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Part 3: The Black Mobile Suit

Chapter 2: The Black Mobile Suit

So here we are on the game's world map. The cave with the blue crystal is the G-System we just left.

Here's our full map. As you can see, we're smack dab in the middle of Spain right now. The blob on the lower right is what I assume Antarctica looks like after all those years of global warming.

We head north a bit and reach Marie's house fairly quickly.
: You think Marie will be surprised when she sees our Mobile Suits?
: Hee-hee! Surprised? More like, she'll throw a hissy-fit!
Fritz... what is that supposed to even mean? She sent us to get these in the first place...

: Who's going to throw a hissy fit !?
: Oh no!!! Here comes Miss Fossil!
: How many times to I have to tell you to stop calling me that!? You seriously overestimate my age, young man!
: Makeup can work miracles, they say! Why don't you show us your real face, if you're so young?
: You know what curiosity did to the cat.
: Heh! You're old and you know it. Stop fooling yourself!
: Not half as old as you think! Don't make me repeat myself!

: We shouldn't be wasting time on such matters. There's something I need to tell you. Follow me.

So here we are at Marie's house... workshop... lab... thing. She happens to have a convenient Mobile Suit platform, on which Cheeto parks his suit.

On an unrelated note, if I had a Mobile Suit I could spend all day just riding that elevator cord thing up and down.
: I hid my Mobile Suit over there! This yard isn't big enough for two of them. Come on, we'd better hurry! You know how she gets when we're late!
Because this seems to scare Fritz so much, I run around the yard collecting treasure before I actually enter Marie's lab. I don't find anything spectacular, just a Regeneration Kit (this game's version of a revive) and some other minor things.

She doesn't seem so mad... She actually seems quite nice...
: So you finally have your own Mobile Suit!
: Yeah, thanks to you, Marie!
: It's not me, it's the hard work you two put in!
: Wow, was that a compliment?
: Marie... You had something to tell us?
: Impatient as ever, I see. Very well... Take a look at this screen.

: Do you know what they are?
: Mobile Suits!?
: Exactly. Each light represents a single suit.
: But... but... There's so many of them!
Now, despite all the help Marie's given us, we'll later find out through hundreds of random battles that she's a damn, dirty liar. I think I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume her radar is really crappy.

: But this production speed, it's off the charts. I don't like the looks of this. Not one bit.
Or hell, maybe these G Systems are producing units impossibly fast. I'm not sure how many suits these things would have to pump out per hour, and frankly, I don't even want to think about doing the math.

: There are far too many of them... Finding the one you want will be like looking for a needle in a haystack.
: Well, I'm still not giving up! After what happened to Miss Natalie and all my friends... Someone's got to pay!
: So your mind is set. Very well, take this letter.
You received <Marie's Introduction>!

: It's a letter of introduction to the Unicorns. You're going to need the power of the G System sooner or later. And the Unicorns are the ones that watch over them.
: The Unicorns, huh? So where do we find them?
: Head east to the village of Angelina and show the letter to Constable Ox of the Unicorns. I'm sure he'll agree to help.

Don't mind if I do! Resting here or at an inn restores our pilots' Technique Points, which we use for special skills like curing, buffs, and attack spells.

And away we go!
: Hey, hold on!
Or not...
: Before we go to Angelina... I'd like to see the orphanage just one more time.
: ...? But I thought you said you couldn't bear to see it...
: I know... But now I need to. So I won't forget why we're doing this!
: I see what you mean. Okay! To the orphanage it is! Off we go!
: Thanks...

I would love to show you guys some action, but I honestly didn't run into any random battles at all between Marie's house and the orphanage. Hell, you know what? You've all been so good, I'm gonna throw you guys a freebie.

Aah, I feel better. Don't you? Back to the story.

: It's just like it was when we left it.
: Hard to believe it's been a year already. Being here really brings back memories...

Um, wow, Cheeto. Usually the term "brings back memories" is reserved for good memories.

Oh, here we go. She's Miss Natalie. The nice lady who owned Cheeto's orphanage.
: Now, don't forget. There's nothing you can't do if you set your mind to it.
: Thanks for everything, Miss Natalie! I'll remember that!
: I'm sure you will. Just promise me one thing... Promise you'll stay out of fights!
: Don't worry! I'm fifteen! I'm not a kid anymore!
: I know, but I'm still worried about you. You're a good boy, but you can be so stubborn sometimes...
: I won't get into any fights! I promise!
: I'm holding you to that, Cheeto!

: Miss Natalie... I'm going to work hard. You'll see. I'm going to make you proud!

: Good luck!

Somehow Cheeto manages to step into the sunlight for seemingly the first time ever without bursting into flames or going instantly blind.

And I'm not so sure why he just starts running for some--


The missiles hit the orphanage and the resulting explosion shock wave hurls Cheeto to the ground. When he turns around to see what happened...

A giant black robot appears from the forest and--


"Oh, uh... Thanks for sparing me, giant robot that just leveled the only place I've ever been able to call home."

I can't believe it myself, Cheeto...

Cheeto runs towards the burning orphanage only to be thrown back by another explosion. What the hell was in that building? I wanna say... meth lab.
: No... Miss Natalie...

:We'll make the people who did this pay!
: You bet! I promise!
: We're the only onle left now! It's up to us!
: Right! We can't let them get away with it!
: Come on! Angelina can't be far from here!

"Goodbye, Miss Natalie..."

Next time: Our first mission, our first dungeon, and our first boss battle!

Marie's lab.
The orphanage.