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MS Saga: A New Dawn

by OatmealRaisin

Part 1: Introduction

Hey everyone, I'm OatmealRaisin and for my very first LP I'm going to be playing a little something I love and I guarantee most of you have never even heard of: a Gundam RPG called MS Saga: A New Dawn. Here's the Wikipedia page.

According to Wiki, MS Saga was designed to pull in new fans to the Gundam franchise. People who may be put off by the whole teenage psychic demigods aspect of the series. Of course, total lack of advertising meant they spectacularly failed at this goal. Really, the only people who bought MS Saga were current Gundam fans who saw Mobile Suits on the cover (me included). There were even plans of a sequel including Turn A Gundam and Gundam Seed, but chances are that'll never happen after the lackluster reception.

Anyway, my goal with this LP is to succeed where Bandai failed. I hope to make this entertaining and informative for current Gundam fans as well as people who clicked this thread because it's raining out and there's nothing else to do. Of course, if you're the type who hates anything and everything involving giant robots there's nothing I can do for you. On the other hand, if you're slightly interested in the Gundam concept but the whole teenage psychic demigods thing puts you off (hell, I hate that stupid plot point too), come on in! Also, since this is my first LP, feel free to post any constructive criticism you may have (i.e.: not "Holy shit you suck."). I'd like to know where I could improve. For reference, I plan on keeping a Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday daily update schedule.

Anyway, without further ado, Let's Play MS Saga: A New Dawn!

Bonus Videos
Zaku Team intercepts a Medea transport in Lost War Chronicles (Dailymotion)

Cast of Characters
Our heroes:
Cheeto: The protagonist of the game. He vowed revenge on a certain black Mobile Suit after it destroyed his orphanage right before his eyes.
Currently piloting: Nu Gundam

Fritz: Cheeto's best friend for reasons I don't quite understand. He was tagging along with Cheeto on his adventure, but ran away scared as soon as things started getting rough. He came back to bail our asses out of a mess and take all the glory. We really didn't need him at all.
Currently piloting: Gundam Heavyarms Kai

Aeon: The mysterious girl we found on the floor of the Moon Ark. She uttered something about destroying the world, but now suffers from amnesia. She seems to be able to sense serious danger shortly before it arrives.
Currently piloting: Wing Zero

Tremmie: She came out of nowhere and attacked us at Fort Arid because she thought we were Dark Alliance troops. We really know nothing about her other than she -really- hates the Alliance.
Currently piloting: Gundam ZZ

Gavenger: We met this guy in G System 02. He tipped us off that the African city of El Dar Samnia was under siege by the Dark Alliance. He joined us when we saved him from being destroyed in a Dark Alliance mining base.  He was killed by Psycho Gundam while covering our escape from the Dark Alliance HQ. 
Currently piloting: N/A

Vargas: Vargas is the leader of a band of sky pirates, and also runs the omnipresent Black Market. At first we thought he was supplying the Dark Alliance with weapons, but those fears were unfounded.
Currently piloting: Zaku III

Li Fang: A warrior woman with martial arts prowess second to none. She joined us for a time after we defeated her in battle. After being given proof that her master was duping her, she vowed to join up with us again as soon as she sorted everything out in the town of Tohai.
Currently piloting: Burning Gundam

Bazuli: Originally a member of the Dark Alliance, he joined us after being betrayed by Vladi Zarth.
Currently piloting: Zaku III

Major Nance Rezner: A Major in the Eisengrad Army. She joined us for a short time when we were fighting to defend Eisengrad from the Dark Alliance. She later becomes an invaluable member of our party.
Currently piloting: Deathscythe

Lapis: We rescued a brainwashed Lapis from the Psycho Gundam's influence. After resting and regaining her memory, she chose to join us to defend the Earth.
Currently piloting: Qubeley

Marie: The person who sent Cheeto to find his first Moblie Suit. She gave us a letter of introduction to the Unicorns to help us find the black suit.
Hal Vizardt: A Captain in the Eisengrad army. He helped our heroes fight off a Gouf before returning to his post back in the city. Later, he bailed Eisengrad out of trouble by using the newfound Gundam to fight off the Dark Alliance Army.  He is actually Vladi Zarth, Tremmie's brother, in disguise. 
Gabriel: Gabriel is one of Vladi Zarth's elite soldiers. He is an integral part of Vladi's conquest but he seems to have other plans...


Gouf by aqu

Frankenmechs by Dirtanium