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Mark of the Ninja

by Crosspeice, Dirty Deeds Done

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Original Thread: Saving you a fortune in your electric bill. Let's Play Mark of the Ninja



Mark of the Ninja joins a few other select titles as THE stealth game. Avenging your clan from an attack by hired soldiers, you control a ninja with no name, a bald head and sweet dragon tattoos, made from some ink, that gives you the power to freeze time in your mind, see and hear everything around you and unlock some greater powers beyond.

Combat is terrible, everyone has guns, you do not. So in a way, you're forced to stealth through levels, keeping to the shadows, breaking lights and killing all in your way using a variety of tools and tricks. Or, you can go through the entire game without killing a single soul, aside from story purposes. In my first playthrough, I will be exploring all the levels and killing all that I see. Then, in NG+, I'll be doing a pacifism run with developer's commentary available and really dive into the game's themes, ideas and design. This is a fantastic game, I may gush, but this game is not perfect, it has its foibles and questionable design choices. I still enjoy the crap out of it though.

Joining me in this adventure will be hater of bugs living, Dirty Deeds Done. He's grateful we're playing a good game for a change. Also from Level 7 to Level 2 Pacifism, we're joined by Forer, the Americano. So sit back and relax, we've got some sneaking to do.


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