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by CommissarMega

Part 7: Lucky Daze

Chapter 5: Lucky Daze hell with it (and most probably me, as well). There's no way I'm letting Ellen take the rap for this. With a gulp, I stand up.

"It's- it's mine, sir," I say. The rest of the class is looking at me. I hear gasps of shock, and maybe a sob here and there. In the front row, someone salutes, tears in his eyes.

"Ah, so you're the letter writer?" Grabby says, looking at me with an unkind smile. "Perhaps you got your friend to write it for you, hmm?"

"What?" I gasp. "No sir, it's not for y-"

"Ten demerits and Saturday detention," he continues mercilessly.

"But I didn't-"

"SILENCE!" he yells, and I swear that was exactly what happened- even the birds outside stopped singing.

I open my mouth to respond, but what was the point? He wouldn't listen no matter what I said, and so I slink out of the class in shame, trying hard not to cry. But as I walk out of the classroom, shame turns to anger, and restraint to control. I might not be able to get back at Grabiner, but there was someone I could get back at.

I stomp off to Eagle Hall; if I had my timetables down right, their classes were after ours, which meant that I had more than enough time to kick Damien's ass so hard they would only be able to identify his body from the dental records.

And by that, I mean the footprints on his teeth.

Eventually, I find him standing in the halls, somewhat lost in thought. Even distracted as he was, he still has the time and the balls (though not for much longer) to greet me with "Ah, and how's my favourite freshman doing todACK?!"

"You!" I scream at him as I pull him closer by the collar. "You gave my letter to Grabiner, you ass! Well guess what- now I have ten more demerits and detention! I thought you were supposed to protect me! I can't believe I trusted you!"

"Wait, Mary! I didn't mean it!"

"Oh really?" I sneer. "I guess this was what your whole 'study Blue Magic this week' routine was leading up to, huh?"

"No! Well, kind of," he gibbers. "Let me explain- it's a common prank each Initiation week to have a freshman write Grabiner a love letter- but your letter wasn't supposed to be it, I swear!"

"Riiight," I snarl. "You do realize that you're only digging yourself deeper, don't you? Because there's no way your asking me to write a love letter and this 'tradition' is a coincidence!"

"Please, Mary! Let me explain!"

"I was showing off! I mean, the very idea of a pretty girl writing a love letter to me? They thought it was funny- that 'knives' bit? It really got them cracking up! But when I was at class yesterday, someone broke into my room and stole it! That's the truth, I swear!"

I glared at him for a few more moments. "Let's assume you're right-" I hiss.

"Yes, let's assume that. Assuming that is a good thing," Damien says, nodding frantically.

"-it still doesn't change the fact that I have detention, does it?" I add, looking at him meaningfully.

To my surprise, he seems to regain his dignity at that.

"Pffft," I snort. "What makes you think he'll listen to you? I couldn't get a word in edgewise."

"But of course not!" He grins, slipping back into Default Damien Mode. "Nobody listens to a freshman!"

"Wow, thanks for the vote of confidence," I sigh.

"You're welcome!" he laughs cheerfully. "Come on then, let's go make Grabby see reason. I'm sure I can make him understand the truth. Don't worry, Mary, everything will be fine!"

"Now," he added, "do I get a hug?"

Ever see a dinosaur documentary, where they show just how the Earth changes over millions and millions of years, all that stuff with the continents moving though time lapse? I think my face did pretty much the same thing.

For his part, Damien only shrugs. "Well, it was worth a try. Who dares wins and all that. Now come on, let's go," he says, gently pulling himself out of my grip. We walked over to Grabiner's office, and he doesn't seem very surprised to see us.

"Ah, so the true mastermind reveals himself," Grabiner smirks, and I realized just how I had- we had been played. "Quite a cruel trick to play on your freshman, wasn't it?"

"Actually sir, if I may explain..." Damien begins, before telling Grabiner his side of the story. I was a little put off, actually- why does he get a chance to tell his story while I didn't?

"I see," Grabiner scowls once Damien was done. "You do understand this means Saturday detention and ten demerits as well, don't you?"

Damien nodded, and shrugs. "I didn't have plans this weekend anyway," he said.

Grabiner nods, and sends Damien out. "I didn't give permission for you to leave, Miss Sue," he says, as I turn to follow Damien, who shares a distressed look with me- it seems he doesn't know what was going to happen either.

With a heavy heart, I turn back to Grabiner as Damien quietly shuts the door behind me. "Y-yes, sir?" I ask after a few moments' silence.

Wow. This I did not expect to hear.

"Most of the time, freshmen are indeed asked to write me a love letter, a prospect which fills them with horror. Oftimes the freshman in question would report such behaviour to me, though less out of due diligence and dedication to school rules, as it is fearing me more than their senior, which is as affairs should be. Today was the first incident where a student actually went through with it- or so I thought."

"In any case, since it was not your intention to disrupt my class or my concentration, I will cancel your detention and give you ten merit points," he says.

"Wait- you were going to give me detention anyway?" I ask.

"But of course," he says, surprised, as if having to point out the sky being blue. "If you hadn't confronted Damien, then that makes you one of three things- a sentient doormat, or hopelessly infatuated with someone you could not have known for more than a week, wild seed that you are. Worse still, you could have been nothing more than a snivelling coward. All of which I cannot abide, and are as worthy of punishment as a bad student."

He fixes me with a grin as he continues. "Which brings me to your next reward- an additional ten points for admitting the truth, and having the courage to see said truth revealed, despite the far more personal danger of potentially angering the senior with power over you."

"And here I thought you were actually being nice," I blurt out, and I wince, preparing myself for the immediate retraction. To my surprise (again), Grabby just grins wider.

"I'd say I was sorry to disappoint you, but were that true, I'd spend the whole year depressed, and nobody wants that. Goodbye, Miss Sue."

One day, Grabiner. One day.

This scene is very different from how the game presents it. There, Professor Grabiner admits he knows of the traditional prank- so why does he punish Mary anyway? The only explanation I have is simple spite, which clashes with Grabiner's characterization for the rest of the game- he's unpleasant, to be sure, but not that malicious, and even if he was, it clashes with this very scene. Oh well.

But not the next day, because...

Okay, so it was 4 in the morning, but 4 in the morning of a very bad day. At least, that was what I was thinking.

"Hm? Whaa...?" Virginia groans as she wakes up. "Wha's happening?"

"It's Friday the 13th!" I hiss.

"Yuh, so?" Virginia replies.

"Well, uh..." I really should have thought this through, shouldn't I? "Aren't there any special rituals we have to do or something? To protect us from magical bad luck? I mean, I don't usually believe in that, but I didn't believe in magic either, so..."

"Wha? Oh no, no!" Virginia says, smiling. "Friday the 13th's good luck for witches and wizards, which is why it was bad luck for mortals way back when. Real good omen that initiation finishes today. Now let me sleep," she finishes perfunctorily as she slumps back into bed and pulls the covers over her.

With a sigh of relief, I do the same. Unfortunately, part of a healthy sleep cycle involves uninterrupted sleep, which is why Ellen's the only one of us three fresh and bright-eyed by the time we assemble in the gym.

"Ugh, so tired... any way we can magic ourselves awake?" I groan.

"Not if you know Green Magic, or can teleport us some coffee," Virginia mumbles. "This is all your fault, you know."

"Huh?" I reply. "Whussat?"

"Dunno, forgot," Virginia mumbles. The sound of heavy footsteps marching in rhythm (mind you, that rhythm was dubstep) wake us up quickly, though.

Well, can't say no to that, can we? In a few minutes, we're all lying down on the floor, and I'm just about to drift back into sleep when William takes the stage.

"Good morning, everyone! It's time for the final phase of your initiation!" he announces. "Corrina will be passing out blindfolds, so be sure to put them on!"

Blindfolds? What are they planning to do with them?

I wasn't the only one with those thoughts; the other freshmen were looking around with equally anxious looks. For a few moments, I was a little tense- silly, I know, but a lack of sleep combines with lingering anxieties of Friday the 13th, increasing my hesitation. Virginia's got her blindfold on, though; she probably thinks her brother won't let anything happen to her, and I suppose she's right- but what about the rest of us?

Then I suddenly catch eyes with Damien as he walks over me. He mouths 'Don't worry' as shakes his head, then gives me a wink.

With a sigh, I put on the blindfold.

Okay, now it's dark and I have no idea of what's going on. I hear people moving about and whispering, and one or two giggles. After a few seconds, a command sounds out for us to stand up carefully. A few bumps, whispered swear words and a lot of unsteadiness later, I feel someone push me from behind and spin me around.

"Round and round and round they go, where they stop, nobody knows!"

Then Damien's voice rings out from the darkness. "STOP!"

I hear the rustling of clothes, and I sense someone standing right beside me. "For your own safety," he says, "do exactly as I tell you."

"Gee, 'cos that plan's worked out so well before," I respond. I hear the snort of laughter barely held back. "Fine- Everyone deserves a second chance," I add.

"And I will take full advantage of your mercy," Damien replies.

"Step up," I hear a girl, whose voice I don't recognize, command. I do as she says, and find myself being led into a van. Despite the comforting sound of Ellen and Virginia's voices near me, I can't help but feel some apprehension. Didn't most kidnapping start out this way? Didn't witches and such need human sacrifices for really strong spells? Could we really trust William?

Those thoughts are my only company as we drive to our destination. Virginia and Ellen try to start up a conversation once or twice, but we're quickly shushed down by the seniors inside with us. After what seemed like years, the van came to a stop, and we were ushered out. I felt hands undoing my blindfold, and for a minute, I found myself blinded by light.

"Surprise!" Damien exclaimed. "Now that Initiation is over, it's time for the party! Aren't you glad you didn't skip it?"

"Depends on the food," I reply, my stomach growling. All around us are groups of students mingling freely, freshmen and seniors. More to the point, I see long tables groan under the weight of watermelons, punch bowls, and just about every kind of food one can name. There was even a halal section.

"Right," Damien said, surveying the place as if for the first time. "The snack food's over there, water events right behind me, and the barbecue is that waaaAAIT!" he says to my accelerating back, and it is a surprised (and not a little tired) Damien who catches up with me stuffing half a chicken and a burger down my gullet.

"I wasn't finished yet!" he says reproachfully, and I nearly choke when I see him pout. "We're supposed to give you freshmen presents as well!"

"Ymf gofh mh umh perhmf?"

"Indeed I did," he says, bowing grandly. "We're actually supposed to make them, but I am no blacksmith, so here," he says, handing me a small, long and slim box. I take it, and polishing off my burger, I open it-

"A pocket knife?" I ask. It's very well made, gleaming like silver, and is ornately inscribed with floral patterns on each side of the blade.

He nods. "That's right- though just between you and me, it has my teeth beat," he says.

"Hey," I shrug. "You asked for a love letter and you got it. Not my problem I don't share your definition of 'juicy'," I say, grinning at first, then my smile slowly fades as I notice him looking at the knife wistfully.

"...oh, wow," I say, stunned. "That's- I'll take good care of it, Damien, don't worry. Thank you."

He smiles then, but not like he usually does. This smile wasn't mischievous, or mocking. It was the smile he gave when he was putting on the roguish charm. This wasn't the kind of feline smile I was familiar with, when it was painfully and intentionally obvious he had 'plans' for you.

For one strange moment, Damien was genuinely happy.

And in the next moment, that smile was gone, replaced by Roguish Grin #15. "Well then, what are we waiting for? There's a party to be had! Let's go!"

As we mingle, however, I remember what Virginia had told me about Damien, and I recall just how close Ellen was to detention, thanks to Damien's letter. I hadn't really considered just how connected Damien was to my roommates thanks to me, so I decided that he needed to meet them, if only out of courtesy.

"You didn't tell Ellen about the letter, did you?" Damien asks quietly, as we headed over to where Ellen was.

"I didn't," I admitted. "You don't say anything, and I won't- agreed? That way, we can keep this a perfectly normal introduction," I whisper back.

"Too late," he mutters, as we see William go up to Ellen and start a conversation.

"Hey, Mary!" Ellen yells as she sees us approaching. "Look at what William gave me!"

"What did you get?" she asks.

I don't reply- instead, I just hold up the pocket knife, and Ellen starts giggling.

"Ellen, Damien Ramsey. Damien, Ellen Middleton," I say, nodding to each of them in turn.

"Charmed, milady," Damien says, taking Ellen's hand and kissing the air above it. In response, Ellen blushes, and William rolls his eyes.

"I... assume you guys know each other?" I ask William- I notice that neither he nor Damien seem to be keen on eye contact. William's curt assent seems to lower the temperature slightly. "I bet you're glad Initiation's over, huh?" I ask again, hoping to change the subject. By the look in his eyes, William's just as relived at the change in subject as I am.

"I suppose it has its advantages though, if you're the sort of person who likes bossing kids around," he says.

"We're not little kids!" Ellen complains, her cheeks puffing out.

"Didn't mean it that way," William replies.

"After all," Damien adds, "if you were, we couldn't have as much fun, could we?"

"Mhm, yes," William says, giving Damien a strained look. "That said, Initiation's over, so you don't need to harass Ellen."

Oh no, William, you just had to give him that opening, didn't you? I look at Damien, and I see him looking back at me, that devilish grin on his face. He doesn't say anything at first, and I wonder what's up- then it hits me. With a sigh, I close my eyes, look down, and sweep my hand outward, as if to say 'go ahead'.

"Come now, William," he says, looking at a slightly bewildered William and Ellen, "who said I was talking about your freshman?"

"And theeere we go," I sigh again.

"Sorry, William," Damien grinned, "but you left yourself and poor Mary here wide open with that."

"Damien," I begin, "I do not want to hear about me being wide open from you of all people."

"Not yet, anyway," he grins back.

"I swear," I retort, "if you make a joke anywhere near the phrase 'in private' I will-"

"O-kay!" Ellen says, far too cheerfully. "William, let's get something else to eat! William? William?" she asks. "Oh dear, I think you two broke him," she says, looking at the senior staring at me and Damien with an open jaw. "Come on, William, let's go," she says, leading the shellshocked senior away.

"...does that happen often?" I ask Damien.

"Only around my dashing good looks," he responds easily, and I groan.

"This is a bad idea, I just know it," I say, leading him off to where I see Virginia. She's talking to a hooded senior, a Wolf- no, a Toad by the colour of his cloak. Wonder why he's rocking the Ezio look, though.

"I do believe your friend there is in need of rescue," Damien whispers, and I nod- if eyes were windows to the soul, then her eyes were the windows of a house that spawns urban legends, the kinds involving machetes. With some determination, we walk over to the two, and Damien yells out a hearty "Halloo, Balthasar!"

Virginia's eyes light up again, and she looks to us, her rescuers with a genuine smile of gratitude- a smile that disappears when she catches sight of Damien. Yep, baaad idea. Oh well, if you hit rock bottom, digging ain't such a bad idea- you might strike oil.


"Uh, Virginia, this is Damien Ramsey," I begin, "and Damien, this is Virginia Danson."

"WIlliam's sister," Virginia is quick to add, a scowl on her face.

"I see," Damien says. He's still smiling, but if William's reaction was strained, Damien's is being run through a municipal purification plant. He gives my hand a slight squeeze, though whether to reassure himself or myself, I'm not sure, then turns to Balthasar. "Good week?"

Balthasar shrugs. "S'allright," he agrees.

"You know how much I love dessert!" Virginia says. Without waiting for a response, she pulls me away from the two. Once we're well away, out of their sight, she turns to me, scowling. "Mary, you better have a damn good explanation for- for- for that!"

"For what?" I ask. "Coming to the post-Initiation party with my senior? What's wrong with that?"

"First of all, coming to the party with Damien," she said, counting off on one hand. "So what if he's your senior? This isn't Initiation anymore!"

"I didn't see you trying to get away from Balthasar," I point out.

"I only started listening to him out of politeness!" Virginia said. "Believe me, first chance I had, I'd have bailed."

"Well, so was I!" I insist.

"Mary, you were holding his hand!"

I open my mouth to retort, then I remember the squeeze he gave my hand before we parted. When did we start holding hands? "Uh, it kind of... happened?" I said lamely.

Wow, is that how my face looked when it did the Continental Shelf Shuffle? " 'Kind of happened'?! See? He's dangerous! He's getting into your mind!"

"No he's not," I scoff. "He's devilish, but he's not the Devil," I say.

"That's not what William tells me," Virginia retorts.

"Exactly!" I reply. "All you've heard of Damien is what William says. Maybe they had a fight or something in the past, that's between them. But what you're saying William said, and what I've experienced- well, they're two different things. Come on, Virginia, give him a chance. Maybe William has a point," I say, seeing Virginia's face cloud over, "but I can't be sure of something unless I experience it for myself. I'm sorry, Virginia, that's the kind of person I am."

She fixes me with a hard look for a few more moments, then sighs. "I... I guess you're right," she says. "But William's a smart guy, and he's never done me wrong before. He's also a good judge of character-"

"But he's not perfect, is he?" I ask gently.

"Well, no," Virginia admits. "Thing is, he's rarely wrong. I'm just trying to look out for you, Mary."

"Thanks," I say as I hug a very surprised Virginia. "But I'm a big girl, I can take care of myself. And besides, we're friends, right? If he starts anything, we'll kick his butt- together."

"Deal?" Virginia grins.

"Deal," I say, and with that, we both go back to where Damien is slowly petrifying.

There was supposed to be a decision point in the Virginia conversation, where we made a choice to either stay with Damien or go off with Virginia, but muggins here saved over the game and I'm too to go back to the start and play to this part. On the upside, I'm currently exploring the wonderful world one unlocks when one uses more than two save files! In any case, the conversation here is similar to what Virginia would have actually said, albeit with a different outcome.

Though we're stuck with Balthasar for a while, we manage to gently steer him to another group of students, and the three of us left part ways- Virginia to Ellen and William, me and Damien to the beach. Virginia looks slightly worried as I head off with Damien, but she doesn't say anything.

"So... what now?" I ask. "You want to join in some of the games or something? Maybe get a bite to eat?"

"Don't you think you've had enough to eat?" Damien grins.

"That was breakfast, I still have room for lunch," I boast.

"I mean, for the freshmen," Damien adds hastily. Oh my, is he blushing? "Look, you can go eat if you want to- me, I'm going for a swim."

"A swim? They let you swim?" I ask.

"Well, what about our robes?" I ask. "Wouldn't they get soggy or something?"

"Oh yes," Damien laughs. "Don't say you're not interested in seeing me in wet robes!"

"Oh no, any interest here's 100% on your part," I grin back, taking off my cape. "Race ya!"

"What? No fair!" Damien laughs as I rush ahead to the water. "I thought you said you wanted to eat more!"

"And give you a 30-minute head start?" I laugh back. "Oh no you don't, Damien! You wanna catch up with me, you're gonna have to work for it!"

"Ha! Now THAT'S a life goal!" he yells to me, as he chases me into the water.

All in all, it was a very good start to my first semester. Maybe Virginia was right- maybe Friday the 13th wasn't so bad after all.

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