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Part 2: The Beaconator

The Beaconator

There are bombs all over and Kaiden is a klutz. Benezia is voiced by Counselor Troi herself, Marina Sirtis. Her VA isn't spectacular in this. I met her at a con and had her sign my CE of ME3. and when I handed it over she was at least hip enough to know exactly what it was and said "Don't tell anyone, but I haven't played this yet." Mostly I think she was impressed that it was something other than another piece of Star Trek shit.

Saren is super duper evil, he wants to wipe out the colony and throws a temper tantrum that may actually be caused by a petulant spaceship. The Council are unhelpful dicks and Udina is an asshole. These things will not change throughout all 3 games. And the first time you see that flashback it's kinda disturbing and creepy but by the 55th time (in the first game alone) it loses a bit of oomph.