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Part 22: An in-depth study of Wifey.

Croccers posted:

I want a video of you stoning some poor sod to death
Noted in Bonus.txt

Ras posted:

Hey, man! Good to see you're still around.
With all the people longing for BSM 2.0, I feared that you vanished from the net.

I completely understand your issues, you have to like RPG gameplay to not be bored by the management things. I know that I've spend an hour with post battle clean up and trade/inventory stuff. That could have been streamlined a bit more.

I also have that lag, but only in the big battles and therefore attributed it to the game needing a ton of RAM.

And yeah, that question definitely is a spoiler so stay away, other people.
After killing the soldiers and destroying all the vehicles a cutscene should play. If that does not happen, something is wrong with your game. There are actually two endings and a fun thing you can do in the last battle. But I rather show them than spoil em here, as I'm sure some nosy folks can't resist reading this.

An in-depth study of Wifey.

I expected someone to ask what would happen to Wifey, if the angry neighbors reach your apartment. But by being chauvinistic pigs you've robbed me of a sweet segue into this bonus.

Well, it's actually not that easy to make this happen, as the enemies will focus on Akhmet and follow him around. So if you leave the house, they won't just enter to rough her up. You pretty much have to stand in his living room to get them in range. But other players have told me that Wifey does indeed go melee on them, more or less successfully. With that said, what would happen to Wifey in a fight that she couldn't win? Sadly I couldn't set it up right but still managed to conduct an experiment in a controlled environment.

Plot immunity is a sweet thing, eh? Each of the shotgun blasts was fatal, according to the battle log. She can't be killed and will quickly recover. In a real fight this isn't as awesome as you'd think as enemies will just knock her down again when she recovers. When I spoke with another player about this, he told me that she managed to kill two neighbors before going down. And then the stun lock cycle just kept her on the ground. Sounds about right, to me.

What's interesting about this is that later squad mates are also immortal, but don't have her super regen powers. When your followers get "killed" they fall down with 1Hp that can't be taken away. This is somewhat necessary as the plot wouldn't work without them alive. And you can't exploit this as they still lose all their stamina and take ages to recover enough to be conscious again. Given how lethal weapons are in this game, it's actually comforting to know that you can let your followers bite the dust if you have to.

It's a totally valid tactic, okay?

All of this makes Akhmet very jealous, as he can die easily.

This is a shot from the gangster fight at Culture Hall. See that slug coming towards Akhmet? Yeah, one hit kill. Probably straight through the heart.

I'll do my best to have an update on Sunday, as I'll be pretty busy over the next days.