is played and hosted by our longtime friend JigglyJacob, with myself (ThornBrain), Highwang, BigTUnit1 and/or Mugiwara Yoshi as his co-commentators.

(By ChibiWisdom)
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