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by Warmal, Callifornia2

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Original Thread: We Don't Hate Each Other Yet - Let's Play Mario Party Advance



Mario Party

Everyone knows Mario Party. And everyone hates someone because of Mario Party. And ultimately, no one can really ever agree on the best Mario Party. What I'm sure most people won't say however, is that Mario Party Advance is their favourite. As far as the series goes, Hudson managed to make a video game perfectly emulate the feeling that Monopoly gives you towards those you are playing with. Whether that is a good of bad thing is also up for debate. But digression aside, Mario Party has always been a game meant to play with your friends. A game that is mostly a board game with the end goal to have the most stars. This game is not that at all.

Released in 2005 on the Game Boy Advance, Mario Party Advance is actually mostly single player. Taking in a quest like game mechanic rather than collection. But still keeping the collection in the form of “gadgets.” Which are really just glorified apps. But we'll get into that later.

The Let's Play

As Calli is the one that played this a lot years ago, she will be in control while I, Michael, take a back seat to truly experience this game. We will be completing all 50ish quests and showing off as much of everything as we can. Videos will post once a week unless we feel we have enough content to warrant more. As for lengths of the videos, it will be rather random as we won't be cutting off during a quest. So it may be 10 minutes, it may be 30. It'll be a surprise for us all!

And Now The Party

Episode 1 - Mario
Episode 2 - Yoshi
Episode 3 - Luigi
Episode 4 - Luigi
Episode 5 - Bonus 1
Episode 6 - Mario
Episode 7 - Peach
Episode 8 - Peach
Episode 9 - Peach
Episode 10 - Bonus 2
Episode 11 - Peach
Episode 12 - Mario
Episode 13 - Mario
Episode 14 - Mario
Episode 15 - Mario
Episode 16 - Mario
Episode 17 - Mario
Episode 18 - Luigi
Episode 19 - Peach
Final - Bonus 3
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