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Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

by My Name Is Kaz

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Original Thread: Mario or Luigi Superstar Saga



Let's play Mario&Luigi Superstar Saga!

The Game
A GBA title in the spirit of the Mario RPG and Paper Mario games. You control Mario and Luigi on a mission to get their passports stamped and avoid customs declarations as they jump, smash, and magic up some adventure in the Beanbean Kingdom.

I thought it was And?
medibot and I will be playing through on a GameCube with the Game Boy Player attachment and two controllers. This lets each of us control the action. I will be controlling Mario actions and medibot will be controlling Luigi actions, making this otherwise single-player game into a co-op experience.

medibot and I have a history of helping, you see.


1) Never Trust a Wizard(ess)viddlerblipyoutube
2) Acute Currency Manipulationviddlerblipyoutube
3) Hoo Watches the Watchmenviddlerblipyoutube
4) Hammeric Epicviddlerblipyoutube
5) Attempted Regicideviddlerblipyoutube
6) Barrels of Laughsviddlerblipyoutube
7) Enter Shub-Niggurathviddlerblipyoutube
8) My Ninja Skills On Libertyviddlerblipyoutube
9) Hooniversal Truthsviddlerblipyoutube
10) The Beanstart of Something Bigviddlerblipyoutube
11) The Red Hand of Courage; The Green Thumb of Thunderviddlerblipyoutube
12) Ten Chaos Emeraldsviddlerblipyoutube
13) Escortching Sandsviddlerblipyoutube
14) Mario Mario Mario Mario Marioviddlerblipyoutube
15) HMS Skeletorviddlerblipyoutube
16) Lagoona Matataviddlerblipyoutube
17) Country Goodness and Green Peanessviddlerblipyoutube
18) Egged Onviddlerblipyoutube
19) Splars Longa, Vita Brevisviddlerblipyoutube
20) Iced Tea Partyviddlerblipyoutube
21) mustacheviddlerblipyoutube
22) Not Our Finest Hourviddlerblipyoutube
23) Style Elementalviddlerblipyoutube
24) re: Having Soul & Being Superbadviddlerblipyoutube

Bonus: Mushroom Soiree

Epilogue: The Court-ship of Style's Man-dish


Somehow this picture is always relevant to my LPs. Thanks, Rirse.

Mr. Fish gives us Mario expectantly looking to the 'stache boost line.

And the Finnish disco dance it could be based on?

Gnomebitten gives us the tango de la meurte: battle menu selection dance.

Potato Jones shows us the logical conclusion of upgrading your 'stache.

Triskelli offers another look at the maxstache.
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