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Manhunter: New York & San Fransisco

by GuavaMoment

Part 29

Aw, covered in Orb goo, and nothing to wipe it off with!

"Hell" looks like some kind of control room.

The Orbs are making an huge underground tunnel network. The data readouts here show that they're using slaves to drill to that huge magma pocket they've code-named "life". The amount of thermal energy they could draw from it is huge! There are many small rooms down here, and three large ones. I'm in the one in the top right, named "Hell". In the top left is "Slavery" and below that is "Freedom". All the little green things are magma gates. The computer is showing me a warning about opening too many of them.

Yeah, I don't want to die that way. I'll close all the gates in a minute.

There's a lot of slaves working down here. I can order them around from here. I suppose I should move them all into the "Slavery" room?


To control the slaves are a bunch of security robots scattered around. I can also order them to move where I want.


Oh I just got an evil idea.

Let's order all the robots down here.

Close the gate above them.

Open the gate beside them...

Now THAT was pretty awesome! But that's only the beginning of my evil idea.

All gates closed now, so I should open the one above the room where all the robots just melted.

HA HA! Lava flowing through the streets of San Francisco! What a brilliant idea! But I want MORE landmark destruction! Something important, and not just a cable car barn.

To do that, I'll open this gate.

Transamerica Building and Coit Tower, destroyed. Now for the Golden Gate Bridge...

Uh, this one's going to take a minute.

I have no fucking idea. I didn't see anything resembling a mutant "off" switch, and that's not even mentioning the absurdity of this instantaneous transformation.

Well, I don't think I can destroy the Golden Gate Bridge. I don't even think I can get out of here.

One of the notes I picked up said "Take us to Hell and we will show you Freedom". What will the slaves do if I move them here, to Hell?

Whoo-hoo! More friends! That means you guys are going to die within minutes!

Freedom! Too bad there's only room for one. Have fun being trapped down here guys!

Ah yes, time for some more random button pushing. Never fails.

There have been a lot of Orb symbols seen throughout the game, but the one that we need was this combination written on the severed arm we found in the mutant club.

Oh god. The orb ship piloting in the first game was annoying because you would bounce off the walls at strange angles, and momentum was not conserved. Here, you touch the walls and DIE. Go to hell, Manhunter games.

It truly was freedom! I've done it! I've destroyed the monuments of two cities, thus somehow saving them from Orb rule! I love it when everything is settled, and all hanging bits of plot are tied up in a nice little ball.

Nope, no loose threads at all!

WHOA! Hey, stop! It's you!

I'm not done with you yet!

Get back here!

Um, please get back here? Or just land anywhere? Damn, I didn't think this through.

What the fuck Transamerica, I destroyed you.

Oh crap. This is really high. And it's getting cold.

And my fingers are turning blue. This is not good.

Really! One more update remains.