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Part 33: Chapter 25B: The Big Dance

Chapter 25B: The Big Dance

Note: As you can expect, this bit will have a lot of similarities with the previous ending, though I'll alter what I need to here and there. Sorry if this makes for extra reading.

I mean, the guy did try to eat my soul, after all. That's not the sort of thing I can easily forgive, to say the least. Besides, who knows- this could be a trap of some sort. There is a faint trace of magic on the ring, after all, and I'm sure that Damien could understand if I wasn't willing to place that much trust in his gifts after all that's happened.

And if he isn't? Too bad for him.

Instead I decide to sit around in my room for a bit and relax, which backfires on me after I awake from a short nap to find Virginia staring deeply into my eyes, mere inches from my face. To my credit, my only reaction is to raise an eyebrow. “You know, Virginia, if I weren't the serene, composed paragon of... of...”

“Serene composure?” I hear Ellen suggest from somewhere.

“Serene composure, thank you Ellen,” I reply, still looking into Virginia's eyes. “I might have woken up screaming and broke your nose.”

“But you woooon't,” Virginia grins. “Because we brought you the dress.”

“The dress?” I ask.

“The dress,” Virginia nods slowly.

“The dress,” Ellen whispers from beside me. Oh no, they got you too, Ellen?

“Put it on,” Virginia nods slowly... again.

“Yes, put it on,” Ellen whispers from beside me... again.

“Yes!” Virginia says, throwing her arms up in the air. “She wears it! She wears the dress!”

“She wears... the dress!” Ellen says, creeping up behind me like an adorable Igor.

“It matches her eyes, yesss,” Virginia says.

“And her hair, yesss,” Ellen adds.

“I look like lacquered cotton candy,” I grumble. “And the pink hair and eyes are genetic, thank you!”

The Queen of May stands on stage- I think her name's Corrinna, a senior from Snake Hall- in a long, white dress, with a wreath of flowers and silver stars. All of us, whether singly or in couples (or even threes and fours), proceed across the floor and bow before her as she welcomes us to her court, before standing to the side and waiting for everyone else to do so. It's a nice way for everyone to be seen in their finery, and I idly wonder whether all of this stuff's store-bought like mine, or whether some are enchanted.

The very last girl to walk up the aisle is a junior I don't recognize, whose hair is both blond and pink at the same time (seriously, it's playing havoc with my eyes, the way it seems to shift). Instead of simply curtseying, she kneels in front of Corrinna, who places the crown on her head. That is when everyone applauds, and the music strikes up!

Seriously, there aren't a lot of people more deserving of a little happiness than Ellen. Heck, even more than me- all my mistakes were self-inflicted. I wonder if they're seriously into each other, or if they're just there for each others' company. It's a lovely dance- everything is sparkling, even the refreshments, there is love and magic in the air (and sometimes, I'm hard pressed to tell which is which)... it's all so wonderful.

And then I see something- well, someone- else fully deserving of wonder.

Well, misery loves company, and all that. I walk up to Big Steve and extend a hand. “May I have this dance?”


And with that, he spins away, holding up the little bunny and shaking his hips in a weird rhythm that has nothing at all to do with the music.

Oh Big Steve

I cover my mouth and try not to laugh too loudly. Don't you ever change, Big Steve. And then it occurs to me- why should he and Mr. Hoppity have all the fun?

I move my way through the crowd to where Big Steve's dancing has cleared an area. “I thought I said I didn't want to dance with you,” he pouted when I moved into the space.

“So?” I asked. “Just because I can't dance with you, doesn't mean I can't dance with you.”

He looks at me, then at Mr. Hoppity, then at me. “Okay.”

And we dance the night away.

I don't know how the Career and 'Voted most likely to' are changed, but hell, I like them anyway. Also, that note from Potsdam is a lot less heart-warming than one would expect, considering all we know about her

In any case, welcome to the official end of the Magical Diary Let's Play! However, if you crave more *~fanfictions~*, don't worry! I'll upload Damien's last mini ending (and the best one in my book) soon, as well as show off highlights from the other paths and how to get them. I'm also not done yet with Loren (more's the pity), so stay tuned!

But for now, Mary's story is well and truly done, barring a direct sequel, which I don't think Hanako's planning to make (the 'official' sequel is Wolf Hall, which just tells this tale as a male character)- and honestly, why would she?

After all, I'm sure you all have your own fanfics planned, right?