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Part 13: Do's and Ommadon'ts

Sorry to take so long for what is essentially an update 5 minutes of game time in the making; again, I'd forgotten how soon the next decision came.

Chapter 10.5: Do's and Ommadon'ts

"Oh my," Potsdam gasped. "That's rather aggressive, wouldn't you think?"

"You bet it is!" I thundered. "It is a name all will remember! More importantly, it's a name all the fools who stands in my way will remember! MUAHAHAHAHA!"

Potsdam looks at me. I look at Potsdam, and sigh. "Too over the top?" I ask.

"You might want to turn it down a bit, yes," she nods.

"What can I say?" I shrug. "It's therapeutic."

"Yes it is, isn't it?" Potsdam nods again. "And how will you be promoting yourself?"

"I'm thinking posters would make me the most visible person on campus. Not to mention they'd actually fit my budget," I say, ruefully opening my purse. As if on cue, a moth flew out.

"Oh my, I was wondering where Henry went," Potsdam said, catching the moth and putting it in her own purse. I decided I didn't really want to know. "Don't worry, dearie," Potsdam laughed. "I"ll have the supplies delivered to you tomorrow morning."

And so it was that I and my roomies woke up to see a stack of posters in front of our door as we were heading off to class. We divvied up the posters between us, and I gave what I thought was a rousing speech, the main point of which was "When I rule the world, I am so making you my trusted ministers." I could have done without Virginia's sniggering, though.

At least she was getting into the mood. We spent the next hour before class putting up posters and telling everyone about my many, many virtues, most of which revolved around being me. Everyone seemed receptive, except for the small majority of Minnie Cochran's supporters, who seemed to outnumber mine by a mere 3:1.

That said, I felt the morning was spent in a worthy manner, and the fact that we got a free study period due to Grabby laughing hysterically at seeing my campaign efforts should have won me quite a few votes as well. It made me feel better, at least.

Wednesday however, saw things go into full swing.

I tried to capture the sparkly effects the best I could, sorry VV. Rest assured, it was very sparkly!

"Angela for President!"
"Kirgen for Secretary!"
"Vote for Jacob!"

There was no way I could make myself heard or seen in this chaos- except by...

And so there we have it! Mary's aiming to turn up dust and burn rubber on the campaign trail, and as her real slaves pseudo-constituents it's your duty to help her! Should the picture not show up, here are our choices:

-Smile and look pretty~!
-Your jump is the jump that will pierce the ballots!
-Interpretive dance*

The fifth option does not exist, and votes for it will not count Voting ends 0000 GMT July 18th!