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Original Thread: Getting back at robot bullies - Let's Play Machinarium!



What the heck is Machanarium?
Amanita Design's award-winning third game finds a lovable robot protagonist exploring a gorgeous hand-drawn world in a point-and-click style adventure. Developed by a team of only seven over three years, Machinarium is a beautiful, engrossing journey.

Why subtitles?
Machinarium's soundtrack, composed by Tomas Dvorak, is one of the reasons I fell in love with this game. Each track sets the mood perfectly, and so many tracks are hauntingly beautiful. I feel subtitles will help to keep the immersion and mood intact.

I heard this game was tough...
It certainly has its moments. Some of the puzzles had me stumped for quite some time, but all solutions make sense within the game's logic. Sometimes half the fun is seeing what happens when you try a potential solution that doesn't work. I would suggest that you play the game instead of watching this LP if you are interested in this style of game though. The real satisfaction for me comes with finally solving a difficult puzzle, and I feel the LP format can't fully relate that experience.

The art in the in-game walkthrough is awesome, will you be showing it all off?
No, I really only have the patience to play the associated mini-game once. Luckily, here is a compendium of all the walkthrough screens. I highly advise not looking at this until after the LP or you beat the game - it will spoil every puzzle in great detail.

Where can I buy the game?
A demo and link to purchase the full game directly from the developer can be found here.

The music is great, where can I get the soundtrack?
It comes in high quality mp3 with the game! Also, Tomas Dvorak released the Machinarium Bonus EP - 5 tracks not included on the OST - for free. You can download it here.
Also, if you bought the game from Steam or some other source that didn't include the soundtrack, the good news is you already have it! Thanks Osmosisch for the following information:

Osmosisch posted:

The music files are actually included, they're just not named as mp3s. They're in
<gamedir> \

There's a whole list of files named '00110100.001' and the like. Just open a command prompt there and input these 1 commands:
'ren *.001 *.mp3'
'ren *.000 *.mp3'

(without the quotes)

Now you can play the music.

Please enable 720p HD on Youtube for the best quality. Viddler links are provided for direct download, watching Viddler in the browser is not recommended.

Episode 1 - Out of the Garbage Heap and into the...Furnace?: Youtube Viddler
Episode 2 - From Bad to Worse: Youtube Viddler
Episode 3 - Animal Control: Youtube Viddler
Episode 4 - Meet the Band: Youtube Viddler
Episode 5 - How Robots Got Their Groove Back: Youtube Viddler
Episode 6 - Getting a Bit of Revenge: Youtube Viddler
Episode 7 - Robobotany: Youtube Viddler
Episode 8 - Visiting the Arcade: Youtube Viddler
Episode 9 - Bomb Squad: Youtube Viddler
Episode 10 - The End: Youtube Viddler

Daydream Animations
Bonus Episode 1: Youtube Viddler
Bonus Episode 2: Youtube Viddler
Bonus Episode 3: Youtube Viddler
Other Miscellany
Bonus Episode 4: Youtube Viddler

Let's Play Samorost 2!
Samorost 2 is Amanita Design's second game. It is much shorter than Machinarium and generally not as difficult. The first half of the game can be played for free here and the full game with soundtrack also by Tomas Dvorak can be purchased for $5 at the same site. 'Samorost' in Czech means a root or piece of wood which resembles a creature; but it is also a term for a person who doesn't care about the rest of the world.
Youtube: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Let's Play Samorost!
All the way back the the beginning we go, playing Amanita Design's very first game. Samorost was created by Jakub Dvorský while he was a student at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, and shares many elements with Samorost 2 and Machinarium. Notably lacking is a score by Tomas Dvorak (the one in the credits is a different Tomas Dvorak who does sound design for all three games), but that's ok because it's still awesome, and free to play here.
Youtube Viddler
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