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Part 5

Part 5: Ambush in Moscow

Strange to have sympathy for the man who just tried to kill you...

Anyhow, it's on to Moscow.

This is the very androgynous Kati. For a very long time, I thought Kati was a slightly effeminate man, but I was wrong--she's a woman. Part of the confusion comes from the fact that she is voiced by a male voice actor and uses "male" Japanese speech. Kati is one of the most powerful characters in the game you can control, but you can only control her if you take the "evil" path as compensation for the fact that you lose the ability to control ALL the Hakke except for Andrei. So through this LP Kati is probably going to be the only character you won't see.

Cut to the Kanazawa laboratory:

We'll see more of this creepy bishop later on in the game.

J.J. and his razor wit again.

We'll hear about Dr. Guiness later too.

Depending on how you play the game, this can actually happen to Kei.

Kou is not very smart.

Ah, that explains a lot...spoiled rich kid.

Back to Moscow...

Atlus loves stories about gods scheming to destroy humanity.

Jumping to inside Kei/Maken's mind....

And back to Moscow again...

You try to leave, but...

Yeah, Kati's kind of a bitch.

Anyhow, we're stuck in Moscow and can't return to any stage until we fight our way out.

Part 5: Moscow ambush

After this, there's some branching. There are five Hakken in Europe we have to kill, and we can take all but two in pretty much any order. So it's up to you to decide where we should go next. After Moscow, we can go to either London or Istanbul.

There are basically two paths to the first Hakke.
1) London, Amsterdam, Wein
2) Istanbul, Athens, Transylvania

But we can jump around between those cities so long as we unlock them. Let me know which you think we should take and I'll record the next installment accordingly.